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Walter Emanuel Jones Steps up for STEPWITHUS.ORG

 More hot news from the Hollywood it guy! Check out the site and support what this non profit is doing.

Actor Walter E Jones has officially STEPPED up to help the kids in Nativity. Walter has stated “I would love to do whatever I can to improve the dropout rate at these schools.


Most commonly known as the original Black Power Ranger Zack Taylor

More information on STEPWITHUS.ORG


From Ron Crimins, Founder of STEP

In 1999, I started an informal organization called Pathfinders (Currently Success Through Education Program). The purpose of the Pathfinders was to find motivational speakers for the students at Nativity Catholic School located in South-Central Los Angeles. Our speakers would visit each grade from K to 8th, their talks emphasizing the rewards of hard work, determination and getting a good education. The speakers have included attorneys, CPAs, dentists and business executives. Our most renowned speakers where Rosario Marin, the 41St Treasurer of the United States, Rory Bruer, President of Sony Distribution (worldwide), Gabrielle Chamberlin, Senior VP (North America), Buena Vista/Disney.

In 2000, we discovered the plight of some of our 8Th grade graduates: Those students who couldn’t afford to go to Catholic High Schools were relegated to one of the local public schools. Manual Arts High School is a good example of the quality of these schools, having only 37% of students from the class of 2008 graduating on time and only 13% of sophomores are on track to qualify for admission to local colleges. Whereas, the local Catholic High Schools have a dropout rate of less than 5% and 95% go on to college. Furthermore, the public schools in question have reputations of being cesspools of drugs, gangs and violence.

Consequently, in the year 2000, we expanded the objectives of Pathfinders to include granting scholarships to attend Catholic High Schools. The only requirements for our graduating students are financial need and a letter of acceptances from the student’s school of choice. The average scholarship is $1,500 per year.

In 2005 Pathfinders was incorporated as Success Through Education, Inc. (STEP).

Since 2000, we have given out over $800,000 dollars in scholarships.

Students who have been sponsored by STEP attend such universities as USC, UCLA Berkeley, Loyola Marymount, and Mt. St. Mary’s College. Every student who has been sponsored by STEP and has graduated from high school has gone on to college.

The Board

RORY BRUER President, Worldwide Distribution, Sony Pictures
RICHARD ROZMAN Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Advisors


Eric Zuley Marketing, Social Media

James Zuley

JEAN BARRERA Administrative Consultant
GABRIELLE CHAMBERLIN Senior V/P, Marketing (North America), Disney Home Entertainment
MICHAEL CHAMBERLIN Fulbright & Jaworski, Partner
ANN ELIZABETH CROTTY Senior V/P World Wide Exhibitor Relations, Sony Pictures
ANTONIO FELIX Principal of Nativity Catholic Elementary School
KATHLEEN FELESINA Development Director for Nativity Elementary School
JEFF GILLIAM Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual
MARVIN LAMBEY Non-Profit Consultant
ROSARIO MARIN Former United States Treasurer
SIRIN NEYESTANI Senior Vice President, Kernelware
VANESA REY VR@Work, Publicity and Marketing
MICHAEL SUTTON Vice-Chairman, White Sutton and Company
RICHARD WEISINGER, CPA Gerber & Company13982_10201017987390764_378511262_n


JACK WELLS Management Consultant

One response

  1. gail Wills

    I would love to find out more about what you do….I am a cousin to Jesse Metoyer who is good friends with Ron Crimmins….I am on the board of through this foundation we plan to educate, help families through crisis as well as awarding school scolarships….please contact me either via email or my cel is 951-733-0685….I would love to speak to you regarding our foundation and board members

    Thank you for taking the time


    July 28, 2013 at 12:45 pm

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