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Kelly Osbourne Burning Issue

Kelly Osbourne Sunburn Photo Burning Issue Of

The Day


Posted: April 21, 2013
Kelly Osbourne Sunburn Photo Burning Issue Of The Day

Kelly Osbourne’s sunburn, revealed in all its vivid red topless glory, was tweeted by the Fashion Police  star a few days ago. You can see the infamous photo below for yourself, but I think she had a double motive.

Yes, yes, her first priority was to warn about the dangers of not using sunscreen.

She kicked herself over it, Gwen Stefani tweeted back “OUCH,” and even People and Glamour magazines piled on to let everyone know that it’s 2013 already and you’re supposed to use sunscreen. Even in April.

However, I think Osbourne also wanted to again quietly show off the fact that she now has a tiny waistline. And there’s not a thing wrong with that.

Losing weight and then keeping it off, while your family is under stress and your health is in crisis, can be a genuine challenge.

The Osbournes recently acknowledged that dad Ozzie Osbourne  had recently struggled with a relapse of his drug addiction.

Kelly herself collapsed on the set of Fashion Police and spent five days in the hospital before being released. Her seizures weren’t fully explained except to say that they were likely a “one-time event.”

And now here’s the admittedly painful-looking photo of Kelly Osbourne’s sunburn:

Oh, and while we’re checking out Osbourne’s tweets, did you know that she’s the voice of social conscience? Here’s Kelly’s new cause:

Hey, I think I can answer that one. Because…it isn’t? There are a few towns where it’s illegal to wear baggy pants — or, well, maybe there’s one town anyway — but I’ll need evidence that there are whole states where it’s illegal before I get too worked up about it.

But I’d better let the lady chill. Around about now, Kelly Osbourne’s sunburn should be getting to the peeling phase.

[Sharon and Kelly Osbourne photo by s_bukley /

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