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Hollywood it guy Eric Zuley interviews 17 year director Luke Jadens EZ WAY BROADCASTING

Don’t miss this show! Listen to this story. This actor, director,

producer is only 17 and is making magic happen. The EZ Way. If you

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2 pm pst 05-17-2013



EZ TALK is hosted by Hollywood It Guy Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley talking to influential guests that can help motivate the listener by hearing stories of there struggles, success stories. EZ Features independent music from unsigned artists also Patricia Shipp Lead reporter of the National Enquirer gives you that Hollywood GossipThe EZ Way

Guest: Luke Jaden.

Luke Jaden is an actor born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  He’s currently a junior in high school studying.  He plans on going to college out in LA to study Acting/Producing/Writing, and Journalism and then pursue an acting career, once he graduates.

He started acting at the age of 12 by doing school plays, theater, and commercials and then soon transitioned over to mostly film and television.  He just started his own film production company and is currently writing his 1st feature screenplay with a partner of his that he hopes to shoot, sometime, next year and take to the festival route for distribution.

He just wrapped a feature film called, “The Bully Chronicles,” with a supporting role, which  heading for the Cannes Film Festival this year and he also just wrapped a TV pilot shot on location in Detroit with a lead role currently titled, “The Untitled Marty Passeta Jr. Project.”  Since, this he has been auditioning like a madman and he has portrayed the role of Drew in, “Rumors of Wars,”

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