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Millena Gay Actress spills the beans on EZ WAY BROADCASTING’S EZ TALK with Eric Zuley

Don’t miss my show tomorrow!

We are doing a new segment where celebrities spill all the messed up beans!

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EZ TALK is hosted by Hollywood It Guy Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley talking to influential guests that can help motivate the listener by hearing stories of there struggles, success stories. EZ Features independent music from unsigned artists also Patricia Shipp Lead reporter of the National Enquirer gives you that Hollywood GossipThe EZ Way

Guest: Actress Millena Gay is most known for her roles in the soap operas Young and the Restless, General Hospital, All my children, and more. Millena also has her own radio show.. Listen to Millenas struggels trials and tribulations, messed up stories which led to her success.

Calll in and talk to EZ & Millena Gay at 914.338.1303

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One response

  1. This show was awesome. I still crack up thinking about it. Eric is an amazing host and a natural comedian. What makes it even more hilarious is he is not trying to be funny. A great way to spend a portion of the afternoon, laughing and walking away with knowledge. Thanks Millena for “spilling the beans” during the “thats messed up segment”. Great lesson learned for me.I can’t wait for next show!


    May 30, 2013 at 2:57 pm

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