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Billionaire Alki David Launches TV -The First 24×7 Live Interactive Reality TV Channel

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Billionaire Alki David Launches TV -The First 24×7 Live Interactive Reality TV Channel

’15 minutes of fame’ slashed to 15 seconds on

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Inc. today announces the public launch of its live interactive reality television channel and community, (, following the successful launch of, ( the first online HD internet based television provider in the U.S. is the brainchild of billionaire, Alki David, who has recently deployed the company’s business operations from London to Los Angeles.





The ground-breaking television community will offer users an unprecedented entertainment experience with 24/7 real-time interactive access to the lives of anyone inside this exclusive group. is considered the community channel or social network of where any internet user can broadcast live from any webcam to an audience of thousands. Audiences get to vote on whether they keep that person on or not by voting “I like it!” or “Poop.” Returning guest appearances include personalities such as Wesley Snipes, Billy Zane, Barry Bonds, Gary Busey and Ron Jeremy to name a few.

“In the sixties Andy Warhol famously predicted that in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. Andy Warholwas wrong and too generous with his time. The truth is that in 2010 you’re lucky if you get 15 seconds,” said David. ” is the first live 24×7 interactive reality TV community channel and offers the potential for stardom to anyone with a webcam.”

” provides a platform for any attention seeker to achieve international stardom, now, everyone can be world-famous for 15 seconds from the comfort of their home computer,” noted David.

To date, contestants have used their 15 seconds of fame to broadcast a range of activities from the banal to the bizarre, ranging from musical talent quests, to stand up comedy routines to tattooing the name of on various body parts for money. also features pranks, stunts and challenges issued by David. In July 2010, David offered a $1 Million reward to anyone willing and able to streak in front of President Barack Obama with “” emblazoned on their chest, a challenge that no fame seeker has yet taken up.

Any visitor can broadcast their own show to an audience of thousands of people, similar to the formats of pop-culture competition shows like “American Idol” or “X – Factor.” is a talent contest where the length of the individual’s broadcast is determined by the votes of the audience. The best broadcasters develop cult fan followings and in those circles are deemed legendary for their particular brand of entertainment, whether they are a musician, break dancer or stunt actor. They have the opportunity to earn redeemable rewards points for their efforts from anywhere in the world. Unsuccessful broadcasters are discarded after their 15 seconds expires.

The TV channel is currently broadcast through the HDi Internet TV Player and through the website. Inc. expects to soon announce its distributors in key foreign territories for free to air and pay television distribution in those countries. broadcasters can expect to be seen around the world on television and via the web through’s global network. TV has developed a strong following flowing from the broadcasts of its co-founders, Alki David and Jennifer Stano since its beta launch in early 2010. David and Stano were recently featured in an episode of E!’s new hit show, “Spin Crowd.” produced by Kim Kardashian, and has a significant following on various digital media platforms. Broadcasts on the site have also included behind-the-scenes coverage of Mr. David’s ventures in television and film production.

“ represents the democratization of celebrity through the evolution of reality television. Anyone can broadcast through and if the audience finds them entertaining then they can keep broadcasting at the discretion of the audience. This is really the ultimate live reality TV platform, extending from the web to broadcast television and to mobile devices including Android and iPhone, in real HD quality,” said Alex Hartman, executive vice president of Inc. TV is the live video community channel powered by the virtual cable television service offers U.S. consumers a revolutionary way to watch HD Television on the PC or mobile device. The Los Angeles-based service includes over 30 premium free to air television channels and premium international Satellite channels, including CBS, ABC, NBC, KCAL, FOX, KTLA, Russia Today, BBC News, RAI Sports, Dubai Sports, TVE Spain, SCUZZ , FLAUNT and many more.  Packages also include premium FilmOn movie channels and FilmOn pay-per-view.

Consumers in the U.S. can go to to download the free HDi player and watch a large selection of premium television channels from their PC or mobile phone for a subscription fee of $4.95 per month. No hardware is needed and there are no contract requirements for users.

About powered by is the live TV community powered by FilmOn is an internet cable television service that offers a selection of live cable television channels, movies, and more at and other destination sites online, including and FilmOn’s selection of premium programming is provided by leading content companies. Inc. was founded in March 2009 by Plc, a Berlin-listed public company (2F0A-BER) and is operated independently by a dedicated U.S. management team with offices in Los Angeles and London.

About Alki David

Having starred in several films and television series, such as THE BANK JOB and THE GRID, Alki David is also listed as the 45th richest man in the United Kingdom by Times Magazine’s “Rich List.” He is a serial internet entrepreneur and shipping magnate. Most recently, David received national attention when he publicly offered a prize of $ 1 million dollars to anyone who streaks naked before President Obama, as a promotion for FilmOn’s social networking site

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