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Larry Namers project gets nominated in Singapore for a award

Hey all! So my good friend and mentor Larry Namer just had one of his written projects get nominated for a award and Singapore. I thought I would share this email that he sent me with you. Some of you might remember Larry as the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television. Now he is currently president of Metan Development Group in China.



From Larry Namer:

So the awards are dec 5 in Singapore. Only one comedy from china was nominated. It was my original story called The Return To The Village Of Good Fortune. We worked with Chinese writers to get the dialog done. So it’s pretty amazing to be nominated for this award when it’s for a show I created in a language I don’t speak and for a culture I didn’t grow up in.

The show is about a dad who comes from a small town then makes it big in Beijing when china starts to boom. He marries the beautiful socialite, lives in a modern high rise, drives a Bentley and has all the other trappings of his new wealth. However he watches his two kids growing up with other rich kids and realizes they have no sense of values. He decides to pack up city life and take his family back  to his small town where his mother still lives hoping to instill in them that there is more to life than just material things.

So I say congrats Larry not only have you cornered the market in the U.S. now your doing it in China! You go boy! Can’t wait to see how you turn China upside down and like you said you don’t even speak the language

I also want to personally thank you for all your help and support.

Read this release on what they said about Eric Zuley and Larry Namer..

Eric Zuley and Hello Hollywood  with Metan Development Group

Here is a full tour me and my show did of the Metan Development Group office and interview with Larry Namer

First day, How it all started. 

If you want to know more about the movement comment! Download the App! 

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