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Breaking Tempo Band Bio

Writing and creating upbeat and crowd pleasing music comes naturally to Breaking Tempo-

a 3 piece alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Robby Bruce (lead vocals and

bass), Austin Anderson (drums and backup vocals) and Justin Tinucci (lead guitar and

bass) are no strangers to the entertainment world. Each member of this band has been

playing multiple instruments for many years, and their strong chemistry really shows in their

high energy performances.

Breaking Tempo is quickly gaining popularity. The talented trio is currently writing and

recording new songs as they work on releasing their first EP this fall. Their music can be

compared to Fall Out Boy, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, and

Blink 182, yet they strive to develop their own unique style which has already proven to

be very successful in their original songs. While each band member maintains their own

individual personality and tastes, they have very successfully merged their strengths to write

and perform engaging rock music with intricate lyrics and melody. This talented group of

musicians has been performing to near capacity crowds in the Los Angeles market on a

regular basis at popular venues such as The Vault, House of Blues, The Federal, Studio

118 West and many more.

Sunday they perform at



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