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The EZ Show and Teens On Air every Friday!

Ok guys im giving you what everyone should put in their calendar from now on every Friday! First watch my show
3 p.m. Live


With special guest Oscar Winning actress Sally Kirkland


Then kick it on your phone, touch pad or cpu and listen to the hottest new teen show on EZ Way Broadcasting



“By teens, for teens, from a teens perspective” For the first time in radio history, teens now have their own station! Teens On Air is a weekly radio talk show which broadcast live from Hollywood on Friday nights at 6pm. The celebrity host is none other than teen sensation Zach Callison from Cartoon Network.  Zach gives teens a first hand perspective on some of the challenges he faces as a working actor. At any given time, you never know what teen celeb co-host of Zach’s will show up to chat with fans. Also, the newest upcoming and never before heard music in teen world gets served first hand from Zach’s iPod! The Zpod! Find the Lowdown in H-Town only with Teens On Air! Click here to listen to the show live at 6 p.m.

Starring the Ochoa Boyz!


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