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Boo boo Stewart star of Twilight, Descedent’s and X-men Days of the past visits Eric Zuley & The EZ Show


Man I remember when Boo Boo used to be a little kid. Now he is all grown.


So today we had a extra special episode on The EZ Show. My guest was non other then the martial artist, actor, model Boo Boo Stewart. Boo boo is most commonly recognized for his starring role in Twilight Breaking Dawn as he played the little brother to Taylor Lautner. Boo boo is also remembered for numerous Disney projects and is currently starring in Disney Channels new movie Descendents. Boo boo is also playing a character in the new movie set to launch in September X-men Days of the past.
This time Boo Boo was in EZ’s world and he played the guest that the EZ Way Angels and all the fans enjoyed.


Go visit to see the episode and check out my fans page for all the cool behind the scenes and hot interviews.

What can you expect from this episode?
Boo boo talks about who his perfect girl would be. Watch highlights of when he spared with the star of Disney’s XD “Kicking it”
Play our Boo Boo Where’s your shirt game and more…

Mark my words guys. Boo Boo Stewart is going to go real far in his career because of his up bringing and how humble and good hearted he is. It was a joy to have him his dad and his little sis Sage in our studio.

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