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Kimberly Moore & Cheyo Carrillo Support the community!

The EZ Way team was proud to support friend Kimberly Moore, with here wonderful event today in Lakewood Ca,
Vice President of EZ WAY BROADCASTING represented EZ WAY and hung with stars which was the community today!




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By: Dante Reporter

“Adopt a Letter Charity Event”
Lynwood was jumping today to the sounds of Xavier “El Cheyo” Carrillo, of Twiins Music Group, who provided a free concert to the public. The cause was Kimberly Moore’s annual “Adopt a Letter” Charity event, held at Plaza Mexico, on Imperial Highway at Long Beach Blvd.
There were literally hundreds of young girls lined up for a photo opportunity with Cheyo after his set. Carrillo’s “Ni Tan Mini, N Tan Chico” had them screaming with enthusiasm, while “El Ladron” kept them at fever pitch.
Kimberly Moore’s Charity is in its sixth year, and has already answered the letters of Thirty Thousand kids, delivering a gift to each doorstep. This is a noble cause and should be supported in every community.
Plaza Mexico was packed and parking was scarce, as the crowd welcomed Angeles Ochoa, who has amassed a global audience with her Folk Style. Angeles is as charming and personable as her comforting and engaging melodies, which have captivated audiences since she was a mere six years old. Dr. Estrella Sneider from LA Talk Radio was also on hand for the festivities, along with other celebrities.
However, the posters of allegiance to Kimberly are what undoubtedly stood out. “We Love You Kimberly” and “Thank You Kimberly” read like confetti throughout the packed venue, earmarking what has come to be known as a worthy and rewarding commitment to underprivileged kids.
Kimberly Moore is a hero in the community, and is breaking down barriers with her efforts. “Adopt a Letter” is growing exponentially!




The community showing their gratitude!image

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Let’s Check out Kim and Cheyo doing their thing on stage!




Cheyo Carrillo on stage! 10313855_10152496861341586_3158696428741725798_n 10389229_10152496861336586_2070148693651532358_n

EZ WAY Vice President Dante Reporter showing his support


Quotes from Kimberly Moore on event.

The amount of kids we helped is more than 30,000 children. Not just gifts to each doorstep, but basic necessities such as groceries, clothes, shoes, and some cases we even go as far as taking the family on a shopping spree..

This is how many guest attended the event according to the people that work there: About 5,000

Actress Joyce Giraud( from NBC Siberia, Beverly Hills Housewives, former Ms. Universe) hosted our raffle prizes.

Performers: Cheyo Carrillo, Ancestro USA, Luis Gavino and singer Cindy Gomez and surprise performance for the kids Hip Hope Harry.
Kimberly was surprised by the Southern California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was given a “Humanitarian Leadership” award
Kimberly Moore on stage

This event was sponsored by: Xerveo ( #XerveoLA

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