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eZWay Magazine 2016 Pre-Release

Hey everyone. So I am very excited to announce our pre-release private event in Hollywood Hills to celebrate many new advancements going into the new year. eZWayReleaseFlyer2016 is going to be pretty amazing. We are releasing the eZWay App which will be a simple door way for all of our amazing followers to get eZWay Access to success opportunities for their own advancement. We will be announcing some of our new partners that will be helping tremendously with.. Sales, TV Production, Graphic Design, Event Planning etc… We can wait to role out the official first issue of eZWay Magazine. Some of you might remember our beta version we released a couple moths ago which had over 24 k people. We will also be announcing some new shows hitting eZWay Radio. Should you want to come and enjoy the fun.. Visit this link To purchase your ticket and help donate to our charity we are supporting Women Of Global Change.

What’s that? You can’t make it? That’s ok you can tune in live and enjoy all the fun at subscribe now!

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