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1000 Women In White Peace March Jan 9th Supported by

Hey all I will be speaking at this on Jan. 9th $50.00 get your tickets and march in the parade and support a great cause!


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.12.41 PM

The 1,000 Women In White, to be followed by 100 Men In Black, invite you to join participate in a historic Nationwide March for Peace, Faith and Family Values that will commence in Los Angeles, California, January 2016.

Hundreds of women in wheelchairs, on canes and the upright will take to the streets to bring a new awareness to American communities that women love and care for one another, our families and their communities, with a message that they will  longer remain content to sit by and watch crime, violence and world conditions dictate a future of  violence and misery for their children and grandchildren.

WOMEN WILL STAND within a unified front to tell the world by example that we, too, can contribute to safe environments and cities for generations to come, within a  world of Peace!


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