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Eric Zuley RipOff Report, Blog Attacks All FAKE & FALSE

Rampant Slander / The price for Morals

So many being attacked online in this day and age including my self, all it takes is dismissal of an employee or a critique of someone’s  business practice.You may have come across negative blogs that are defaming my character and my company. Any and all blogs that have posted in regards to the character of Eric Zuley or eZWay Broadcasting in a negative light by no means have any validity, they are totally false and defaming post that are filed by jealousy, envy and reprisal. The negativity that is presently being spread throughout the internet has been going on for years stemming from one individual, Steven Escobar with Diversity News Magazine.  Years ago I had hired Steven to do media for a charity event fundraiser. He arrived at a high end formal event with very casual attire,oh well, that can be overlooked. During the event he basically talked to my business partner at the time and also talked to the publicist for the event which I had no problem with. The issue I had is when I later found out he downplayed myself and my businesses to replace my relationship with our client with his own relationship with them. He basically tried to cut us out and pitch his magazine. When this happens it is disappointing to say the least. You have helped someone over time, given advice and hire when possible to put money in there pocket and “pow” you find out your thrown under the bus😕When this came to light along with finding out he posted a negative post on that beautiful charity event, which upset the non profit, we no longer would work with Mr Escobar. The non profit also had no further interest in working with Mr Escobar. Shortly after this incident I found myself being attacked via malicious blogs on the internet. The negative post were clearly identifiable. Following that incident we no longer would have any business relationship with Steven and the malicious blogs kept coming to this day. He will group several negative blogs together and would send to our friends and constituents. He would create and name several blogs along with, reportscam all these made up fake blogs. He also used Rip Off Report. The path is clear and the excuses hold no water. Denial in this case is like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar and saying you were just looking for change at the bottom.

After first becoming aware of these attacks I posted an article letting the web know there is no truth regarding these accusations and that I had caught him in the act” caught red handed”. Stevens modus operandi (MO) with me was “attack online” than serve you with a cease-and-desist so you could not respond to whatever was said. Our attorney sent our own ceast-and-desist along with a letter to Escobars attorney. His response, I am not Mr Escobars attorney. I share this with you not to embarrass anyone but to enlighten. One of the blogs references an action from an attorney which does not exist . I have never had a negative post until I decided I wanted no further dealings with the above mentioned individual. It’s like the restaurant that had a spotless reputation until they had to let the dishwasher go for smoking pot, the next day the restaurant, according to the web had terrible food – welcome to the internet.  If you receive anything on facebook, twitter, any social media regarding this issue just disregard . This person is notorious for making fake accounts and sending out these links to people to help get them ranked and traffic.

There was also a situation where I was being honored with a award that he wanted as well and it seemed that he was upset and whoop here comes a anonymous ripoff report saying, “I can’t believe Eric Zuley is getting a award” bla bla..

You may read that I or my company have scammed people out of they’re money. That’s funny because our current clients and past clients have given many many testimonials and references on our services. Although not one iota of the negative is true, the endless positive support and comments I receive from all of you I do cherish 😊



I and my company have worked with over 50 + non-profits raising funding and awareness and have been a credible company since 2005. We strive to empower others and influence influencers to make a difference. We just give that EZWAY Boost and go beyond marketing !

I’m going to turn a negative into a positive and educate those that have been or are being cyber bullied. The digital system definitely has its issues. Are some of the negative bloggers in cahoots with the reputation repair companies, who knows. Does the guy that goes around breaking windows have an uncle that owns a glass repair shop? I endeavored to build a platform on the web that would create opportunities for everyone.

I’m releasing the full story so you all know the true story behind these attacks on my character and my company. So many good people have had there personal life or business hurt by those who wish ill will on others due to what may be jealousy, envy or whatever reason. It does seem that jealousy/envy is found in some people especially when they notice someone doing well or accomplishing something in particular like my EZWay Visa.  Try replacing the anger that goes hand in hand with envy with congratulations and see if you have a better outcome. Remember if you still have those that may think and act negativity towards you it’s about forgiveness right!

 We all should work on making the internet a safer more enjoyable place to work and enjoy. They say where there is light there is darkness. Well that may be true but we are going to try to brighten up the web.

Many of you have asked how did all this start, what is in this article is the absolute truth. There is no hate, revenge ect, on my part, there is just a need to let those who may not know me know the truth. Regarding those that do know me again I thank you for your caring and support over the years, I am blessed to have met so many genuine people!

Message to all of you heading towards your goals,  hang in there and never give up. You may go off course but just get back on track. In the words of my father ” you need to have hard work, determination drive and resilience but without faith morals and ethics it’s a waste of time”. God BLESS ALL OF YOU #EZWAYFAM #ERICZULEY


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