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Carmelita Pittman making moves

A moment at Carmelita’s Jazzy Xmas show at the Gardenia,West Hollywood. left to right: Vocalist extraordinaire Howard Rice , opera singer Xin Xin, international recording artist Carmelita Ms Elegance USA International Woman of Achievement , Angelique Marie Ms Woman of Achievement Elite, standing top cabaret vocalist Bill A. Jones, spoken word artist Denise Cook aka the Oracle, Gail Gibson MIMPA producer of Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards Feb 21, 2020, Sharon Doyle of Carlsbad, Marlena Martin Founder & National Director of Woman of Achievement pageant. photo by Donna Dymally

Carmelita & friends at the Gardenia in West Hollywood left to right: Named top Cabaret vocalist by Broadway World Bill A. Jones . Jerrell Ballard drummer whose credits include the Temptations, Musical Director of the Black Music Awards 2019 at the Globe Theatre , Award winning musical director Charlie Harrison on piano, international recording artist CARMELITA, Two-drum Jimmie James, Chuck Johnson sax and leader of award winning CJS Quintet
photo by Donna Dymally

At Carmelita’s Jazzy Xmas show

CARMELITA wearing a red Strutwearable hat with long white feather by Pasqual taking a moment to strike a pose with holiday decor on the piano.
photo by Donna Dymally
shared by Carmelita

Carmelita Pittman , Ms Elegance USA International Woman of Achievement receives a surprise presentation at the Jazzy Xmas Show from Marlena Martin founder and National Director of the Woman of Achievement pageant.
photo by Donna Dymally

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Samira Kazemeni atributes her success to Eric Zuley

I ran into the great Samira Kazemeni at the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite a while back found this video so I thought I would post it! Samira is the creator of Samira’s Network and Executive producer of the Oscar Luxury Viewing Gala. Samira is now a very successful influencer, tv host, event producer and jewelry designer. She says in this video that she owes a lot of her success to Eric Zuley founder of eZWay Broadcasting. Eric Zuley is a speaker, coach, influencer of the influencers specializing in connecting and new media. More info on Eric Zuley more info on Samira

Her success is really do to her and all her hard work. I’m glad I and #eZWay could contribute a small part towards it.

It was so nice of her to contribute a lot of her success she has grown into to me therefore #eZWay

She has a big Luxury Oscars Viewing Gala coming up if you’re into that sort of thing. =)

Eric Zuley and Samira Kazemeni have been friends for over 10 years and many people don’t know this but as you watch the video. Eric Zuley’s father is really the reason Samira went down the TV entertainment road. When we met her she was doing Samira Gem Creations and won Ms. Iran. I wanted to post this blog to show what the power of helping people and just giving good advice without wanting something in return does. Fast forward 10 years later look at where Samira and Eric are now and the difference they can make together is.

Congratulations Samira we commend you on your success and how you are using it to spotlight and help others. Glad to call you a friend and we look forward to the future of what God has planned for the both of us!

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