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Born and raised in Mission Viejo, CA, Eric Zuley is one of the world’s Top Ten Social Media Influencers. In 2014, be recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist.  Eric was also honored with Hollywood Weekly Magazine’s 2017 Digital Trailblazer Award. He had the distinct pleasure of honoring E! Entertainment Co-founder Larry Namer, Creator of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Frank Shankwitz, Kate Linder (The Young and Restless) and several others.

Eric is the creator of the Social Network, He has several youtube channels, one of which has over 14 million views he created the eZWayWall Of Fame with over 75 celebrity influencers and entrepreneurs. His company, ezwaypromotions, has worked with Americas Got Talent, Dominos Pizza, Pamela Hasselhoff, to name a few.

Having produced over 250 red carpet events, eZWay Promotions has helped raise millions through eZWay Cares. Eric is a talkshow host on KDOC and KXLA television, Voice America l, and i-Tunes.  He’s the 2019 Family Film Awards host, along with over 50 other stages, he’s the CMO of Evander Holyfields family’s TV distribution network, over seeing 14 channels, including his own, EZWAY.TV

His cover of Hollywood Weekly was the higgest selling cover of all time. He’s slso been seen in Influential People Magazine, and on Fox, ABC 7, E!, EXTRA, and several other covers of magazines. He was the face of Axe Body Spray and acted in a 8 time Emmy award winning show “The Bay”.

He Recently joined forces with NFL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE TIM BROWN, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smartgiving Visa Debit Card.

Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia mogul for the last 15 years he’s self built a social media empire and house- hold brand online.

Eric is the CEO of eZWay Promotions which specializes in building thier customers social proof, social boost and is a game changer in lead generation and business developing and branding.

Eric has interviewed over 2000 celebrities like Carl Weathers, Alicia Silverstone, Anthony Anderson,

Some of the celebrity supporters that do it the eZWay include Christopher Lloyd, Frank Shankwitz, Kate Linder, Kevin Sorbo Berny Dohrman Chairman CEO SPACE, Ron Klein creator of the magnet strip on the credit cards, The Pointer Sisters, Gloria Allred, Former Vp of Waner Bros John Matta, Former director of the Golden Globe Awards Chris Donovan, CEO of Letip Internztional Kim Marie, Dr. Joe Vitale, Forbes Riley, Tom Green just to name a few.

Eric Zuley on Cover of Bizness Magazine

Eric Zuley is a professional Business/Entertainment Consultant/Host. Give him your budget, he will build you the team around your project and prove it successful! 

Eric Zuley  -“The Hardest working man in Hollywood” 

CEO/Founder of WTV Networks

CEO/Founder EZ WAY BROADCASTING (Featured Host)

Congressionally Recognized Specializing in web marketing/social media 

Vice President of Promotions, New Media for Pearl Records Group/Filmworks

Internally Known

Eric Zuley has helped raise awareness and funding for over 9 different charities. 

Corporate  Advisory Board Members  for Eric Zuley  Include:    The Co-founder of E! Entertainment Television Larry Namer, who is the Founder and President of Metan Development Group (Chinese Viacom).  Jarvee Hutchinson the President of MMPA; President of American Society of Young Musicians, and Director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards, Chris Donovan Kevin Dorsey the President of Pearl Records Group/Filmworks and is the former music director for Michael Jackson.

This recipient of the Robert Novak Award,  Eric Zuley began in the entertainment industry 9 years ago.  He hit his stride 7 years ago with the advent of Hollywood The EZ Way which began his journey from Hollywood outsider to one of the most watched and copied Hollywood Entertainment Industry Insiders.   One of the first to use the new internet platform to advance his and other’s careers on the fringes of the Studio System.   The short list of celebrities doing it THE EZ WAY: Jake Busey, Attorny Gloria Alred, Tiffany Pollard, Kim Lee, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jai White, Akon, Bai Ling, Ray J, Radio Big Boy, Miguel A. Nunez Jr.,  Power Rangers Super Samurai, Jack Sullivan, Producer Alan Cooksey, Model Vanessa Ray,  Tamala Jones, Wes Ramsey, Jarvee Hutchinson, Kris Lamans, Kevin Dorsey, Serena Williams, Mann, Quinton Aaron, Kevin Sorbo, Alfonzo Freeman, Grammy Voting Members, Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Aubrey O’Day, Pamela Bach Hasselfhoff and many many more .

Eric Zuley has been Congressionally recognized and has had a award named after him by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and signed off by the mayor of Los Angeles and all surrounding council members. This was was named “The EZ Achievement Award” and was given to the Co-Founder of E! Entertainment and president of Metan Development Group in China and Los Angeles Larry Namer.

Photo by: Motown Maurice

Eric’s company partnered company is a one stop publicity shop for those that look to promote themselves, need events staffed, hosted or produced.   Our services included but not limited to: Events, Promotions, Consultation, Interviews, Red Carpets, Blogs, Social Networks, Branding, along with Product Placement.  Our staff, of over 20 of established professionals, is ready to assist you with all your needs and one of our many success is Pearl Records Group/ Filmworks

Our success with WTV Networks presents Pearl Records Group Eco Friendly Green Carpet Event brought exposure to the event on a National and International  level with features on:  Hollywood Today, Rock Thiz Magazine, PR Photos, Tatiana Magic Photos, Curtis Sabir Photography, Wire Image, Actors Reporter, Gosh Radio and TV, Motown Maurice Hustle & Shuffle Radio Show, The Bizness Magazine, WTV Networks with distribution to Samsung, ITunes, AOL Video, Popculture Celebrity, Hollywood Hawt, On Top Of LA, GO Talk TV, US Monitor TV, Blip.TV, and  World Monitor TV.   We also landed the New Years Pearl Records Group/Filmworks  event in the current (First issue of 2012) US WEEKLY MAGAZINE.

Shows/Hosting – Hang out in Hollywood with Eric Zuley, Entrepreneur for the Stars. [Web:] The EZ Show starring award-winning Hollywood Host, Eric “EZ” Zuley, is geared toward listeners wanting to break into the entertainment industry in any capacity of the business; actors, musicians, writers, fashion designers, models, technical staff, etc. The EZ Show PUTS listeners “in the right place at the right time” by providing interviews and discussions with top Hollywood personalities, executives, actors, music talent, and more! In addition, information on exclusive Hollywood Red Carpet events and coverage will be shared to allow The EZ Show listeners EZ ACCESS to these exclusive events. EZ encourages listeners to contribute to his show via social networking outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. This unique approach adds a personal touch to the show, and allows listeners to feel personally connected to the topics discussed and to the people involved in the discussion. Eight years ago EZ himself was one of those listeners seeking advice and direction in Hollywood. He’s come a long way in those 8 years, and now he’s ready to share his secrets to help other “Hollywood Hopefuls” in fulfilling their dreams by doing it the EZ way!

Eric Zuley’s WTV Networks LLC office is in Beverly Hills Ca, near Mr. Chows and Rodeo Drive.

High Profile Testimonials from interviews

Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Television and Metan’s founder and President  Larry Namer speaks of Eric’s movement Hollywood the EZ Way  and what it is to him.

Larry Namer:  “It is Eric’s way of building his modern day network of Hollywood content and Hollywood people.  He is taking advantage of all the media platforms available.  It is a multi-platform approach to marketing all things Hollywood.”

Complete Larry Namer Interview

Larry Namer video endorsment

Eric Zuley’s Hollywood The EZ Way has landed him on an Los Angeles Area radio program HotTalkLA where he does celebrity interviews, news and humor.  The President of the station and the web content manager for  National Association of Television Program Executives Jack Sullivan  was asked about Hollywood The EZ Way and what it meant to him.

Jack Sullivan: “Eric Zuley and his EZ movement represent to me, a new trend in new media which is people getting together and trying finding ways to duplicate the old studio systems, distribution methods of Hollywood, local and national television… finding an easier way to connect to people who once were only behind closed doors, and only available through a gate keeper. Eric’s method for finding people, connecting them, creating projects, is going to be the new model for the media division.”

Complete Jack Sullivan Interview

Eric has had an award named after him by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association signed off by the city & county of Los Angeles and had an award given to him by the State of California. These awards were presented to him by the Director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards Chris Donovan.  The annual EZ achievement award will be presented this year on the day of Eric’s Birthday to a hard working entrepreneur that has achieved excellence in new media and promotions.

Eric also was the recipient of the Robert Novak Award that honors the astounding legacy of Robert Novakone of the top journalists in the world . This was a award given to him by Congress and Council Members. See awards on ACHIEVEMENTS PAGE

Eric has a pod cast radio show through  the show is a comedy ent. based show to help the gifted that do not get seen, get seen.

“I love hosting! I have been told I have a magical touch to a microphone” With EZ comes Press, Paparazzi, Celebrities, Models the works! Book me and you will see what I am talking about!

Result of much hard work! Its called The EZ Way but …. Well you get the picture


  •  Recently featured on ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live Show next to Jimmy Kimmel
  •  Recently featured on Channel 5 Extra Show with Mario Lopez
  •  International Axe Body Spray Commercial played the lead
  •  Recognized by Congress
  •  Have radio show on Hot Talk La
  •  Has song with International Super Model and Actor/Artist Sam Sarpong (On Album)
  •  Had award named after him by MMPA Signed off by Council Members of Los Angeles City and County
  •  Has show segment on Hello Hollywood ( Owned by Former Co-Founder of E! Television
  • * Has show in Development with Continuum Pictures backed by Paramount Pictures
  • * Is turning into a Movie/TV Producer
  • * Has interviewed over 1500 celebrities
  • * Has acted in over 7 films
  • * Is doing a cameo acting role as himself with his show in the upcoming new film 4Bidden Scheduled to shoot end of October (
  •  Has Hat Line Coming out Compliments of Sponsor Dazzlme
  •  Has Doggie Accessory Line coming out with Shelley’s Doggie Digs
  •  Has Shirt Line coming out with Rock Thiz Clothing
  •  Has done 2 covers of magazines Rock Thiz Magazine & The Bizness Magazine
  •  Has Cartoon Comic Coming out compliments of Anime for the stars & Rock Thiz Magazine
  •  Producing and Starring in TV Show with Johnny Venokur also known as VH1 Johnny V
  •  Founder/Partner with over 7 You Tube Partnered Channel
  • Hosted Operation Healthy Africa fundraiser with Radio Legend Lee Bailey at Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • Judged Miss Exotica Beauty Pageant at Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Recently acquired TV Show co produced by Pepper Jay Productions
  • Have 2-3 min segment airing in china and Los Angeles to over 700 million people through Metan Development Group – Hello Hollywood
  • Current projects for the year 2012 include Producing 2 films with names like Vivica A. Fox, Cuba Gooding Jr. Big Boy (Power 106) Noel G. from Training Day, Price Crown from 10 things a hate about you. Producing 2 TV Shows, Producing a web tv show The EZ Show, Producing running web tv network WTV Networks, Involved in Mobile & 3d interactive technology, 2 radio podcasts weekly, Managing a printed published magazine, Handing Celebrity and business social media accounts, P & A Promotions for major films and TV. Working on his own Comic about entertainment and business in Hollywood. Currently hosting his own segment and providing Hollywood A list content to China with a reach of over 700 million people. Partnership/Broadcasting content for FanTV.TV Filipino Community.
  • Has Virtual Green Screen Talk show on new social network platform Qubeey
  • Am Host for Qubeey
  • You Tube Show The EZ Show
  • Weekly Radio Show on Who’s Hot Radio
  • Host for Actors E Chat on
  • TV and Film Producer


  • Channel Views: 1,000,000 +
  • Subscribers: 1900 +
  • Friends: 22,420

  • Followers 416.125

  •  Friends: 5,534

Fans Page:

  • Friends 15,145

  • Friends: 14,000

Company Social Network Channels:

  • Views: 15,174,219
  • Subscribers: 6,995

(New Channel)

  • Views: 300,188
  • Subscribers: 676

  • Views: 24,000,000
  • Subscribers: 24,435

  • Video Views: 368,962
  • Subscribers: 303

  • Views: 215,058
  • Subscribers: 525

Blogs – Over 100 blogs, 85 social networks


Eric Zuley Good Headshot

Eric Zuley-EZ way Promotions copy


For over twelve years Eric Zuley has been cultivating his skills in the art of Innovative Digital Promotions. While Reporting, Blogging and Networking, Zuley has been introducing the corporate world to Hollywood, in what has been dubbed “The EZ Way,” for his globally recognized Brand EZ Way Broadcasting.

For over a decade, Eric’s Networking skills have allowed him to cover major Hollywood Entertainment events, enabling EZ Way to amass a base of over one thousand plus Celebrities, which include: Singers, Producers, Actors, Directors, Studio Heads, Writers, Designers, Models, and a conglomerate of Media entities.

Eric Zuley has been recognized by Congress, and has been the recipient of four Awards. The accumulation of over fifteen hundred Celebrity interviews, granted him the opportunity to raise awareness and funding for over sixteen Charities. This is why the monikers: “EZ” and “Hollywood’s It Guy” are clearly apropos.

Over half a million followers are aware of some of EZ’s endorsements, which include: Shelly Hunt, Larry Namer-E’ Ent, Russ Regon-20th Century Fox, John Maata-CW, Ernie Singleton-MCA Records, Chris Donovan-Golden Globes, Rory Brewer-Sony, Sally Kirkland, former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Michael Lesner-PBS, Herb Hudson-Roscoe’s, and Gloria Allred-Attorney extraordinaire.

Some of his affiliate organizations include: Women of Global Change, World Dance Awards, Multicultural Motion Pictures Association, American Society of Young Musicians, American Chinese CEO Society ACCS, and Higher Connections Network and Letip International to name a few.

What sets Zuley apart from his competition, is his wizardry in devising immediate marketable solutions to enhance the visibility of almost any Brand. His mastery of Social Media is a testament to over ten years of Digital Branding and countless hours of honing his skills. He is at the forefront of this new digital millennium.

At present, EZ’ is approached on a daily basis, by CEO’s, VP’s, and heads of many of the world’s top Businesses, Technology Corporations, Movie Studios, Philanthropists, Motivational Speakers, and Politicians to say the least. They’re all clamoring to be Digitally Branded, and to do business with EZ Way Broadcasting. Every single one of them realizes Zuley is a Promotional Marketing phenomena.

For bookings contact



All bookings, or business inquiries will be sent to proper protocol.





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