TV Personality, Actor and Entreprenuer, Award Winning Social Media Expert & Professional Blogger


 First award was presented to Eric Zuley by the former director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards Chris Donovan

The first ever EZ Achievement Award. named after me for the Multicultural Motion Picture Association  (Click Link) For more info

These awards certificates where signed of by the Mayor of La and all council members of the city and county of Los Angeles.

Awarded the Robert Novak Award Eric Zuley is looked at as one of the biggest digital journalists national and international.

The first EZ Achievement award recipient was the Co-Founder of E! Entertainment and now president of Metan Development Group Larry Namer in 2012

The second recipient was founder of Woman Of Global Change Shellie Hunt in 2013

Eric was also honored in 2014 with the Love All Humans Award

Eric was also given the Trust Fund Medallion by the Los Angeles Children’s Trust fund in 2015











2 responses

  1. Lil' Mirkk

    Get Em “EZ” you the man. ~Lil’ Mirkk~.


    December 11, 2011 at 12:36 am

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