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Samira Kazemeni atributes her success to Eric Zuley

I ran into the great Samira Kazemeni at the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite a while back found this video so I thought I would post it! Samira is the creator of Samira’s Network and Executive producer of the Oscar Luxury Viewing Gala. Samira is now a very successful influencer, tv host, event producer and jewelry designer. She says in this video that she owes a lot of her success to Eric Zuley founder of eZWay Broadcasting. Eric Zuley is a speaker, coach, influencer of the influencers specializing in connecting and new media. More info on Eric Zuley more info on Samira

Her success is really do to her and all her hard work. I’m glad I and #eZWay could contribute a small part towards it.

It was so nice of her to contribute a lot of her success she has grown into to me therefore #eZWay

She has a big Luxury Oscars Viewing Gala coming up if you’re into that sort of thing. =)

Eric Zuley and Samira Kazemeni have been friends for over 10 years and many people don’t know this but as you watch the video. Eric Zuley’s father is really the reason Samira went down the TV entertainment road. When we met her she was doing Samira Gem Creations and won Ms. Iran. I wanted to post this blog to show what the power of helping people and just giving good advice without wanting something in return does. Fast forward 10 years later look at where Samira and Eric are now and the difference they can make together is.

Congratulations Samira we commend you on your success and how you are using it to spotlight and help others. Glad to call you a friend and we look forward to the future of what God has planned for the both of us!

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Eric Zuley at NAMM SHOW 2019

Are you a musician or into music at all? Then this blog is for you! #NAMMSHOW 2019 THE EZWAY!


If you have never been to a NAMM SHOW its one experience you don’t want to miss!

Let me tell you how to do NAMM the #eZWay

Within 2 hours of being at NAMM I ended up meeting a top level executive with RCF who gave me a exclusive VIP pass to NAMM JAM at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel with a celebrity guest list of 150+


We also went live with Mr. Countryman of Countryman Micrphones himself.


These are some of the nicest stage headset microphones I have ever seen! They dropped the Mic in a bottle of coke and it still worked! Look closely to the left its so small its hard to see it! That is the point! If you are a speaker hit us up on our we are giving 1 lucky #eZWayfam member the hottest headset mic they carry! TO WIN TEXT PROMOTE TO # 55678

Ok now lets get to all the Vendors and fun at NAMM

Celebrities covered








Eric Zuley’s New Primetime Talk Show on Cable Television Now!

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424-209-9290 email to submit to be on the show or advertise! 

This talk show is aired first on KXLA/FANTV national primetime television Sunday’s 5:30 pm – 6 pm pst then syndicated through eZWay’s distribution for more info After 18 years of hard work, speed bumps and obstacles, Eric Zuley is now on Cable TV, DISH, Direct TV, AT&T, FIOS, COX COMMUNICATIONS and much more…

Eric’s brand is #eZWay however it was not a easy journey by no means. Many did not want to see Eric succeed and many of tried to stop his growth for years. People have put FAKE RIPOFF REPORTS and SCAM reports out on Mr. Zuley, people have tried to defame his character, people have tried to discredit him in every way they could. People have stollen his web traffic, Eric and his company have been attacked by Hackers over 500 times and yet Eric was determined to succeed. His goals when he first started in this industry was to help others learn how to succeed and intern help himself succeed.

In 2007 Oct. 3rd the YouTube Channel WhatUNeedTV channel was created and the definition behind this was WHAT U NEED TO KNOW, TO SUCCEED YOUR GOALS” Today this channel has over 13,000,000 viewers, Eric then met Pepper Jay founder of Actors Reporter and was a guest of their TV Network Actors Entertainment then asked to do a show. “THE EZ SHOW” which was on public access television for over 33 episodes 3 seasons. Now Eric Zuley is a live personality on television with his new talk show EZ TALK LIVE Hosted by Eric “EZ Zuley Eric sits on over 10 different boards, his brand he self built #eZWay is endorsed by some of the biggest in entertainment, business and philanthropy.

There is so much to Eric Z’s story it is quite inspirational. Watch each week as Eric and his influencer friends do it “The eZWay” Learn what eZWay is really all about and how it can help you amplify your business and help others.

ERICZULEY.COM/KXLA CALL INTO OUR EZWAYFAM HOTLINE (424) 242-9504 Eric Zuley would love to hear from you!

Credits Executive Producer: Eric Zuley Producers: Dante Sears DVision Pictures, Le Andre Bell L&R Productions Associate Producers: Ian & Saskia GloverZoneDLPictures, Cory Bowden Prometheus Designs

Music by: Audio Blocks, MIchael Dade Cast Host Eric Zuley Segment-Host Dante Sears

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My show airing on national cable/dish tv

Antonio Gellini creates surprise birthday for Eric Zuley




Just wanted to thank my proud to call him a true friend Antonio Gellini. For the wonderful surprise little birthday party at the Hilton Hotel….

EZ SHOWS 02-07-2014 Episode 1 Season 2

The EZ Show Season 2 starring Holy D, Donna Brook & SkypeMan 

Hosted by Eric “EZ” Zuley

Enjoy the new segment EZ WAY ANGELS 2 great interviews with Holy D & Skypeman, A hot music video.

This weeks EZ WAY ANGELS segment was with Donna Brook, Donna takes you with her as she does a glamor, bikini and lingerie shoot at a mansion with a Lamborghini.

Don’t forget you you can also watch all EZ’s show in your pocket by downloading the EZ WAY APP for free!





Season 2 Episode 1








Here is a cool Teaser episode we did for you guys!

Full show coming soon.







A crowd surprise! Just watch the video

Hey guys I watched this video and just had to post it for ya. If this doesn’t give you some sort of chill… I don’t know what to say. 


Bishop Don Juan 1 year anniversary Roscoe Media Center Radio Show

Bishop Don Juan celebrates his 1 year radio anniversary held at RMC = Roscoe Media Center studios located off Pico in Los Angeles California near Wilshire Blvd. Bishop did his radio/live stream TV show from 10 pm -11:30 pm with guests Luenell, Debbie the Glass Lady, Rapper Fortey, Beautiful Models, Howe Twins, DJ Kraz_e co-host on the show also known from the show Flavor of love as Krazy event Chance from VH1’s Real Chance of love showed up. The EZ Show gives you the behind the scenes of how it all went down! The EZ Way.

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan is a former pimp, and current hip-hop personality and fashion designer with a net worth of $300 thousand. His net worth has been earned largely through his various endeavors within the entertainment industry, although he remains most famous for his former career as a pimp. That stage of Juan’s life began when he was only 16 years old, and having been raised on a diet of movies that convey a somewhat glamorous portrait of the pimp lifestyle. During this phase in the 1970s, he operated a record store that was actually just a front for his pimping activities. In 1985, Juan retired from pimping claiming divine intervention: “God don’t want me to do it no more.” Shortly after that, he was ordained as a minister with the Christian Ministers Congress Non-Denominational Council, Inc. He became a mainstream figure after meeting rapper Snoop Dogg backstage at a concert, after which he became friends with the rapper and was even hired as Snoop’s “spiritual adviser.” Since then, he has been featured in various live rap shows, music videos, TV programs, and films along with established rappers such as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Da Brat. His most recent public appearance was in the 2011 song “Talent Show” by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa.

TO SEE INTERVIEWS and sneak peaks of the show

The EZ show updated small



Show created by Greg Smith, Show made to what it is now because of Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley.

This was a show made for artists in 2008 with the premise of charging artists a fair amount to get their chance on TV.

THE EZ WAY came in a created the concept of Idol for the the streets! Internationally artists can submit their music video’s, Behind the scenes all the hot interviews and fun behind the scenes, Freestyle corner (SHOW What you got of the top)

Showcases all over the world, celebrity Judges. celebrities and cast that came to the table Ernie Singleton, Shane Sparks, Urban Xtreme, Gifted Nations, Kuba Ka, Tye Hollywood, D-Nyce and much more… So if you ever hear about this show now you know the 411 on how it was enhanced The EZ Way. This is my first TV show project I was told I was going to be a producer and host on… Keep watching guys… Lets see what happens….

This show studio brought to you by Chef Mouton, Purple Rooster Catering

I’m really excited about this show guys… Its going to be a awesome platform for artists… I am glad Greg Smith and EZ WAY could come together to really truly help artists that have talent and want to show what they got… I am glad I came up with the concept where the show goes to FIND YOU! We go to clubs, showcases, wherever and we do whatever it takes to find talent. Get them real deals =) Get them real promotion.


Want to learn more? Visit the original Facebook Fans Page for this show STEP TO THE MIC 

This will show you what the EZ WAY PROMOTING Method is capable of in 6 days!

Walter E Jones old school power rangers picture

Hey all your oldschool power rangers fans out there. Check out this picture of the black ranger (Zack)

Power rangers Walter E Jones and Austin St John Red ranger  pose for a pic while camping kern river with friends

Power rangers oldschool

What is Walter Emanuel Jones up to now? Follow him on twitter.


Walter E Jones leads Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Re-union

Check this out EZ WAY Supporters. The Hollywood it guy gives you the original power rangers from the first show ever of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Who remembers red ranger Jason David Frank played Tommy, the blue ranger David Yost played Billy and the one and only black ranger Walter Jones played Zack. I bet many of you are wondering what the rangers are up to now in 2013?

Well here are the 3 rangers all hanging out meeting up for the Lexington Comic & Toy Con. Keep checking in for more info!


Click EZ WAY BROADCASTING to listen to my exclusive interview with Walter Jones the original Black Ranger


Picture provided by Walter Jones Thanks Walt!

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Radio Disney’s IM5 Band, Shane Sparks Ochoa brothers Chill Queen Mary Event

Chill Queen Mary Concert

Yes I drove to long beach just for you guys and my boy Shane Sparks. I received a call from Shane telling me to come check out his new group Ochoa brothers on Sunday 01-06-2013 location the Queen Mary Long beach California. This night included the two famous groups IM5 Band from Radio Disney & Ochoa Brothers Shane Sparks new group. There were thousands of kids screaming.. These groups did a signing for the fans. Of course your boy EZ the Hollywood It Guy got all the shots and behind the scenes for ya!

Pictures of the Ochoa Brothers



Ochoa Brothers Signing for their fans


IMG_1156 IMG_1157

Solo Pictures Ochoa Brothers



Radio Disney’s IM5 Perfoming



IM5 Band signing for fans


Solo pics of IM5

IMG_1142    IMG_1143




Other cool pics of the night brought to you by EZ WAY ENT.






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Screamfamous Clothing New Celebrity Hot Spot London Fashion in Hollywood!

What is the newest, hottest store? To shop at, with the new London Feel?


ScreamFamous Clothing is the new famous hot spot to shop at! If you remember my last blog post on Rock Stars & Angels I said they were going to be like the next ED HARDY! what happened? A ton a celebrities started hitting their store! They are located off Melrose Ave. in Hollywood Ca, there still going strong! Now guess what? There is another store taking over! ScreamFamous Clothing  has a really cool London feel to them. They are originally from London and it seems like they are gonna be one of the new Melrose hot spots bringing that London feel to Hollywood.

ScreamFamousClothing was founded by Canan Fraser in October 2012 in Los Angeles, California after many years of involvement in the London fashion scene. Canan saw the need to bring high quality punk-rock inspired clothing, streetwear, and unique jewelry to Melrose avenue directly from fashion districts of London such as the Portabello Road, Notting Hill and Camden Town. Her store carries brands from the UK such as Amplified Clothing, Nylon Rocker, and Funky Queen, while also supporting US based talent such as Future Stars, Sam Sarpong Limited Edition, Headband Apparel, and DIP in LA. Canan’s easy going personality and style has led to Scream Famous catapulting to the forefront of the LA fashion scene. Screamfamous clothing is looking forward to the future and becoming the celebrities first stop in

purchasing fashion. Look who is already shopping there!

20121221_122759Yes you guessed it! Kevin Bacon


Power Rangers Super Samurai on Nickelodeon


Super Models!


Vanessa Curry, Model & The Owner Canan

Here is a good peak at some of there other stuff? How did I come across ScreamFamous Clothing you ask? Here is a good hint


Yup! My man Sam Sarpong

Some of the stores clothing! Go check them out…

380735_440086596046540_1936628440_n 525095_440242169364316_1645129202_n 6967_438981832823683_1937604539_n 150603_438982156156984_352449403_n-1

How you contact them!

7712 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, Ca 90046

760 514 3611


Pamela Bach Hasselhoff private birthday celebration in her home EZ WAY (EXCLUSIVE)


Hey guys whats up! Ok so last night I hung with my Mommy! Pamela Bach Hasselhoff and all my and her friends at her house in the hills. Sorry! can’t tell you how old she is turning cause everyone knows  you never talk about a ladies age or you get beat up later! LOL I will say she doesn’t look a day over 30. Industry attendees included actors, label people, agents, directors, models, artists, producers and more… Now I am gonna shout out some names sorry to all I didn’t really know or didn’t get your card! We had BILL ZUCKER in the house. Check out his new Single just released with Jenny McCarthy. We had the European beauty/host/tv personality, columnist/public figure Sabrina A. Parisi, TV Personality/actress/artist Vikki Lizzi mostly known for her past relationship with Jeff Conaway and being in celebrity rehab. We had producer, label owner and philanthropist Kris Lamans, star Hollywood promoter Mac Africa, Jeannine B. Madsen X-wife of Michael Madsen & Established Actress, Jarvee Hutcherson (Pres. MMPA) Dick Michaels Chairman ASYM, Industry publicist Freddy and many more… Pamela looked gorgeous as usual and her lovely daughters Taylor & Hayley were there as well supporting there mother. (Sorry no pictures) Ok in closing I would like to say LOVE YOU PAMLEA WE HAVE HAD SOME VERY INTERESTING AND AWESOME TIMES TOGETHER Lots of LOVE FROM YOUR INDUSTRY SON & MY DAD and all my fans reading this. Hope you enjoy the little video I put together for you on #THEEZWAY


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STAY TUNED FOR MY 2 exclusive interviews with Sabrina Parisi (We tell the story of how we met and her views on The EZ Way) ALSO Bill Zucker (GOOD STUFF) Also a exclusive video of Pamela Bach Hasselhoff, her family and a birthday cake! Stay Tuned!

Qubeey new official virtual talk show “Excited” Hosted by Eric Zuley Behind the scenes

Ok wow! wow! lets get one more wow! in there! 09/27/2012 was amazing! So here is whats up. Yesterday we shot my first official green screen talk show with celebrity guest Jessica Rich, bikini models, amazing singing and musical talents, Special dance opening by the Shane Sparks dancers, special guest appearance by you tube sensations Kian and Sam, 

Jon Namer professional Lacross player & Son of Larry Namer Co-Founder of E! Entertainment. We had the blue ranger from Nickelodeon Najee Detiege in the house. A nunchaku bikini model Nasia Aissaoui and 3 teams from the lingerie basketball league. Special celebrity guest comedian! All this and more airing on my new Qubeey channel CLICK ME to join Free. In order to watch this new talk show you must be following my new Qubeey Channel. Ok so check out some of the awesome photos from the shoot.

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Eric Zuley interview on Variety Talk Radio (Secrets Revealed)

Hey guys check out my interview on Variety Talk Radio. Get some good insitefull info on who I really am…




Designer Original Magazine Behind Scenes Sexy Models

Ok so I had fun today modeling and hanging with some really beautiful and nice models. I did a front cover shoot for Designer Original Magazine. A new magazine taking fashion and entertainment by storm! My shoot was with the special Page Twins, known cover models in Hollywood. The photographer was none other that the great Freddie Volante.  Check it out!!!


Video (Behind The Scenes by The EZ Show)

More info on when and where to get this magazine coming soon….

Radio Big Boy Power 106 Big Boy’s Neighborhood Los Angeles 411

How should a movie deal facilitation go?

Need your help I am green in the film industry and how things work.

Hey guys… Ok another EZ way movement. So here is the story. From bottom to the top the full truth from left to right. I really wanna hear your opinion…..

Your working with a production company and you have had a relationship with The owner of the company for quite some time, about maybe 5 almost six years. Your sitting in their office and verbally decide on anything that you bring to the table You get…. Finders fee (industry standards) producer credits, ability to help with casting.

You have a client that happens to know a investor and you bring them down to the office. Introduce the client their investor and the head for the production company. They all meet and a project is pitched and everyone seems to like it. 7 months later the project ends of going through and money is exchanged to make it happen. Oh your dad is sitting next to you listening to all all this as well.

What should the facilitator get? What is industry standards? How does it usually work for the facilitator? Does a verbal agreement mean anything in in the state of California? Or is that just New York?

I am very proud to announce my first IMDB credit as a producer on a project called “Shivers”. With a production company called Continuum Pictures.

Here is the project ==>

Proud to work with my friends James Duval, Rochelle Vallese, Danny Torres and the investor which I think he wishes to remain nameless do to the fact their is not credits with his name on IMDB and i respect that.

James Duval

Danny Torres

Rochelle Vallese

This is my first film…

In the works of 4 more projects as a producer or actor….


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Miguel A. Nunez Jr./ Michael Jai White hidden project exclusive

Hey all! We did it “The EZ Way” last week with Miguel A. Nunez Lead actor in (Juwanaman) played Dj in the Street Fighter movie and many other projects.
Well now he is doing two new projects a new Show called Your Big Break and filming a pilot for a talk show. Yes of course yo man EZ got exclusive shots of the new show with celebrity guest actor Michael Jai White SPAWN himself! Plus Legend Obba Babatunde After being on set with them I ran into my friend Lisa Willis former Wnba star who is now on the Cover of The Bizness magazine, which I was on the cover couple months ago. I bring Lisa Willis up cause it kinda fits with the whole Juwanaman thing!Michael Jai White and Miguel A. Nunez


Me and my friend Obba Babatunde


Miguel A. Nunez EZ and Michael Jai White


Project shot at: High Point Studios

EZ and Wnba star Lisa Willis


Stay tuned for more… Videos coming soon. Exclusives with Miguel, Michael, Lisa and more! Who wants to see me interview Miguel, Michael and Lisa? Any questions?

Exclusive interview with EZ & WNBA Star Lisa Willis

EKeep doing it “The EZ Way” Subscribe, share, rate, comment!

Charlie Sheens Wingman Hot Hunnies and Cake


Johnny V your favorite lovable wing man was caught partying at the Piano bar March 23 on Friday night with some hot hunnies and even some handsome men. Rumor has it he has some Anger Management issues. He didn’t seem to angry though playing the piano and holding his birthday cake. Johnny what’s with all the dudes in the pic with you? I though you were the ladies man Lol? Well I’m joking Johnny V has been a long time friend of mine for over 5 years since I first met him at the Historic Laugh Factory.

(Inside exclusive for all my readers) Johnny V is one of my celebrity correspondents on my new Tv show The EZ Show co-produced by pepper Jay productions. This show is being released tomorrow on my awards ceremony birthday celebration.

If you wanna come hang with me and johnny v and see us do our thing on stage tomorrow Rsvp to

Man its crazy how my birthday is the day before Johnny’s I guess we were meant to to be good friends.

Happy birthday Charlie Sheen! Aaaaa I mean Johnny V

Actress Vikki Lizzie and Tv personality Sabrina A. Parisi


Attended as well. Man Johnny you know how to pick them!

Keep doing it “The EZ Way” guys till next post!


Fan Frenzie

Me and Johnny doing a interview together

On the radio!


Hey guys ok so I hung with my boy Jareb Dauplaise yesterday on set for his new comedy music video to Ball So Hard with Jay Z & Kanye West. There were 7 beautiful girls in the music video. 2 of which were good friends of mine. Myana Welch & Summer Rona. They did it #TheEZWay so look what happens! Yes Sir! The Lead girl in the video was Playboy model Crissy Henderson, who I had a great conversation with about helping the homeless.  Jareb is a actor known for his movie roles in Transformers, Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie and his hit tv series on MTV Hard Times Of RJ Berger. This video is set to release (Unknown) we will get the info for you though.

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Exclusive interview by your’s truly

The hot girls in the video.

Meet my Lady friends in the video

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Sexy Lingerie Fashion Photo Shoot: Vote which model is your favorite?

Celebrity Fashion: Hey guys there is a girl I am friends with on FB named Porscha Starr She sent me this video what do you think?

Can’t wait till I get to come shoot the behind the scenes of this! LOL.

Who is your favorite model and pick for lingerie?

Who is Porscha Starr? Well check this interview out.

Porscha Woodard was born in Los Angeles, California. She is a 22 year old entrepreneur. Her interest is designing Lingerie. She is currently the CEO and Founder of Porscha Starr.

What inspired you into fashion and modeling?

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in fashion. I can think back to being a little girl and playing dress-up in my mother’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

I used to wish that I was old enough to wear her clothes and imagine my friends and myself going out and wearing the hottest clothes and driving the fanciest cars to accent our wardrobes. For Christmas I would get lots of dolls in all shapes, heights, colors and sizes and lots of clothes to dress them up in. My friends loved coming over to play and to see what amazing new thing that I have done to my dolls. As I got older, my friends began to call me up and ask if I could go shopping with them and assist them in finding the perfect outfit, especially at the beginning of the school year.

So what is fashion modeling to you?
Fashion Modeling is Classy, Sexy and very Edgy. Fashion Modeling introduces all the new hot and upcoming trends to the public eye.

What’s your take on the fashion industry?I believe the fashion industry is changing to a more futuristic style. The two female artists that have a huge impact on the fashion industry are Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

What are your best moments in the fashion shows you’ve featured?

My best moments are watching the models walk the runway; I love the walk, the wardrobe and the energy.

Do you play any musical instruments?

Who is your favorite performer?

Beyonce. She is an amazing performer, brings lots of energy to the crowd, and has awesome wardrobe and hairstyles.

What are you working on now?
Porscha Starr Lingerie new designs and upcoming events, currently preparing for Porscha Starr Launch event.

Any clothing line yet?

Yes. Clothing line is Porscha Starr.

Photos Courtesy of Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Arthur St. John.

Music video Song “OK” Sexy Destenee Hot Dancers Zombies & More!

Ok guys you know how we do it Here is a sneak peak first time seen. You saw and heard it first The EZ Way. Destenee has been a long time friend and is a artist that has formed a large team and clawed her way to the top! She is a Producer, Director, Actress , Writer and much more! She has done features with many known named people.  She is now supported by Power 106 Fm and Kiss Fm 102.7 Radio Dj’s.

I will be periodically posting some hot behind the scenes footage of the video. Stay Tuned! For now here are some shots!









THIS EVENT WAS BROUGHT YOU BY C-Zen (Wanna know more post comments!)


Check out more on Destenee

Follow her @Desteneemusic

Who’s The Sexiest New Hot Actress? ROCHELLE VALLESE

Rochelle Vallese If you haven’t heard or seen her doing her Scifi thing on the Scifi channel or watched her strut her beautiful self all over Hollywood’s Red Carpet and Fine Special Events well now you haven’t heard about her now you have EZ STYLE!


If you do you might remember Rochelle.

Check out some of her links!

Rochelle Vallese Website



Rochelle Vallese Picture

Rochelle Vallese

Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more.
Update information for Rochelle Vallese »
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Jump to: Actress | Self
Hide HideActress (12 titles)
2011 Alien Armageddon
2010 Dispatch (short)
2009 Mind Machine (short)
Professor Evelyn Ashford
2009 Humanity’s End (video)
2006 Life on Mars (video)
Suzy Hunter/Crystal Beryl
2006 Sideliners (TV movie)
Janet Lawson
2005 Scar
2004 Black Tie Nights (TV series)
Elizabeth / Liz

The Sex Sense (2004) … Liz/Elizabeth (as Rochelle Renee)
1999 Days of Our Lives (TV series)
Nurse Karen

Episode dated 26 November 1999 (1999) … Nurse Karen
1998 Love and War II
Waitress Lola

1996 Jingle All the Way
Girl at Parade

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