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This was a amazing show everyone! I am so honored and proud to be hosting my own show now on one of the biggest podcast radio networks in the world Voice America/World Talk Radio. Please listen to the show and give us your feedback!


Allison H

Allison Hildebrandt Larsen
Speaker, author and mentor teaching people to find success and happiness using their soul intuition. Radio/TV Personality


Hey everyone! If you miss my first EZ TALK LIVE show on the Voice America network here it is! EZ TALK LIVE VOICE AMERICA __I think we had a real successful show but I’d love to hear your feedback! We are working hard to improve this show so its something you keep coming back to listen to! EZ TALK LIVE is for you. Yes we interview amazing guests and promote great causes but we also promote you! Make sure to tune in to win our awesome giveaways and get shoutouts of your name and company on air to over 3,000,000 potential listeners!


Throughout her career Summer Helene has worked with Mountain Pictures, Moon River Cinema, Discovery and Paramount Pictures, as well as working with award winning directors Owen Land, Michael Burton, Emmy Award winning writer Dev Ross and composer Vasily Shumov. While working with Dev Ross (The Land before Time, Darkwing Duck), Summer Helene spearheaded a new television format with “The Rocks.” a groundbreaking television series supported by the City of Sedona, Arizona. Using this new format Summer Helene has helped celebrities and filmmakers bring their dreams to both the big and small screen.

Jeff Spenard

Jeffrey A. Spenard has over 20 years of broadcast media experience and is currently the owner of World Talk Radio, LLC, and co-founder to the VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio Networks. Jeff is a sought after speaker and thought leader in the digital audio and video space at events ranging from the National Association of Broadcasters to a local library seeking to offer a quality seminar. He’s the guy, behind the guy that makes ideas become reality, voices heard and most importantly, finally give the listener quality programming that doesn’t come from a central source.

Holly Choon

Founded, established and currently oversees the first & only national and global multicultural non profit community foundation that leverages philanthropy and grassroots fundraising to specifically promote and support more post adoption resources for adoptees and their families. For the first time, the adoptee led foundation will be representative of the international, domestic, and foster care adoption experience. Duties include marketing/PR, fundraising, special events planning, donor management, developing and maintaining strategic partnerships including working with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar to raise awareness about the cause.




Eric Zuley Speaking at 2015 Fast Pitch Competition at the University of California State Fullerton with CNN



I will be speaking today at Cal-State Fullerton supporting the 2015 Entrepreneur Fast Pitch Competition covered by CNN

Looking forward to passing down my knowledge to the students and helping to shape young entrepreneurs minds in the digital age!

Thank you to IOHAWK and the University for the personal invite and booking.



Hey guys ok so this is pretty exciting. Don’t know how factual this is but we are hearing it is 100 % confirmed the Governor of California Mr. Brown will be at The Westin Los Angeles Hotel by LAX Airport. I will be Periscoping live for all my fans to follow this. Also we will be doing a big red carpet with a bunch of my celebrity friends and some major dignitaries from Africa and U.S. This event is called the EDO CONVENTION and the red carpet is presented by BRIGHTLIFE ENTERTAINMENT. Keep tuning in for the interviews and pictures. Originally posted on EZWAYBROADCASTING.COM Click on photos, videos and broadcast then news to see coverage.




Networker On Wheels Launches at the 2015 Abilities Expo

After their pre-launch at the 2015 Ascent Expo on EZ WAY STREET

image Premiers its official launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo in Los Angeles.

The 2015 Abilities Expo (free admission) features cutting-edge products and services for everyone. Exhibitors of this extraordinary “other enabled” Abilities Expo community also bring revolutionary changes to the enabled world. Hundreds of exhibitors, compelling workshops, and family-fun activities will be featured. Los Angeles Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, March 6 – 8, 2015., founder and CEO Jerry O’Brien, a breakthrough networking website service, will  launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo. O’Brien’s site unifies the Abled & disAbled community marketplace by providing people access to an array of businesses and nonprofits that have a positive impact on the world.

“Contributing to a community means investing of yourself,” said founder Jerry O’Brien. “This also means sharing your knowledge and your money to build and lift up your community.” wants to create a strong supportive society hoping to make the world a more positive place to raise families, gain community resources, and grow nonprofit organizations. Through this site, people will be able to network with businesses and nonprofits of the more prosperous public. These businesses and nonprofits will inspire and uplift one another through free thumbnail advertising utilizing a forward-thinking platform.

“I am an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) advocate, small business owner, and believer in humanity,” said O’Brien. “One doesn’t have to be religious to understand this is how we must be to create change and support future leaders.”

For more information, visit or stop by our booth #119 at the 2015 Abilities Expo.

American Chinese Ceo Society China Mobile Technology Seminar

Hey guys, how have you been? Ok so……

about 2 or 3 months ago, I met the president of American Chinese CEO Society #ACCS Robert Sun. Via publicist Denise O’Brien.

They invited me to come do some interviews and meet some CEO’s that do business in China and the United States.

Here are some cool shots of their most recent seminar.



ACCS China Mobile Technology Seminar

I brought one of our clients to meet some of the CEO’s that work with ACCS.



President of China Mobile International (USA) Inc, Sean X. Y. Luo and Chairman & CEO of Akyumen Technologies Corp, Aasim Saied met each other to discuss the future of the wireless industry at the ACCS & China Mobile Technology Seminar.

Another successful venture… the #ezway


Many very prominent people spoke at this seminar and through ACCS many U.S. business people met with business people from China. The ambiance and the networking was amazing.

American Chinese CEO Society Learn More

I am going to close by saying #ezway is proud to be working with #ACCS.

Want to see some of my interviews with the Executives of Bank of America, China Mobile USA, Akyumen Technologies, and Los Angeles Chamber Of Commerce to name a few…

Pics flix and interviews! Visit our like page EZ WAY BROADCASTING on Facebook.

If you’re a US business looking to meet with Chinese business professionals post your comments on this post.

Stay tuned for my next post

Possibly on the

Womans Expo

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China Mobile

ACCS – China Mobile Leading Technology Seminar

Time: Friday, October 24, 2014 11:00-14:30

Location: AON Building, 707 Wilshire Blvd., Auditorium Room, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Today (Oct 24th), the Leading Technology Seminar was held by American Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) and China Mobile International USA (CMI USA), in Los Angeles downtown. This seminar targeted Chinese companies in the U.S., and American companies who are interested in Chinese market. It not only aimed to promote companies’ understanding of how technology boosts their business, but also provided a great opportunity to make new friends and business partners.

At the opening, ACCS President Mr. Robert Sun and CMI USA President Mr. Sean Luo gave welcome speeches to everyone. After that, Mr. Michael Yu, the Chief Representative from Shanghai Foreign Investment Board, introduced investment policies in Shanghai. The Marketing VP of Huawei USA, Mr. Jun Xu, presented its high-end technology. The Business Development Head of CMI USA, Ms. Diana Xu, introduced CMI’s international data services and the new mobile app – Jego.

Prof. Xing Pan, from UC Riverside Graduate School of Management, gave us a knowledgeable presentation titled “M-Business: Smart Business Innovation in the Interconnected Mobile Era”. He introduced the latest mobile applications in the daily life, and it broadened the attendees’ horizon. Also, CTO from Pomcor, Mr. Francisco Corella, presented the high-tech applications in business security. Through all the presentations, attendees learned how the leading mobile technology helps companies increase efficiency and cut costs by offering remote work and intelligent office management.

At the end, the lucky draw was launched. Ms. Serenity Jiang from Liuli Gong Fang won first prize, the latest Huawei cellphone. Mr. Alan Miller (from AFEX Inc.) and Mr. Francisco Corella (from Pomcor) won second prize, $100 South Coast Plaza Gift Card. There are around 100 people attending the seminar, and everyone has a great time.

Some VIPs in this seminar:

Mr. Robert Dudelson, President of Dream Factory Entertainment;

Ms. Kathy Guo, VP of Bank of America;

Mr. Stephen Laughlin, Information Technology Director of Television Art and Science Academy;

Mr. Jeffrey Yu, VP of HSBC Bank USA;

Mr. Li Zhou, President of TravelSky Technology USA Ltd.;

Mr. Nik Nasri, & Mr. Maizatul Hashim, Investment Consul & Consulate General of Malaysian Consulate General in L.A.

Mr. Zuley, Eric President of EZ WAY BROADCASTING powered by WTV NETWORKS

Eric Zuley interviews president of Letip International Kim Marie

Today 3 pm pst

Hello friends and supporters! I’m proud to share with you this week’s blog post.
How many of you have heard of Letip International?
Well if you haven’t heard of them you should so….

What is LeTip?


LeTip International is the world’s largest, privately owned, professional business leads organization. Since 1978, LeTip programs have helped over 120,000 members, throughout the United States and Canada, build business success through personal referrals.

What do they do?


LeTip Chapters meet weekly to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills and become proficient networkers. Only one representative of any given profession is accepted into a chapter, and members are chosen for their occupational expertise.

Well now that you know what Letip is and what they do…. 06-06-2014 I’m interviewing the president Kim Marie Branch


Kim Marie

on my show


This show airs live 3 pm pat on my Eric zuley app or the site.
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This is also a syndicated
mobile TV talk show airing on channel 28 on Sat. 6:30 pm through Open Vision Networks on the TIN network


I really hope you tune into this show because will be asking some important questions about success, stress and how to become the best!
Keep in mind Kim has never done a interview like this so this exclusive!
So sit back relax with your phone, touch pad, or cpu and of course your note pad and pen and enjoy the show!

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Greg Raths – Candidate for U.S. Congress 2014 Orange County 45th D.

Who is your best choice for United States Congress,

Orange County 45th District?

For more info visit Greg Raths website


Like the fans page to find out why he is the best choice


Ready to fight for the voters voice to be heard

Get to know Greg Raths

Greg Raths was born and reared in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the fifth of eight children born to Viola and John Raths. Greg attended Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix and went on to graduate from Arizona State University where he earned his Bachelor Degree in Business. He later earned a Master Degree from the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Greg has always recognized that education and learning are lifelong pursuits. Putting his beliefs into action, he enrolled at CSUF and earned another Bachelor Degree in History and Political Science.

45._Cammanding_Officer_of_the_VMFA-314_Black_Knights__1993-94..jpgGreg is a long time homeowner and resident of Mission Viejo. He moved to Orange County in 1978 as a young First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. During the 30 years that he served as a Marine officer and fighter pilot, he became a decorated combat veteran of Desert Storm and went on to command several aircraft units post war, including Commanding Officer of Marine Aircraft Group 46 at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. At the time, it was the largest composite air group in the Marine Corps, with over 1,000 personnel and 70 aircraft. During the tragedies of 9/11, Greg was part of the military air support leadership responsible for protecting southern California, to defend against potential further attacks against our homeland.

In October 2004, Greg retired from the Marines at the rank of Colonel. His experience in government includes serving three years in Washington, D.C. As a Lieutenant Colonel, Greg was assigned by the Defense Department to serve under the President of the United States as the Assistant Chief of Staff for The White House Military Office. He worked hand-in-hand with the Military Office’s Chief of Staff, an Air Force Colonel. It was while he was assigned to the White House that he acquired an in-depth understanding and knowledge of how our government and the executive branch can be both effective and ineffective in policy and governing. This unique experience will provide Greg with invaluable insight, skills, and understanding few have while serving in his role as a U.S. Congressman.

After retiring from the Military, Greg flew as a commercial airline pilot followed by an administrative position as president of an automobile parts distribution firm in Anaheim. In 2009, Greg was honored by his high school, Bourgade Catholic, as he was inducted into its Hall of Fame for his outstanding life-time accomplishments.

family_portrait.jpgGreg has been married to his wife Luci for 31 years. They have three children. His son Michael, is the third generation of military aviators in the Raths family and now an accomplished business sales manager for a Fortune 500 company. His daughters, Kristen and Kathryn, are both elementary school teachers with the Irvine Unified School District. Luci is a supervisor for student teachers at the University of California, Irvine.

Greg and Luci recently became grandparents with a second grandchild expected in October. As beautiful as his little granddaughter Julia Kate is, Greg is keenly aware that even before her first birthday, she will be mired in a debt of over $60,120.00, her share of an ever burgeoning national debt that current and past politicians have piled up on future generations.  Greg believes that this must stop. As a result, Greg decided to challenge the current “big government” incumbent for his seat in the House.  After watching this incumbent vote for TARP, bailout after bailout, then come home and preach limited government, Greg knew that it was time to get back into combat for the future wellbeing of our nation. The incumbent has since announced he will be retiring after his current term, thus opening up CA 45thseat which Greg has chosen to pursue.

headshot.jpgGreg Raths is not part of the political status quo that is causing today’s problems in the state of California and Washington, D.C. Greg is beholden to no special interest groups or lobbyists. He is an opportunity conservative who wants to ensure the opportunities he was given in life are available to his children and grandchildren. Greg is a passionate leader and defender of national security, economic growth, and upholding rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. As a U.S. Congressman for California’s 45th Congressional District, Greg will rein in the ever expanding scope of the Federal Government, restore America’s trust with a renewed spirit of honesty and transparency, and defend the security, the prosperity, and the liberty of those he represents in the 45th District, and of all citizens of the United States of America.


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