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Jenny Mulks NEW BOOK Release

Google Jenny Mulks!

She is a new #eZWayWall of Famers and now


Published author and co-author of the newly released book, “CONNECT”, endorsed by #JackCanfield !!!
(The Chicken Soup for the Soul guru)ūüôŹ
AND…I finally met him at the Author Millionaire LIVE Summit, where he signed his endorsement in our book!!!

Many of my friends have experienced divorce or are going through the fall out of it still. Divorce is a life changing process but doesn’t have to be life limiting!!! It can also be a fresh start!!! This book is an anthology of inspiring stories about not just surviving divorce but thriving, with love and acceptance!!!

CONNECT is currently available on Amazon and coming soon to the shelves of Barnes & Noble and airport bookstores!!!

SO grateful for the opportunity to be part of a book that will help many people in pain and in need of knowing they can rise up!!! A BIG THANKS to Dawn Burnett Webb, Tammy Kling and Tiarra Tompkins with OnFire Books Leadership Company!!!

Eric Zuley hosts EZ TALK LIVE with Brooke Lewis

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My guest today Brooke Lewis is a Emmy nominated actress, model, producer, life coach and dating expert.

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California Gift Show Products at the La Convention Center

Hey guys. So today I went to the California Gift Show at the La Convention Center. For those of you that may not know what this is? Well have you ever heard of the big show room display they call the Magic Show in Las Vegas? Have you ever been to a place where they have many booths open showcasing there products for buyers to take notice? Well that’s what this is Thousands of booths setup to showcase there products to potential buyers. These are usually whole salers. I went to about 13 different booths and thought they all had amazing product! Check it out……


Kate Mesta Jewelry

Liz Soto Purses

Ogre Shop Art & T-Shirts

Now and Forever Corsages

Hot Jewelry 

Alexis Fashion Purses Handbags 

Lauren Spencer Jewelry

G Mate Fashion Mobile Technology Holders

EL Pack Business card Holders & Purses

DeBrand Chocolates


More videos to come and pictures! For now I need to go to bed! Good night!


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Iliana Fischer hotter than Lady GAGA? Hilarious

Celebrity Humor:  As Iliana Fischer was leaving her birthday party at Colony,  homeless guy comes up and starts saying she is hotter than Lady GAGA

Vote in the comments below who is hotter Iliana Fischer or Lady GAGA

Mag Covers And Awards Eric Zuley!

Hey guys I try not to be one who toots my own horn but a good friend and mentor said “There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your hard work and achievements so why not show it off”

As you see I listened! I feel honored and blessed to have had a award named after me for the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and American Society Of Young Musicians. Signed off by counsel members of Los Angeles. This was presented to me by the Director of the Golden Globe Awards and Spirit awards Chris Donovan

After that I was a recipient of one of the biggest Journalists in the world Robert Novak and was given the Robert Novak Award!

I also was chosen to receive the Aaron Spelling Award on Behalf of Larry Namer Co Founder of E! And founder of Metan Development Group
in China and Los Angeles

Then I exempted the Mother Teresa award on Behalf of X Wife of David Hasselhoff and one of the stars of Big Brothers Pamela Bach Hasselhoff who is like a mother to me so it all fit!

Take a look at the other certificates and awards yourself!

Soon I will be Giving recognition to those who made this possible and nominated me! For now fingers tired!

Love u guys! Stay tuned!









“Hello! Hollywood” Available to a Billion People.

¬† Celebrity News: I am proud to announce that my segment on ¬†“Hello! Hollywood” is available to 1 Billion Chinese viewers!! ¬† We at WTV Networks, The EZ Show and all of our affiliates are proud to work with Larry Namer, co founder of E!, and now the President of Metan Development group which focuses primarily on penetrating the Chinese Television market.

This is massive people!! ¬†One appearance on Eric Zuley’s “Hello! Hollywood” segment can get you in the face of 1 Billion people!!!

This number may sound inflated but lets look at the stats. ¬†China’s population in total is¬†1,328,020,000 making it the most populous country on the planet with¬†13% of the worlds total population!!! ¬†Consider that there are ¬†a¬†total of over 1 Billion Mandarin speaking citizens of the world. ¬†This is a high tech society with the combination of television, Internet and public transit possible viewers the total is actually a tad bit more than 1 billion Mandarin speaking individuals all over China and the world that could possible view Hello! Hollywood.

Inside scoop:  Due to the underground following of American Gossip Girl, Metan Development Group is developing their own Chinese speaking Gossip Girl.

First The EZ Show Official Episode

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