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Ronald Couming Interviews Eric Zuley

This was a cool interview I did with the On the Internet Marketing & Business Solutions Show. Thank you to Ronald Couming

Eric Zuley, is a successful American entrepreneur, and CEO of “eZWAY”, interviewed by Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here…

Eric Bio’s Eric Zuley is a successful American entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “eZWay” Broadcasting, a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. The “eZWay” subsidiary brands include eZWay Events, eZWay Promotions, eZWay Access, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, EZWay Cares. EZWay Broadcasting, eZWay Promotions, and eZWay Mobile. Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia mogul, he has built a social media empire and house-hold brand online. According to Actors Reporter, Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide and was named “Digital Trail Blazer” by Hollywood Weekly Magazine. His cover on Hollywood Weekly Magazine was the highest selling cover of all time. He’s also been seen on the cover of Influential People Magazine, as well as on Fox, ABC 7, E!, and EXTRA. In 2014, he was recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist. In 2018 he received the Freedom Award for Dedication Ending Human Trafficking and in 2019 he was given the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation. This year, Eric will be hosting the 2019 Family Film Awards as well as launching his newest venture The eZWay Cares Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering influencers to influence their following to give back. Eric is on the path to helping those charities who help children, veterans and those with illnesses become more profitable creating a change. He has also joined forces with NFL hall of fame inductee Tim Brown, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smart giving Visa Debit Card. Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue. Ronald Couming Ronald Couming, is an Internet Marketing Expert, and the Founder and CEO of RCS Online Solutions He is an internationally recognized speaker, accomplished author, Radio Show host, and successful entrepreneur. Ronald‘s passion is helping business owners to ” achieve even greater success, ” by creating scalable and sustainable business models, beyond anything they could ever imagine.

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Eric Zuley hosts EZ TALK LIVE with Brooke Lewis

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My guest today Brooke Lewis is a Emmy nominated actress, model, producer, life coach and dating expert.

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Eric Zuley on MDK RADIO

Check me out 2:30 pm pst 05-23-2015


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EZ Talk Live on EZ Way Broadcasting presents Robert Ri’Chard


Hey everyone don’t miss our 07-10-2014 show 10:30 a.m. pst with the actor that starred in “Light it up” with Usher, “Coach Carter” with Samuel L. Jackson One on One TV Series with Kyla Pratt and much more.
We will also be talking about the new live! Hunger Games for charity!


#Thepeacefundgames founded by Adrian Paul star of “Highlander” founder of “The Peace Fund”

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Tune into the Brian “Hammer” Show 06-11-2014 9 am pst

Whew, what a show we have lined up Wednesday on the Brian The Hammer Show:

Brian The Hammer Show


9 A.M. PST 06-11-2014

-Eric “EZ” Zuley, Award winning Branding Strategist, Producer, Entrepreneur, Host & Humanitarian. EZ founded WTV Networks in 2005 which was formally What You Need TV, a still current Youtube Channel with over 12 million viewers

-Reatha Grey, one of the sexy senior pranksters on Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, the award winning show that aired for 2 seasons on NBC and currently on Lifetime in season 3

-Janie Boisclair, Host of Humanitarian Radio Show, Lead Singer & Keyboardist in positive band Saint Tone. 25 years as CEO of Artistic Journey Promotional Marketing Company

-Barbara Sandifor, known as The Heart of the Harbor, Miss California 2012. Barbara is the Looker on the EzWay Angels

-Sphynix Rose, At the age of 11 Sphynix took a broken crayon & a torn piece of paper, wrote a note that she was leaving home and walked out the front door and into the streets of Philadelphia. Sphynix is the owner of GAOM Enterprises, LLC and founder of the Sphynix Project. Currently working on an album with Grammy Award winning producers Helen Brunner & Terry Jones

-Millena Gay is an award nominated film, tv and stage actress, live event & talk show host and producer & Owner of Honey Peach Productions. Her resume includes, To Kill A Mockingbird, One Life To Live, All My Children, The Guiding Light, General Hospital, The Young & The Restless, The Joan & Melissa Rivers Show, NY Undercover, Numbers, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader, The Devil’s Advocate and many more

-Ryan Torres, Producer, Casting Director on projects like Angels & Demons, Brando Unauthorized, The Playaz Court & America’s Next Sports Star, The EZ Show & Teens On Air

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Eric Zuley interviewed on Total Entertainment




New Entertainment Internet Radio with Entertainment Broadcast Net on BlogTalkRadio

Hey everyone! If your near your computer around 11 am tomorrow tune into me being interviewed by Total Entertainment. Click the link below to listen. You can also call in and listen by dialing this # or if you want to call in and talk to me.
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Eric “EZ” Zuley helps you interact with Hollywood Hawthorne James Interview for WTV

Love this interview I did for WTV NETWORKS 

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THE EZ SHOW 3.12 Richard Tyson & Melanie Taylor


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Richard Tyson was born in Mobile, Alabama but eventually pursued his love of acting and moved to Hollywood, California. Landing one of his first roles on the hit TV show, ‘Moonlighting’ (with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd), Richard’s career took off from there and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down since. Best known for his roles as Buddy Revell in ‘Three O’Clock High’, Cullen Crisp in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ (opposite Arnold Schwartzenegger) and Perry in ‘Two Moon Junction’, Richard has time and time again proven his versatility as an actor in not only the different characters he plays, but also in his ability to go from feature film star to television actor to theater performer (he regularly takes to the stage to perform Shakespeare).

Richard was the star of his own television series called Hardball which ran for a year in 1989. He has also appeared on various other TV shows throughout his career including his most recent appearance on CSI:New York.

With a long list of film credits including ‘Black Hawk Down’, ‘There’s Something About Mary’, ‘Kingpin’, ‘Genghis Khan’ and many others, Richard has shared the screen with a wide array of actors including Charleton Heston, Orlando Bloom, Ben Stiller and John Travolta. In addition to his extensive film and television career, Richard holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Cornell University and once taught acting there. Richard’s most recent films include ‘Naked Run’, ‘Richard III’, ‘Plane Dead’, ‘The Visitation’ and the horror film, ‘Big Bad Wolf’ in which Richard plays a stepfather accused by his stepson of being a vicious werewolf. ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is set for release this year.

In the fall of 2006 Richard returned home to Alabama for the premiere of the film, ‘When I Find The Ocean’ – the first film he has been in to be shot in his home state – and soon after visited Russia where he accepted the Peacemaker Award. Richard is currently shooting the film ‘Jake’s Corner’ and will be returning to Russia later this year to begin filming for another movie. He is also looking to direct and produce his own films and continues to seek interesting and challenging roles to play.

Sonia Harley’s TT with EZ 

Standing O Music




Stephanie P





ImgMelanie Taylor combines a funky style and soulful vocals to create a dynamic stage presence that makes this pop-singer stand out from the norm. After releasing two singles, Melanie recently released her debut album All About Today with Sly Doggie Productions.
True to her Southern California roots, the album is a unique blend of heartfelt ballads and feel good dance pop with a hint of reggae influence. Melanie’s sound captures a mix between Rihanna, P!nk, and Demi Lovato, and her live performances are what set her apart. With a background in musical theater, show choir, and an obsession with Michael Jackson, her shows are mix of theatricality, raw talent, and inspiration.
The music video for Melanie’s first single off the album, “Cease Fire”, is currently circulating YouTube and many other social media outlets. Recently, “Cease Fire”, made the charts and hit #142 on National Radio Placement!  Her music video will also be played on rotation via Roku, through one of Apple’s newest featured apps, Opportunety.
Melanie also won the award for the 2013 Best Dance Artist in The Artists In Music Awards and has been featured on various radio shows. The bubbly pop artist performs most often in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but will be branching out soon.
For the latest updates, be sure to check her for her upcoming shows. Melanie will also soon be performing live with Eye Level Entertainment as she opens for double Platinum artist Che’nelle in the online interactive event “Che’nelle Revealed.”
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EZ TALK LIVE 02-21-2014 Episode 5 Feat. Sita Couture


Enjoy our Episode 5 of 



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EZ SHOWS 02-07-2014 Episode 1 Season 2

The EZ Show Season 2 starring Holy D, Donna Brook & SkypeMan 

Hosted by Eric “EZ” Zuley

Enjoy the new segment EZ WAY ANGELS 2 great interviews with Holy D & Skypeman, A hot music video.

This weeks EZ WAY ANGELS segment was with Donna Brook, Donna takes you with her as she does a glamor, bikini and lingerie shoot at a mansion with a Lamborghini.

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Season 2 Episode 1








Here is a cool Teaser episode we did for you guys!

Full show coming soon.







EZ TALK LIVE Gets live on Music & Film


The Full show is here!

Hey guys so I had another hot show of EZ TALK LIVE on EZ WAY TV powered by Roscoes Media Center. We started out by supporting the Devoted to youth event then rolled in Jackson Limousine to our studio to broadcast live! Our guests were very talented. Alana Lee who is a actress and artist gave the show a sneak peak of her new song called Shadow Dancers which her 160,000 + Facebook fans were anxiously waiting to hear! Needless to say she rocked it. Then we had a hot performance by a artist named BLU NYLE I felt like I was watching Lil Kim, Lil Wayne mixed with with something funky and fresh! We also had actors Chillie Mo and Tyler Gallant who are going to be in the new movie Poison Sky which is shooting now. On the business side of things we had the business strategist to the stars Shellie Hunt who kept it real the whole time. Lets not forget about the lovable prankster TV personality Reatha Grey.

I was accompanied by my co-hosts Natasha Lloyd aka Goldiloxx and TKO. This was one of our more off the cuff complete improv shows and was a lot of fun!

I apologize if videos don’t work on mobile (out of my hands, blame (WordPress or Youtube) go to my fans page Eric Zuley Fans or EZ Way TV



Chillie Mo

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and the full show coming soon…

For now here are some shots to enjoy

Hollywood it guy Eric Zuley interviews 17 year director Luke Jadens EZ WAY BROADCASTING

Don’t miss this show! Listen to this story. This actor, director,

producer is only 17 and is making magic happen. The EZ Way. If you

have any questions call 914.338.1303

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2 pm pst 05-17-2013



EZ TALK is hosted by Hollywood It Guy Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley talking to influential guests that can help motivate the listener by hearing stories of there struggles, success stories. EZ Features independent music from unsigned artists also Patricia Shipp Lead reporter of the National Enquirer gives you that Hollywood GossipThe EZ Way

Guest: Luke Jaden.

Luke Jaden is an actor born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  He’s currently a junior in high school studying.  He plans on going to college out in LA to study Acting/Producing/Writing, and Journalism and then pursue an acting career, once he graduates.

He started acting at the age of 12 by doing school plays, theater, and commercials and then soon transitioned over to mostly film and television.  He just started his own film production company and is currently writing his 1st feature screenplay with a partner of his that he hopes to shoot, sometime, next year and take to the festival route for distribution.

He just wrapped a feature film called, “The Bully Chronicles,” with a supporting role, which  heading for the Cannes Film Festival this year and he also just wrapped a TV pilot shot on location in Detroit with a lead role currently titled, “The Untitled Marty Passeta Jr. Project.”  Since, this he has been auditioning like a madman and he has portrayed the role of Drew in, “Rumors of Wars,”

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AYI JIHU Does it The EZ Way From China to Cali.

Make sure to catch AYI JIHU on my show EZ TALK This Fri!

Here is some stuff I did with her Live.

hollywood it guy Eric Zuley


Chinese star Ayi Jihu a face that reaches a billion people

The long awaited Ayi Jihu single has finally arrived. The artist referred to as ‘The Chinese Madonna’ has not released a new track for almost a year concentrating and her philanthropic endeavors and her FearChaser® film. Ayi fans have been waiting a long time to see what this trailblazing artist would do next.

It just would not be Ayi Jihu or Shlepp Entertainment if they did anything anyone expected them to do now would it, and once again they stay true to their history and surprise as all again. Not that we should be surprised from a Chinese artist that coins a sentence no other international Chinese artist can right now, ‘Independent, Real Chinese and crossing over’. An artist that has broken the rules and made her own path from day one.

Before we get to the music we wanted to catch up with Ayi about what she has being doing all of this year after a crazy 2011 running all over the globe! It turns out she has been concentrating on promoting and raising the finance for her Fearchaser® Trilogy of movies. Fear Chaser came to the attention of the public in 2010 and very soon after that an online game (which was played by 25 million people around the world) was created. Ayi Jihu told us that everything she does now has some link to FearChaser®. Last year she took FearChaser® into schools around the world talking to young kids and teenagers about fighting their fears and pushing an Anti-bullying message.

Ayi jihu takes her fearChaser message into schools around the world

Ayi jihu takes her fearChaser message into schools around the world

This year due to her commitments she has been unable to get to the schools as much, something she desperately misses and so she is making a special DVD that schools can use to get her message across to the kids.

Ayi Jihu also told us that FearChaser® would be breaking ground on production this year. She told us although the budget for the movie was the biggest, it was not small either. It seems all of the hard work has paid began to pay off for Ayi Jihu and we asked her when we could expect to see the film. ‘We are confident it will be 2014 if we keep the production on schedule and start as expected this year. but it is quite a huge undertaking, being shot in several countries and there is a lot of special effects and martial arts in the film which I am training for now. I don’t want to give myself bad luck but I am confident it should be late 2014 at the moment’.

Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser film breaking ground on production 2013

Ayi Jihu Fear Chaser film breaking ground on production 2013

Ayi remains tight lipped when asked more about FearChaser® ‘I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I don’t want to give too much away, but all I can tell you is it is going to be fantastic. We have some of the most talented people in the world working on this, I cannot believe how blessed I am that these people are on this project and more are coming on every day. The story is in three parts, three seperate films so I don’t even want to let on which part of the story is going to be in the first film. You will just have to wait a bit longer.’

Fashion and Style

The Young Native Fashion line is another project that Ayi has been concentrating on in 2012. A collaboration with Native Designer Angela DeMontigny Young Native Fashion has got people in the fashion world talking. We asked Ayi about Young Native Fashion.

Ayi Jihu Brand Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

Ayi Jihu Brand Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

‘Angela was my stylist anyway and she also designed the new FearChaser® costume. I knew she had it in her mind already to create a new line, but with us working together, Shlepp Entertainment involved, the whole Young Native thing just kind of naturally occurred. It just seemed like the right thing to do and once we came up with the name things kind of went from there. I think people are liking the top fashion look with a native twist and vibe.

Ayi Jihu Brand Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

Ayi Jihu Brand Ambassador for Young Native Fashion

‘Both Angela and I are Native, She being Native Cree/Metis and me being Native Yi Chinese. There is a authenticity about the Whole Young Native Line. All I do is wear the clothes and support the brand really. She does all the designing and everything. She is kind enough to say I helped inspire it so I’m happy with that. I think we have both been taken by surprise at the interest in the line. The finished collection comes out this year and we have been invited to Myanmar to showcase it at their first ever Fashion Week, which is amazing! We are trying to sort that all out now. I’m not sure if you know anything about Myanmar, It used to be called Burma, but it is quite an honour for us to be going there and doing this if everything can be brought together in time.’

Charity work
Ayi has just recently been made Global Ambassador for Sisha The Anti Human Trafficking organization founded in Australia. We asked her how that came about?

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu new Sisha Ambassador

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu new Sisha Ambassador

That all came through Fear Chaser really. My work with the schools and the other charities I support and have have worked with means more and more people are getting to know me because of that. One of the producers of the Fear Chaser movie James With is on the Sisha board and he kept asking me to do something to help them get a little more recognition for the great work they are doing, so I said yeah because they do amazing work and not a lot of people really know about Sisha and what they do.’ I will be doing a lot of charity work this year, not just with Sisha but with other organizations and Charities around the world. Not sure how I am gonna fit it all in, but I will try my hardest.

Hard working Ayi most surely is and her ‘Pay it forward’ attitude is setting an example for kids all over the world. Yes there is another way of doing things.

How does it feel to reach a Billion people?

Sometimes it hits home that there a lots of people watching what I do, but most of the time it does not enter my mind. I just get on with it. I have a great team and we are very grounded and we know exactly where we are going and how we wish to get there. We are not looking for quick routes or fixes and so the journey is a little harder and a little longer. I come from a small village and I guess you can take the girl out of the small village, but you can’t take the small village out of the girl so I just try to stay humble and keep working hard because I know I can make a difference.

Ayi’s list of credits is truly impressive:
Sisha Ambassador
FAAVM Ambassador
Young Native Ambassador
Global Dream Hair Ambassador
Ambassador representing A celebration of Women foundation inc
A partnership for Peace Ambassador
So-Yang Cognac and Green Tea Ambassador
Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp Records Artist. If you ask her what she loves doing the most she will tell you the Music and so let’s get on to her new release It’s Magic.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu's brand new single It's Magic

The new single is called ‘It’s Magic’and it includes 5 mixes all together. ‘So what’s so surprising about that I hear you ask? Well for an artist well known for her provocative lyrics and style, and at a time when music is getting faster and more dance orientated, Ayi has opted to release a love song with pop overtones and under 120bpm. It’s Magic is not what many would have expected from Ayi Jihu. There is no effort here to ‘Keep up with the Jones’s’. This is a beautiful, well crafted song about love, emotion, commitment and loyalty.

Its Magic Image  (9)

A scene from Ayi Jihu's it's Magic video

A scene from Ayi Jihu’s it’s Magic video

The video is a little different too. It’s a mini movie, telling a story, with a twist. In order to get her story across Ayi opted to make two versions of the video, the longer one fleshing the story out a bit more and filling in some of the gaps one cannot fill in 3.30 seconds. A lot of thought and passion has gone into this track from Ayi. The presentation of the music artwork and website all have a distinct movie look. When we questioned Ayi about this she said, She did not want to just make a song and throw it out there, she wanted to make a statement whether people listened to it or not.

You will never get to far away from RnB with Ayi and even with it’s definite pop style, you can still hear and feel the RnB in this track. It’s one of those songs that if you listen to it more than once, you know it and you are singing it, like it or not. We feel quite a few people will like this and we feel even more people will associate themselves with the story and sentiment that Ayi is trying to get across.

Ayi Jihu's new single It's Magic with Remixes from The Trinity Band

For those of you who like their music with a a 4 to the floor vibe, don’t panic. Ayi Jihu linked up with the Trinity Band and their remix of the song takes it in a whole other direction while keeping the sentiment.

The Amazing Trinity Band Feature on two mixes of Ayi Jihu's it's Magic

The Amazing Trinity Band Feature on two mixes of Ayi Jihu’s it’s Magic

It goes from a more melancholy affair to a an upbeat dance and sing along happier track. Featuring live music and vocals from the Trinity Band who have come a long way since they almost grabbed the top prize on Sky’s Must be the Music’.

Ayi Jihu's It's Magic Blues and Soul Remix

Add to that a sultry Blues and Soul Duet remix featuring Chicago born new comer Rapheal Rar Miller and you have a package that has a little bit of something for everyone.

Co Starring with Ayi Jihu on her promo video is Dream Idol Hunk Ollie Best. The two met at a Show and have remained good friends. The Dream Idols have become the Top Glamour group in Europe in just under 6 Months pulling in an all star celebrity following. Ayi Jihu is a big fan of the boys and has attended a couple of their shows.

Dream Idol Hunk Ollie Best Co-stars with Ayi Jihu on her new video It's Magic

Dream Idol Hunk Ollie Best Co-stars with Ayi Jihu on her new video It’s Magic

The Dream Idols Wink Bingo Campaign has them on national tv and plastered around billboards everywhere in the UK. Shlepp Entertainment Ltd who are behind Ayi Jihu were also behind the Dream Idols quick rise to fame and initiated the hook up between Ayi Jihu and Ollie Best on the It’s Magic Promo video.

Dream Idol Ollie best co-stars with Ayi Jihu on It's Magic

Dream Idol Ollie best co-stars with Ayi Jihu on It’s Magic

It’s Magic has a lot going on. The whole project kinda takes you back to the days when singles meant something and artist did not throw one out every couple of weeks as seems to be the trend these days. It even has a trailer! which you see when you go to Below we have the full Extended video. The uncut version for you to watch and the promo version.

For those of you that like your stuff uncut here is the full version

Whether or not the public will take to the way Ayi Jihu and Shlepp Records are presenting their music remains to be seen, one thing for sure is you get more than value for money here. Do we expect Ayi Jihu to change and do what everyone else is doing in the way they are doing it…..Nope, She never really has, so why should she start now? There is a lot to Ayi Jihu’s it’s Magic indeed, you only have to visit the website to see the whole look and feel is not like any other. You get the story, the making of, find out who did what, and much, much more. See for yourself. Visit we think you will be more than a little surprised again.

You can also keep up with all things Ayi with her new free Android App. You not only get all the it’s Magic videos and content to listen to but tons and I mean tons of extra stuff too. Music, images, videos and the coolest part is Ayi communicates directly with you via text and broadcast messages. That is very cool. You can Download it here.

Ayi Jihu - 'It's Magic'  scene from the video

Yep it seems that Shlepp Records and Ayi have covered most things on this release. There truly is something for everyone here. For those of you who like your Ayi Old skool, there is a really cool video you can watch here called Music Motion Dance. This is for those who like the more raw edgy Ayi of Smak Dat, the Girl who took Macau by Storm and has since gone on to even greater things. We can only assume Ayi wanted to put this in to remind her fans that As she grows she will never abandon her roots, her love of Ragga, RnB, Hip Hop and all things Urban. Good to know Ayi. Whatever the reason it’s a nice little addition to the package. Check it out below.

For those Smak Dat lovers we have included that video below too:

It Just would not be Ayi Jihu if there was not some time of Charity of Philanthropy involved. Ayi Jihu is one of the few artist we know that seems to marry her ‘Giving back’ side or better yet her ‘Pay it forward’ side and her Artist side very well. She has being doing so from day one, which leads one to believe that this is who she really is rather than something she feels she has to do for appearance sake.

Click here and help raise funds with Ayi for Help for heroes

Click here and help raise funds with Ayi for Help for heroes

This time it’s Help for Heroes and once you listen to the song and more importantly watch the promo video (better yet the Extended video) You will understand more why Ayi has chosen this particular Charity to support on this project.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu styled by Angela DeMontigny for Young Native Fashion

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu styled by Angela DeMontigny for Young Native Fashion

Yep Ayi is back in the Musical limelight again with a whole new look and swagga. Her new style courtesy of Native Canadian Designer Angela DeMontigny (designer of the new FearChaser® Costume for the FearChaser® Film) suites her well.

You will be able to listen to all the mixes, watch all the videos. You even get to sing-a-long to a Karaoke version if you want. There are great deals on offer on the website, you can purchase from Itunes or your normal online store or you can take advantage of one of the many deals on offer direct from Shlepp which includes bonus singles, wallpapers and lots of other cool stuff.

It’s Magic is released on April the 1st 2013 You can order your copy now on Itunes, or get the single on the site with many special offers available including bundles with other tracks and content like signed pictures.

Click here to buy Ayi Jihu's its magic on itunes

Click here to buy Ayi Jihu’s its magic on itunes

Every Day it seems thousands of people release a single somewhere, every now and then something comes along that grabs your attention a little bit more than the norm and this is one of those things. The whole project from the music to the videos, images, is classy, well thought out and expansive. For once it seems you will get more than Value for hard earned cash. Do yourself a favour and goto You may well get a surprise.

Eric Zuly Broadcasting

Catch the Ayi Jihu interview with Hollywood It Guy eric Zuly this Friday at 2.50PST

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The EZ Way

Kenton Duty Disney and Lost star Hang’s with EZ on EZ WAY BROADCASTING EZ TALK SHOW

Hey guys… Don’t miss my show this Friday with Disney channel “Shake it up” star and TV show LOST star Kenton Duty. Kenton will be hanging with the Hollywood it guy and telling you some of his struggles and more… Also listen to Patricia Shipp the lead reporter of the National Enquirer on EZ Talk‘s celebrity gossip segment Hollywood 411. You won’t believe what happened with Justin Bieber and Will Smith. What’s coming up next on WTV Networks?

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March 29th 2013 2 pm pst Live! call in 914.338.1303 Talk to EZ and Kenton Duty

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Zach Callison Disney/Cartoon Network voice star actor Does it The EZ Way!


Friday 03-01-2013 2 pm pst Call in 914.338.1303

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EZ TALK on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley and guest

Zach Callison

Zach Callison is an up and coming young star in both the TV and film world. His many accomplishments
include, class of 2009/10 “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, Hannah-Montana, Perfect Couples and I’m
in the Band. Zach also held a regular role on three seasons of “Diary of a Single Mom” (web series) as the
character Ian, directed by Robert Townsend. Zach received a “Breakthrough Performance” nomination for this
role from the 2009 Indie Soap Awards. He also has roles in the upcoming films “Rock Jocks” and “White Trash
Christmas”.He also works frequently providing voices for a number of characters. In Warner Bros.’ Captain Marvel, Zach
voiced Billy Batson and as Arthur Baywoesenthal on Scooby-Doo, Mystery Inc. “Song of Mystery”. He has
voiced the character of Matthew Parker on the long time radio program Adventures in Odyssey for three
years. He had the amazing experience of voicing over the character Douglas from C.S. Lewis’s “Shadowlands”
for BBC radio, England. Zach has voiced characters for Cartoon Network’s Sym-Bionic Titan and Nickelodeon’s
Legend of Korra. He has recently completed 24 episodes as well as the movie in the role of Prince James for
Disney’s new show “Sofia the First”. Zach just completed voicing a character for the upcoming animated
feature Dreamworks film “Peabody and Sherman”.While in Los Angeles, Zach has continued to work on his singing/performing/piano skills. He can be seen on
the video “If the Earth Could Speak” performed by a number of Disney/Nick stars to raise funds for ChildFund
International. Zach has recently added song writing to his list of skills and will be going into the studio soon to
record with his band Delirium.When not working or schooling, Zach enjoys a good book, playing video games with his friends and even
better, a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game (St. Louis is his hometown)! He is also an avid traveler. He has been
to over ten countries. Zach just spent a month at The American School In Switzerland (TASIS) to study Italian
this summer.Zach was recently named Youth Ambassador for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He takes very seriously
his responsibility to educate his peers about the preservation of the oceans and marine wildlife.He has also joined forces with “Champions Against Bullying” as a Star Champions to bring awareness and
education surrounding this highly prevalent issue. Zach has had to opportunity to play both a bully and the
bullied in his acting career and experiencing both sides through art. He hopes his partnership will help to
educate his peers how to deal with the issue if they are bullied or find themselves witnessing an incident.!/profile.php?id=100001768610097!/ZachCallison

Zach’s Sea Shepherd PSA

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Eric Zuley interviews on WTV The EZ Way

Hey guys thought I would share with you some of my latest interviews  

IM5 Band Radio interview

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IM5 Band on EZ TALK by EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st Live!



Don’t miss IM5 Band on EZ Talk on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st. Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley will be talking to them about there new music video “Can’t Stay Away” with Bella Thorne from the hit TV Series on Disney Channel Shake it up. There struggles and advice to their fans.

Interview to be held live 2pm pst on EZ TALK Show hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ ZuleyFollow @EZWAYBROADCAST for more info

David Fernandez Jr. (Actor) Does it The EZ Way on EZ Talk 12-28-2012

Check this guy out guys. Should make for a interesting interview on my show this Friday.

rsz_new_banner 400x400

David Fernandez Jr. is a passionate thespian in the art of acting. He loves to bring characters to life on the screen and on stage in front of an audience. David was born in the city of San Diego, California. He began acting as a young boy at Fremont Elementary School. David won the lead role in his sixth grade play, and with motivation and discipline, he pursued his dream to become an actor. David studied Dramatic Arts at Mesa College. He landed the Antagonist role in Award-winning Director’s film, Kenneth Castillo’s “Confession of a Gangster”. He also played the role of Omar in the film, “Across the Line”, starring Academy Award Nominee…Andy Garcia. His latest projects are roles in the feature film, “End of Watch” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, America Ferrera, and Michael Pena. He has also Co-starred in the FX hit TV shows, “Sons of Anarchy” and “Justified”. David is continuing to work professionally as an actor and soon he will be producing his first feature film. David has found his true passion in life and will continue to follow his dreams.

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Find out everything you wanted to know about his films, his stories, his inspirations, his struggles, exclusives and much more!!!


EZ TALK on EZ WAY BROADCASTING with Ray J, Sahyba, M.i.C Roz Taylor Jordan (Americas Got Talent)


EZ TALK with Ray J, Sahyba, M.i.C & Roz Taylor Jordan

Hey guys I really wanted to tell you to check out this interview if you missed it last week with my friends Ray J, Sahyba his new artist and M.i.C also my special new surprise on EZ Talk Roz Taylor Jordan supervising casting director for Americas Got Talent.

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Show 10 EZ Talk on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Check out our special up-coming this Friday guest! Tune In!


If you don’t remember Rupet maybe this movie will refresh your memory!

Eric Zuley Interviews on EZ Talk on EZ Way Broadcasting the Latin Legend Baby Bash

Designed by: Anthony Armenta

Interviewing Baby Bash was very insightful for me. Normally celebrities at has caliber are not as humble as him. We had a very interesting conversation on how important it is to be humble in the industry, what keeps him humble? and how he became Baby Bash. We also talked about his hit music videos which gathered millions and millions of fans with his collaborations with Akon, T-Pain, Sean Kingston, Too Short, PitBull and much more… Did you know that Baby Bash did most of his casting for his videos himself? Did you know that Ray J & Baby Bash have a song coming out? I didn’t… Find out all this and much more on this interview… Shoutout to Tye Anderson Hollywood for the introduction.



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Peep out who is coming on my show this Friday! don’t miss this one. This is a actor that is on CSI shooting this week. We will be getting some sneak peaks, ABC’s Family Drama The Secret Life of The American Teenager, star of movie Runaways and more… GRANT HARVEY

Actor Grant Harvey will be blessing EZ Way Broadcasting with his Presence this Friday

Grant Harvey

Listen Live

Friday 11-16-2012

2pm pst

Call in # (914) 338-1303

Credit: James Reese

Grant Harvey is a actor that i considered a Teen Drama star. He is most commonly known for his roles in RUNAWAYS & The Secret life of the American Teenager on ABC. Catch Grant doing it the EZ WAY on Fri. the 16th 2 pm pst. If you have any questions for Grant post your comments below!

Scenes from show

The secret life of American teenager


Steven Skyler Gold Ranger Tells you The Secret The EZ Way

Steven Skyler

Plays the Gold Ranger on Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Super Samurai


Friday 11-02-2012

2pm pst

Call in # (914) 338-1303




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Eric Zuley Interviewed live on LA TALK LIVE Radio on The Brookshire Show



Hey guys. Ok this was a lot of fun to come to a studio with 1000’s of signatures of major celebrities that have been interviewed or have done shows. I was interviewed for over 15 min, about my life and my growth and advancement. Brookshire the host asked some very direct and clever questions. I think I held my own though. This show was also hosted by a very beautiful girl that has a following. As you can see! CHECK OUT LA TALK LIVE I will let you know where and how my interview is soon. I am supposed to be getting the links. OH WAIT EVEN if I don’t The Whole entire interview will be posted on this blog very soon.

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Stay tuned for the Full Video interview and The EZ Show interview with Brookshire himself.