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Ronald Couming Interviews Eric Zuley

This was a cool interview I did with the On the Internet Marketing & Business Solutions Show. Thank you to Ronald Couming

Eric Zuley, is a successful American entrepreneur, and CEO of “eZWAY”, interviewed by Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here…

Eric Bio’s Eric Zuley is a successful American entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “eZWay” Broadcasting, a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. The “eZWay” subsidiary brands include eZWay Events, eZWay Promotions, eZWay Access, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, EZWay Cares. EZWay Broadcasting, eZWay Promotions, and eZWay Mobile. Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia mogul, he has built a social media empire and house-hold brand online. According to Actors Reporter, Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide and was named “Digital Trail Blazer” by Hollywood Weekly Magazine. His cover on Hollywood Weekly Magazine was the highest selling cover of all time. He’s also been seen on the cover of Influential People Magazine, as well as on Fox, ABC 7, E!, and EXTRA. In 2014, he was recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist. In 2018 he received the Freedom Award for Dedication Ending Human Trafficking and in 2019 he was given the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation. This year, Eric will be hosting the 2019 Family Film Awards as well as launching his newest venture The eZWay Cares Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering influencers to influence their following to give back. Eric is on the path to helping those charities who help children, veterans and those with illnesses become more profitable creating a change. He has also joined forces with NFL hall of fame inductee Tim Brown, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smart giving Visa Debit Card. Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue. Ronald Couming Ronald Couming, is an Internet Marketing Expert, and the Founder and CEO of RCS Online Solutions He is an internationally recognized speaker, accomplished author, Radio Show host, and successful entrepreneur. Ronald‘s passion is helping business owners to ” achieve even greater success, ” by creating scalable and sustainable business models, beyond anything they could ever imagine.

Learn how to earn from your social media and live streaming

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Text Influencer to # 59925


Kelly Bennett On What’s Up Orange County with Scott D. Stewart

Check out my publicist Kelly Bennett on What’s up Orange

County on KDOC with Scott Stewart

If your in the Orange County area and want to be apart of the #eZWay movement contact us on our 


Jenny Mulks NEW BOOK Release

Google Jenny Mulks!

She is a new #eZWayWall of Famers and now


Published author and co-author of the newly released book, “CONNECT”, endorsed by #JackCanfield !!!
(The Chicken Soup for the Soul guru)🙏
AND…I finally met him at the Author Millionaire LIVE Summit, where he signed his endorsement in our book!!!

Many of my friends have experienced divorce or are going through the fall out of it still. Divorce is a life changing process but doesn’t have to be life limiting!!! It can also be a fresh start!!! This book is an anthology of inspiring stories about not just surviving divorce but thriving, with love and acceptance!!!

CONNECT is currently available on Amazon and coming soon to the shelves of Barnes & Noble and airport bookstores!!!

SO grateful for the opportunity to be part of a book that will help many people in pain and in need of knowing they can rise up!!! A BIG THANKS to Dawn Burnett Webb, Tammy Kling and Tiarra Tompkins with OnFire Books Leadership Company!!!



MEET PAULINE CRAWFORD – OMPS Also knows as Miss Magical Conversations coined by #eZWayPromotions


Want to learn about how to study and learn the real art of conversation? Learn how to learn your prospective client better to easily close them on your product or service.

Transform Conflict into Calaboration!

Purchase Pauline Crawford – OMPS new book


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Credits: Dr. Dante Sears, Eric Zuley, Pattie Godfrey Sadler


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Always good to run into old friends.

After our meeting at the Queen Mary we decided to get a bite to eat and I ran into my Buddy Herb owner of the famous restaurant chain ROSCOES HOUSE OF CHICKEN AND WAFFLES

20190125_221650If your in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Orange County you need to stop by and try their food!


We hope to see Herb on the #eZWayWall of Fame real soon do to what he has done for his community!


World Film Institute Family Film Awards Honors James Zuley

On 09-27-2018

The World Film Institute Family Film Awards was held at the Universal Hilton hotel.

There was dinner, entertainment and award nominees and winners.

Mr. Gellini founder of the Family Film Awards and president of the World Film Institute honores my father James Zuley

See the Family Film Awards on CBS with Dick Clark in 1996

See more coverage at

This Parent Award given to my dad is the first annual award my dad and I will be chosing the second annual recipient and. My dad is the beginning to something pretty incredible for parents!


Jarvee Hutcherson President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association Endorses Eric Zuley The Promotions Wizard

Jarvee Hutcherson endorses the creator of #EZWAY Eric ZuleyWho is Jarvee Hutcherson?We got this off his LinkedIn Profile 

National President

American Society of Young Musicians

March 1993 – Present (21 years 9 months)

The American Society of Young Musicians (ASYM) is a non-profit 501c3 national organization comprised of musicians, music students, songwriters, studio technicians, and individuals in the music community who share a commitment to the development and support both educationally and musically of young musicians.

American Society of Young Musicians provide support for ASYM’s programs which include a shared housing referral program, low cost and no-cost dental assistance, legal and contractural consultation, artists workshops and music scholarships. Scholarship recipients are additionally matched with mentors in the music community who provide career assistance to young artists in their musical and career development. With these various support mechanisms in place, detriments such socioeconomic limitations will not be allowed to deter young artists from their deams.


Multicultural Motion Picture Association

January 1992 – Present (22 years 11 months)Beverly Hills, California

The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals within the entertainment community who share a common commitment to recognizing the achievements of diverse artistic film achievement and television programming in the entertainment industry. Membership includes a multitude of benefits and opportunities to make creative contributions to the motion Picture and film community. Among the membership benefits include:

*Eligibility to vote considerations for Diversity Awards.

*Official MMPA Membership Card for free admission to industry screenings and events.

*Discount on tickets for MMPA events and Annual Diversity Awards Show.

*Opportunity to participate in symposiums and panel discussions.

*Bi-annual newsletter of updates, calendar of events and members profiles.

*Opportunity to share ideas and information with other members at meetings and organization sponsored events.

The comcept of the “Diversity Awards” was founded upon the ideal that a wide spectrum of cultures should be honored for the role they have played and continue to play in the film and television industry.

The MMPA bases its belief upon the fact that while other awards shows celebrating bodies of work in television and film have for years given well-deserved accolades to many talented artists both behind and in front of the camera, there are still many other creative voices and portrayals bringing much needed perspectives to film and television. The MMPA makes it a point to seek out these works and acknowledge those who continue to do a great service to our industry and national culture by making these stories available to a mass audience.

We are proud to salute these contributions, and we are equally proud to be able to bring people together in the entertainment community while celebrating everyone’s positive contributions and diversity!


Tri-Elite Entertainment, Ltd.

June 1990 – Present (24 years 6 months)Beverly Hills

Production Company for Television, Motion Pictures and Reality Shows.



January 1990 – Present (24 years 11 months)beverly hills, california

Educational Scholarship Foundation for the Arts

Honors & Awards

United State Senate, Washington DC
United State Congress, Washington DC
President Bill Clinton
Outstanding Young Men of America
City of Beverly Hills, Mayor & City Council
City of Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono
Congressman Henry Waxman
United State Senator Barbara Boxer
United State Senator Dianne Feinstein
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Congresswoman Diane E. Watson
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa
Entire Los Angeles City Council
City of Sarasota, Florida
County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
Assemblywoman Karen Bass
Who’s Who Cambridge
Organization in America Entertainment


Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Hey EZWAYZERS So I have known this talented girl and am proud to call her a friend who I have known for over 7 years. She is a talented singer, producer, director and dj. Check out her latest project. Support her as you would me! Thanks. #EZWAY

EDM Artist Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Posted: Nov 20, 2014 7:34 AM PSTUpdated: Nov 21, 2014 5:36 AM PST



Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2014 / “I think she’s the most talented and innovative female entertainer to blossom in the new millennium. The girl not only writes and produce her own records, she even directs her own music videos” – says Jay Dixon, talent manager at DTP. “Destenee” is way more than just your typical recording artist.”

Blazing her own path as a music producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and otherwise entertainment powerhouse: Destenee continues to demonstrate that her seemingly overnight talent is the end result of her relentless commitment to improvement, excellent research skills, and selfless sacrifice. With an unassuming spirit that breathes sex appeal, Destenee is turning heads everywhere.


“I guess I am very blessed, but its not because things get handed over to me. In the end I do things myself because it’s easier than having to explain them plus I have a certain vision for things. Everyday I discover a pure soul out there willing to help me manifest my dreams” – says Destenee. “I wanted to give my fans a piece of me with this video… something very special while finishing up my album, which I titled “Flight Of The Dov.”

“In the video I have four protagonists who I carefully selected from hundreds of actors who came to audition. The entire process was tedious but a lot of fun. I love all four characters because they all represent a part of me. We have Isabel who plays the picked on girl and Logan who plays the clown who tries so hard, yet all he gets is ignored and rejected. We also have Hanna who gets dumped by her bf and feels broken hearted and hopeless. Then we have Sam who feels lonely and is very unhappy. The light represents hope and the infinite possibilities all around us. I want to show people to follow – no, chase the light and not give up on their dreams. My tiny Chihuahua King Mufasa did a cameo and we shot at some real cool locations. I especially loved shooting at Barbara Mendes’ colorful Art Gallery. I directed the video and co-produced it with my mom and business partner Noemi Torres who took care of the cast and the crew, hair, make up, wardrobe, costumes, everything, I mean, she’s amazing! Teaming up with expert filmmaker Joe Gonzales again made everything so much easier. It was a great honor working alongside Bill Montei who also produced and spent tireless hours editing the video. Music producer and composer Chris Hayman helped me with pre-production and shot the Behind The Scenes segment.”

The Billboard chart topping sensation maintains an unmatched combination of talent and beauty. Currently signed to her very own label imprint Kestebray Music Group, Destenee has been building her reputation for almost a decade. Being coined as one of the most beautiful artists of the new millennium, the Massachusetts native prefers to be known for her talent as a music producer having already completed records for the likes of Rihanna, Ciara, Leona Lewis, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz among others. She is single handedly creating most if not all the tracks for her studio album, which is set for release in January 2015.

The Boston prolific songwriter and musician who put her very own Destenee’s EDM Power Hour show on hiatus so she could complete the recordings for her album, will be showing off her other talents on the major featured film Sister Switch also to be released in 2015. Gracing the covers of magazines such as Pulse and Nickii Jean, Destenee is a magnet for sponsors and endorsements of fashion brands like Bebe and MAC Cosmetics, music brands like Parker Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Randall Amps, and the audio giant Sennheiser.

Destenee is carving her own world recognition by creating her very own DovFest, a one of a kind music festival featuring her own music and those of her peers and fellow DJ Producers.

The video can be viewed on as well as

For media inquiries on Destenee, please contact:

Patricia Taylor Inedres PR (323) 400-1990

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Jennier Irene Gonzalez for Maxim Home Town Hottie 2014 Maxim Magazine

I love this girl guys! She is a good friend and she is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She is also gonna be one of our new hosts for a show rolling out on ezwaylogoshiny1

So here is what is going on. Maxim is looking for their 2014 HOME TOWN HOTTIE. Jennifer needs your votes!

Click on this link. It only takes 5 seconds out of your life to

support a girl that deserves it. She will follow you back on

twitter and support you trust me.


 Use these tags when sharing on social media Twitter, Facebook, etc…
#JenniferIrene #HometownHotties @maximmag @coedmagazine #vote #share #retweet
Photo: Vote for me, JENNIFER IRENE, as YOUR MAXIM Magazine Hometown Hottie!! 


Thank you all in advance for your support!! xoxo
Jennifer Gonzalez JGmodeltalent

Please post comments below for the Support Jennifer for Maxim Home Town Hottie campaign.

Sahyba Ray J’s Artist Performs Marco Polo Carson High School Students Go Nuts!

Hey guys!! Ok so if you didn’t know.. I am apart of the Knockout Entertainment Family. Knockout Ent. being Ray J’s Company. If you guys remember my post about 8 + months ago about Sahyba the beautiful talented Mutli language speaking pop artist, who is now known for her song Marco Polo. Well now she is killing it in many other ways. I said before this girl will end up giving Rihanna a run for her money! looks like I was right. Stay tuned for my short interview with Ray J and Sahyba before and after her performance for all the juicy details.’The EZ Way’

Follow me @Eric Zuley  @Sahybaforever @RayJ

Here are some Sneak Peaks of the performance

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Korrina Rico already Rising Sexy Super Star doing it The EZ Way

Hey guys check out my interview today with the very sexy, beautiful good spirited Korrina Rico who is a rapidly growing actress.

She just finished doing a small part in the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake and is on her way to doing 6 new projects and just wrapped on 2 movies. If you don’t know now you know! You heard it from your boy EZ this girl will be a super star. Bigger then Meagan Fox. I thinking Hmmm Academy Award and Oscars & Emmy’s Definitely. POST YOUR COMMENTS!

Who’s Hot Radio (BGE Powered by WTV)

Actress Korrina Rico

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 Monday, August 20 2012!

Special New Time 2pm PST / 5pm EST

LINES OPEN : 347-215-8709

Listen to the show

Already known for her role in In-Time with Justin Timberlake, Korrina Rico has just been recently casted in Nick Cannons new movie School Dance . This movie stars Kevin Heart, Wilmer ValderramaMelissa MolinaroEfren RamirezAmber Rose and many others.

Check out Korrina’s website and Imdb



World Monitor TV

The EZ Show

Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony) Who’s Hot Radio with Eric EZ Zuley Tomorrow

Interviewing with EZ Who’s Hot Radio

Augest 6th Monday

12 pm pst

Stay Tuned!

The Hiphop Legend Himself

Bizzy Bone


Exclusive interview with EZ & Bizzy Bone

Yes guys… Only on BGE Radio powered by WTV Networks & Hot Talk La

‘The EZ Way’

Bizzy Bone will be interviewing like you have never heard him before…

We will be dropping some 411 on as EZ does it.

Question requests contact

We help celebrities interact with there fans!


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Tamala Jones Fans Go Nutts! The EZ Way

Featured Fan!

* @Hellandbliss8 

Website she made for Tamala Jones 

I want to thank you for your efforts and promoting my & Tamala’s twitter to your friends

Who’s Hot Friday Guest 

Actress Tamala Jones

Doing it The EZ Way!

When: Aug 3rd Friday 12 pm Pst.

Live Call In #  347-215-8709

Behind the scenes

Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) singing on ABC’s Castle

We are honored to have veteran actress Tamala Jones as a guest on Who’s Hot Friday’s Hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley. Tamala currently play’s Yvette on the hit TV series The Soul Man starring Cedric The Entertainer & Niecy Nash. She is most currently known for her character on the ABC series Castle. She was Victoria on the movie 35 & Ticking with Kevin Heart, Darlene on Everybody Hates Chris, What Love is starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Played the Lead as Tommy Davidson’s girl friend on Booty Call also starring Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx, Two Can Play At That Game. To see her other work visit her IMDB

Remember EZ always gives you the ‘Real of Hollywood’ ‘The EZ Way’ This show should be a fun one!

If you have any questions for EZ or Tamala please post comments below

Your Questions for Tamala Jones 

Hi, I’m Carol, I’m from Brazil and I have some questions for Tamala. I’ve sent some via twitter ( I’m @theirongates) but I want to send some more here if you don’t mind 😉

1- Well, Tamala is always in contact with her fans on twitter, I want to know if she thinks that it’s important and why.

2- Of all your movies, what’s your favorite one?

3- I cried a lot watching “35 and ticking” and it was a comedy movie. As I could see “Things Never Said” is going to be like a drama movie… do you think that I’d cry again? HAHAHA

4- You know you’re an example for your fans. Not only in your professional life but in your personal life too because of your storyline, and everytime someone ask you what would be your advice for them you always say “Never, ever give up.” why did you choose this advice? Did anybody tell you this once?

5- About Castle, do you know anything about esplanie? If they’re going to be together again?

Well, these aren’t very intersting questions but that’s what I want to know, thank you soooooooooo much for the oportunity, me and all Tamalanies are very happy.
Hugs from Brazil, Carol 😉


My question for Tamala: Who is your biggest fan your Dad or your Mom?
Oh and say to her that she is AMAZING!

Xx Daphne from the Netherlands!

@ericzuley Question for Tamala: What about a Tamala Perfume?;)

@tamalajones @ericzuley Are you coming to the November Castle Convention put on by ?

@ericzuley for Tamala “About “Things Never Said” I’ve saw the trailer and I’m very excited about it… when it’s going out?”

@ericzuley Question for Tamala: What does she love most about her job?

@ericzuley For Tamala “You know that Esplanie’s fans want 2 see their ship 2gether again, do you think it’s possible to see it this season?”

@ericzuley Question for Tamala Jones. Re: brain aneurysm. Did you have brain surgery? What kind?

@ericzuley another one haha : “what are your expectations for the fifth season of Castle?”


Abraham Mcdonald (Has performed on Oprah & soon for the president. Def Jam Records Artist


Hey all ok so… I am happy to announce I will be hosting as a celebrity cameo host on WTV NETWORKS on friday’s. WTV is doing Who’s hot friday’s on Blog Talk Radio via BGE RADIO POWERED BY WTV NETWORKS. What does this mean? Every friday they are helping someone get discovered by having them on a guest radio pod cast. This is heard in LA and the ATL. The first artist is IAMEVE


Described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of Randol’s ethereal and colorful vocals” and has been featured on ABC’s The Lying Game, MTV3, Degrassi, and The Hills.

IAMEVE’s debut album The Everything Nothing is the musical vision of singer/songwriter Tiff Randol.   The 12-song concept album explores the journey of Eve Ami from self-destruction to self-love.

Described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of Randol’s ethereal and colorful vocals”  and Death and Taxes Magazine as “one of those earworms that gets stuck in your brain from morning until night.”

The first single “Throw Me A Line” premiered April 2012 on and 98.7fm Close To Me and a new single to follow for each month of 2012 leading up to the full length debut release of The Everything Nothing. 

Songs from the The Everything Nothing have been featured on ABC’s The Lying Game and MTV, recently profiled in LAWeekly and lovingly spoofed by friend, Fred Armisen, on his TV series Portlandia.  Tiff has shared the stage with Moby, Semi Precious Weapons, Matt Caws of Nada Surf, DJ Spooky, and has over 100 TV/film placements.

The Everything Nothing Credits:

Jim Marr and Wendy Page (Hilary Duff, Jason Reeves) produced “Throw Me A Line” and a number of other songs on the album.  The second single “Another Day” was produced by Dan Chen (Natalie Walker).  When I Was Young, Leave The Past Behind, and Stardust Apocalypse produced by Tiff Randol and “If I Were Queen” produced by Bill Lefler (Gym Class Heroes, Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional).

Kali Hawk SEXY Shooting Star in Hollywood

Who is one of the Hot shooting stars in Hollywood? Yes you guest it my girl Kali Hawk. I am proud of Kali so I wanted to let my fans and supporters know her accomplishments. Many of you may recognize her. She played with Faizon Love, Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman, Jon Favreau, Kristen Bell, Jason Bateman in the movie Couples Retreat

Brides Maids, Get Him To The Greek and now is starring in the hit series ‘New Girl’ aring on Fox. Needless to say she is doing it The EZ Way! Follow Kali Hawk @KaliHawk

Little Birdy told me she is also starring in the new hit series coming out IN LIVING COLOR! YES ITS COMING BACK!!!


Check out my old school interview with Kali Hawk. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEW ONE!!!

Charlie Sheens Wingman Hot Hunnies and Cake


Johnny V your favorite lovable wing man was caught partying at the Piano bar March 23 on Friday night with some hot hunnies and even some handsome men. Rumor has it he has some Anger Management issues. He didn’t seem to angry though playing the piano and holding his birthday cake. Johnny what’s with all the dudes in the pic with you? I though you were the ladies man Lol? Well I’m joking Johnny V has been a long time friend of mine for over 5 years since I first met him at the Historic Laugh Factory.

(Inside exclusive for all my readers) Johnny V is one of my celebrity correspondents on my new Tv show The EZ Show co-produced by pepper Jay productions. This show is being released tomorrow on my awards ceremony birthday celebration.

If you wanna come hang with me and johnny v and see us do our thing on stage tomorrow Rsvp to

Man its crazy how my birthday is the day before Johnny’s I guess we were meant to to be good friends.

Happy birthday Charlie Sheen! Aaaaa I mean Johnny V

Actress Vikki Lizzie and Tv personality Sabrina A. Parisi


Attended as well. Man Johnny you know how to pick them!

Keep doing it “The EZ Way” guys till next post!


Fan Frenzie

Me and Johnny doing a interview together

On the radio!










Brenton Tyler Hoffmann (SELF MADE HUSTLER)

Connect with Brenton Tyler Hoffmann

Brenton Tyler Hoffmann Website

Like his Fans Page 

Brenton Tyler Hoffmann aka Sleight of Rhyme is an American Hip Hop artist guitarist, Lyricist, songwriter, Actor & Music producer, Former Host & Co-founder & CEO of Magic Smoke Entertainment. a triple threat to say the least with a multitude of talents and a diverse style in his music he can blend in with any modernized pop, rock, or Hip hop styles. He is an innovator a leader & a natural born teacher of life, welcome to the world of Brenton Tyler.


What a handsome guy! Post comments

Doing it “The EZ Way” With EZ and Lil Zane

Kicking with with chart winner artist and actor Lil Zane

Getting interviewed by Actors Reporter of 3 million Subscribers!

Brenton Tyler Hoffmann doing it “The EZ Way”



Click your Heels Together The EZ Way 2 times End up at Toast with the Money

Hello all. So today we met with Destenee Mckenzie her Mom & Investors that are interested in putting up some money behind this wonderful artist. This meeting was held at one of the top prestige place in Los Angeles Ca, to eat. This place is called Toast. While we were in our meeting Ray J, and to TV show actors passed by and said Hello. The conclusion to this meeting was we will be flying to ATL to hopefully sign a deal for Destenee. (YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO IT “THE EZ WAY”)

California Gift Show Products at the La Convention Center

Hey guys. So today I went to the California Gift Show at the La Convention Center. For those of you that may not know what this is? Well have you ever heard of the big show room display they call the Magic Show in Las Vegas? Have you ever been to a place where they have many booths open showcasing there products for buyers to take notice? Well that’s what this is Thousands of booths setup to showcase there products to potential buyers. These are usually whole salers. I went to about 13 different booths and thought they all had amazing product! Check it out……


Kate Mesta Jewelry

Liz Soto Purses

Ogre Shop Art & T-Shirts

Now and Forever Corsages

Hot Jewelry 

Alexis Fashion Purses Handbags 

Lauren Spencer Jewelry

G Mate Fashion Mobile Technology Holders

EL Pack Business card Holders & Purses

DeBrand Chocolates


More videos to come and pictures! For now I need to go to bed! Good night!


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The Hangover Part II Sexy Vixen Kim Lee Takes Florida

Celebrity News: Let me introduce you to my very awesome friend KIM LEE who is known for her role in Hangover II, being on the cover of FHM Magazine, Maxim and much more… I think she is pretty much one of the hottest Asians on the planet. Her personality matches! What do you think?



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Melanie Marden: Actress Mobile Spa Entrepreneur

Melanie Marden from High Maintenance Mobile Spa serving Greater Los Angeles area

Celebrity Interview: Today we are interviewing Melanie Marden the actress, entrepreneur, whose mother died from cancer and she made a movie about her last days called.

Richard Shouse:  “It is a pleasure to get to interview you today, Melanie.  Tell us about your current projects.”

Melanie Marden:  “I am really pleased to talk about Timeless.  Not only did I star in it but I produced it to honor my mom.  She was unlucky enough to go through 10 years of misdiagnosis (while having) brain cancer and it ended up costing her life.   So I wanted a film to honor her, what she had been through, and the warrior that she was.  The film is (completed) wrapped and we are doing the film festival circuit with it.   I hope to raise awareness on what the symptoms are.   So there is no misunderstanding and no misdiagnosis.”

Richard Shouse:  “I heard you already won one of the film festivals.”

Melanie Marden

Melanie Marden:  “We did win the Louisville International Film Festival.  We are waiting to hear from some of the other film festivals.  Pretty exciting.”

Richard S: “I would be remiss if i did not tell you it is pronounced Louieville.

Melanie M: (Laughing) “Oh did i say it wrong?”

Richard S; “Ya, The Kentuckian in me had to tell you.  It is all good though.  My father actually died 6 years ago from Adenocarcenoma.  They gave him 6 months to live and he lived 6 years”

Melanie M: “I love stories like that, My mother was given two weeks when She was diagnosed,  and She lasted five weeks.  She was determined to prove them wrong. I am glad to hear those stores and glad to hear you got to spend more time with your father.”

Richard S:  “Yes, it was very good.  I heard the concept and understand it but explain to us what we will see in Timeless”

Melanie M: “Sure, it is a short film.  We actually raised money through donations.   Which is crazy, all of the angels that surrounded my life and hers was astounding and people i did not even know contributed to make it possible.  It is her final two weeks and you see how she was prisoner in her own mind…For the first time we were able to a point of view shoot of a cancer patient, and its pretty awesome”

Richard Shouse: “Sounds like Timeless is amazing and a noble work. You used to run a spa in Canada correct?”

Melanie Marden

Melanie M: “Yes that is correct I owned MM spa in Canada, which I sold to move to LA. I then cofounded High Maintenance Mobile Spa with my business partner Gregory Dylan.   High Maintenance Mobile Spa which is LA’s Premiere mobile spa service.  We cater to someone that wants their relaxation and beauty treatments in private wither it is at home, office, on set or in their hotel.”

Richard S: “What is the charity aspect of High Maintenance?”

Melanie M: “We are in the middle of getting that together, its called High Maintenance at Heart.  Our goal is to make services available to the terminally ill, elderly, the home bound. So that they don’t miss out on the healing touch.  When i lost my mom, one of the most upsetting things to watch was her fear of dying. when she was getting a massages and my hands were on her, there was no fear.  Our goal is to take away that fear, loneliness, or lack of love for a hour while they get some spa services”

Richard S: “Are you considering a fundraiser?”

Melanie M: “We are in the early stages. But yes that is the plan. We are eager to start it.”

Richard S: “How far do you want to take it on the business level?”

Melanie M: “If you had asked me the question when we first started, I would have told you that I wanted it global…. but with my film schedule, making movies and producing. I will answer that question with If my partner can put in more time then we can make it mobile. (laughs)”

Richard S: “What type of services does High Maintenance Mobile Spa provide?”

Melanie M: “We offer everything that you would normally get from a spa.  Massage, facials, some of the more popular are the botox, the injectables. Skin care, hair removal, make up, hair, you name it.”

Richard S: “Do you do peels?

Melanie M: “We do organic peels, and varying light acidic peels.   We  really have not gotten into the chemical peels.  It really doesn’t go with me or my co founder’s belief system for skin care.  The skin is a organ and any chemicals you put on it goes into the body.   However with that being said, they are definitely becoming popular and maybe we should put our opinions aside and offer what the public wants.”

Richard S: “Are you trying to join your entertainment background with your business?”

Melanie M: “We are in the process of selling a tv show wrapped around the business and all of our amazing team.  All the nurses, massage therapist and estiticians.”

Richard S: “I took a look at your website and saw your staff and you have a smoking hot staff.”

Melanie M: “Well, Its Hollywood, The team is hand picked. Yes they are beautiful. They are the best people we interviewed.”

Richard S: “What would you want to tell someone or a potential client or just a individual and their life?”

Melanie M: “I think that is very important to take care of ourselves. In this day in age, that we get busy with our lives.  We forget about ourselves and other. Give yourself the gift of love.  Its not about a massage for a hour, its about giving yourself a hour of self love.  That type of self love really spirals back into productivity.  When we look after ourselves on that level, our life will reflect it.   Giving the gift to someone else to other is a beautiful thing.”

Richard Shouse: “Thanks Melanie Marden of High Maintenance Mobile Spa for her time and she was a delight to interview.”

Richard Shouse


Sexy Lingerie Fashion Photo Shoot: Vote which model is your favorite?

Celebrity Fashion: Hey guys there is a girl I am friends with on FB named Porscha Starr She sent me this video what do you think?

Can’t wait till I get to come shoot the behind the scenes of this! LOL.

Who is your favorite model and pick for lingerie?

Who is Porscha Starr? Well check this interview out.

Porscha Woodard was born in Los Angeles, California. She is a 22 year old entrepreneur. Her interest is designing Lingerie. She is currently the CEO and Founder of Porscha Starr.

What inspired you into fashion and modeling?

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in fashion. I can think back to being a little girl and playing dress-up in my mother’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

I used to wish that I was old enough to wear her clothes and imagine my friends and myself going out and wearing the hottest clothes and driving the fanciest cars to accent our wardrobes. For Christmas I would get lots of dolls in all shapes, heights, colors and sizes and lots of clothes to dress them up in. My friends loved coming over to play and to see what amazing new thing that I have done to my dolls. As I got older, my friends began to call me up and ask if I could go shopping with them and assist them in finding the perfect outfit, especially at the beginning of the school year.

So what is fashion modeling to you?
Fashion Modeling is Classy, Sexy and very Edgy. Fashion Modeling introduces all the new hot and upcoming trends to the public eye.

What’s your take on the fashion industry?I believe the fashion industry is changing to a more futuristic style. The two female artists that have a huge impact on the fashion industry are Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

What are your best moments in the fashion shows you’ve featured?

My best moments are watching the models walk the runway; I love the walk, the wardrobe and the energy.

Do you play any musical instruments?

Who is your favorite performer?

Beyonce. She is an amazing performer, brings lots of energy to the crowd, and has awesome wardrobe and hairstyles.

What are you working on now?
Porscha Starr Lingerie new designs and upcoming events, currently preparing for Porscha Starr Launch event.

Any clothing line yet?

Yes. Clothing line is Porscha Starr.

Photos Courtesy of Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Arthur St. John.

Iliana Fischer hotter than Lady GAGA? Hilarious

Celebrity Humor:  As Iliana Fischer was leaving her birthday party at Colony,  homeless guy comes up and starts saying she is hotter than Lady GAGA

Vote in the comments below who is hotter Iliana Fischer or Lady GAGA