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Samira Kazemeni atributes her success to Eric Zuley

I ran into the great Samira Kazemeni at the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite a while back found this video so I thought I would post it! Samira is the creator of Samira’s Network and Executive producer of the Oscar Luxury Viewing Gala. Samira is now a very successful influencer, tv host, event producer and jewelry designer. She says in this video that she owes a lot of her success to Eric Zuley founder of eZWay Broadcasting. Eric Zuley is a speaker, coach, influencer of the influencers specializing in connecting and new media. More info on Eric Zuley more info on Samira

Her success is really do to her and all her hard work. I’m glad I and #eZWay could contribute a small part towards it.

It was so nice of her to contribute a lot of her success she has grown into to me therefore #eZWay

She has a big Luxury Oscars Viewing Gala coming up if you’re into that sort of thing. =)

Eric Zuley and Samira Kazemeni have been friends for over 10 years and many people don’t know this but as you watch the video. Eric Zuley’s father is really the reason Samira went down the TV entertainment road. When we met her she was doing Samira Gem Creations and won Ms. Iran. I wanted to post this blog to show what the power of helping people and just giving good advice without wanting something in return does. Fast forward 10 years later look at where Samira and Eric are now and the difference they can make together is.

Congratulations Samira we commend you on your success and how you are using it to spotlight and help others. Glad to call you a friend and we look forward to the future of what God has planned for the both of us!

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eZWayFam on What’s Up OC Woman Of Achievement

Hosted by Scott D. Stewart

Hey #eZWayFam this post is highlighting some of our eZWay Family that was recently featured on this established Orange County show. Recently our #eZWayFam Marlena Martin produced an amazing beauty pageant at the Queen Mary in Long Beach and What’s Up Orange County covered it. One of our celebrity #eZWayInfluencers Trae Ireland was a judge and my assistant and eZWay Events stage director Angelique Marie was crowned queen! If you see yourself in the What’s up OC video and consider yourself eZWay Family text me or you want to be added to this blog post! 424-209-9290 or email


#eZWayInfluencer Marlena Martin

#eZWayInfluencer Netflix Actor, Producer Trae Ireland

#eZWay Events Stage director and executive assistant to Eric Zuley Angelique Marie crowned M.S. Elite U.S. Women of achievement

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Dr. Dante Sears Receives Sustainable Community Award

Dr. Dante Sears

eZWay Wall of Fame Awards Legend, CEO of SEARS LUXRE House and World Prosperity Network (WPN)

In honor of Dr. Dante Sears selfless nature and her master plan community design which helps build self-sustaining real estate developments that improve resident health, withstand natural disasters, and empower underserved groups to thrive, Ms. Sears was given the Sustainable Community Award by the Youthwave Explosion Foundation. The award was accepted by Ms. U.S. ELITE Woman of Achievement, Angelique Marie. Many respected people came out to support Ms. Sears, including Mr. Olympia Gellini, founder of the Family Film Awards, Tess Cacciatore founder of GWEN, actress Katherin Kovin Pacino and actor Bill Lashbrook to name a few, The award was presented by Minister Meri Crouley and GLEE (FOX) TV Series actor and performer, Bill A. Jones. Even the media came out to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Cold Heat News CEO, Maurice Dwayne Smith, also made an appearance to support Dr. Dante’s award. See all the action at and

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eZWay Fam Spotlight Joe Grande

Hey everyone I wanted to introduce you to my friend Joe Grande who has much experience in radio. He is now hosting a positive show about CANNABIS and recently signed with I HEART MEDIA

Joe Grande used to host for us back in the day! Love seeing the growth of the eZWay Family!


More about CANNABIS TALK 101


Barry Gordy Square dedicated in LA

Saw this story on my facebook friend Karla Gordy’s post. Comgrats MoTown! Well deserved! I remember when I interviewed Smokey Robinson at the NAACP Awards nice guy!

On November 25, the City of Los Angeles hosted the Berry Gordy Square dedication ceremony at the intersection of the streets adjacent to the building where founder Berry Gordy operated Motown Records after moving the company from Detroit. The headquarters remained at that location until he sold the business many years later.

A large crowd came to witness history. Motown music played until the ceremony began. Label artists Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Thelma Houston, Brenda Holloway, Claudette Robinson of the Miracles, Betty Kelly of Martha and the Vandellas; songwriter-producer Mickey Stevenson; former Motown Productions President Suzanne de Passe; Berry Gordy’s son Redfoo; his niece Iris Gordy; and his brother Robert L. Gordy were just a few of the Motown and Gordy family members in attendance. Other celebrities and industry greats who enjoyed the ceremony were Debbie Allen, Judge Greg Mathis, music executive and film producer Clarence Avant and singer Howard Hewett.

The honor for the city, the music world and for the legacy of Berry Gordy was brought to fruition by the legendary record executive, songwriter and producer’s grandniece, Karla Gordy Bristol. Speaking at the dedication ceremony, she said, “It was my true joy and pleasure to initiate this honor for my uncle and spearhead it into existence. A monumental honor for him in Los Angeles has been my desire for several years. The former Motown Records location was my first choice! I’m grateful to Najee Ali for listening to my desires and taking action … straight to Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who said yes immediately. Now, Uncle Berry will be forever displayed at the intersection of Sunset and Argyle, the site of the former Motown Records building in Hollywood on the Berry Gordy Square sign! The [earlier ceremony] speeches brought tears to my eyes. I’m also a Motown alumna, and this is also for the Motown family and fans. I’m grateful.” Karla then announced the day also kicked off her granduncle’s birthday week. Stevie Wonder sang his “Happy Birthday” song, a tribute to Martin Luther King that was originally released on Motown Records in 1980. The crowd stood and sang along as a cake was brought onstage. Berry Gordy’s actual birthday was November 28, when he turned 90. This year has truly proved to be a monumental one for the Motown founder: In addition to being honored with the square, his history-making record label was subject of both a CBS tribute show, Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration, in April; and a Showtime documentary, Hitsville, the Making of Motown, released in August.

Below are a few photos from the dedication ceremony and festivities that preceded it:

Front row, left to right: Mickey Stevenson, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder. Back row, left to right: Fabian Wesson, Najee Ali, Leon Issac Kennedy, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, security staff member, Karla Gordy Bristol, City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, Pamela Davis, Iris Gordy, Robert L. Gordy and Claudette Robinson. Photo by Richard Nichols
Berry Gordy
Debbie Allen, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy’s niece Iris Gordy before the dedication ceremony begins. Photo by Richard Nichols
Berry Gordy with Clarence Avant. Photo by Richard Nichols
Stevie Wonder sings “Happy Birthday” to Berry Gordy, in advance of
the Motown founder’s 90th birthday on November 28, as Brenda Boyce, Karla Gordy Bristol (holding the cake) and the crowd sing along. Credit: Facebook
From left: Iris Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Karla Gordy Bristol and Stevie Wonder listen intently as Berry Gordy delivers a speech; Judge Greg Mathis is to the right. Photo credit: Richard Nichols
From left: Fabian Wesson, City Council President Herb Wesson, Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder and Karla Gordy Bristol at the unveiling of the Berry Gordy Square sign. Photo credit: Richard Nichols