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American Chinese Ceo Society China Mobile Technology Seminar

Hey guys, how have you been? Ok so……

about 2 or 3 months ago, I met the president of American Chinese CEO Society #ACCS Robert Sun. Via publicist Denise O’Brien.

They invited me to come do some interviews and meet some CEO’s that do business in China and the United States.

Here are some cool shots of their most recent seminar.



ACCS China Mobile Technology Seminar

I brought one of our clients to meet some of the CEO’s that work with ACCS.



President of China Mobile International (USA) Inc, Sean X. Y. Luo and Chairman & CEO of Akyumen Technologies Corp, Aasim Saied met each other to discuss the future of the wireless industry at the ACCS & China Mobile Technology Seminar.

Another successful venture… the #ezway


Many very prominent people spoke at this seminar and through ACCS many U.S. business people met with business people from China. The ambiance and the networking was amazing.

American Chinese CEO Society Learn More

I am going to close by saying #ezway is proud to be working with #ACCS.

Want to see some of my interviews with the Executives of Bank of America, China Mobile USA, Akyumen Technologies, and Los Angeles Chamber Of Commerce to name a few…

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If you’re a US business looking to meet with Chinese business professionals post your comments on this post.

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China Mobile

ACCS – China Mobile Leading Technology Seminar

Time: Friday, October 24, 2014 11:00-14:30

Location: AON Building, 707 Wilshire Blvd., Auditorium Room, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Today (Oct 24th), the Leading Technology Seminar was held by American Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) and China Mobile International USA (CMI USA), in Los Angeles downtown. This seminar targeted Chinese companies in the U.S., and American companies who are interested in Chinese market. It not only aimed to promote companies’ understanding of how technology boosts their business, but also provided a great opportunity to make new friends and business partners.

At the opening, ACCS President Mr. Robert Sun and CMI USA President Mr. Sean Luo gave welcome speeches to everyone. After that, Mr. Michael Yu, the Chief Representative from Shanghai Foreign Investment Board, introduced investment policies in Shanghai. The Marketing VP of Huawei USA, Mr. Jun Xu, presented its high-end technology. The Business Development Head of CMI USA, Ms. Diana Xu, introduced CMI’s international data services and the new mobile app – Jego.

Prof. Xing Pan, from UC Riverside Graduate School of Management, gave us a knowledgeable presentation titled “M-Business: Smart Business Innovation in the Interconnected Mobile Era”. He introduced the latest mobile applications in the daily life, and it broadened the attendees’ horizon. Also, CTO from Pomcor, Mr. Francisco Corella, presented the high-tech applications in business security. Through all the presentations, attendees learned how the leading mobile technology helps companies increase efficiency and cut costs by offering remote work and intelligent office management.

At the end, the lucky draw was launched. Ms. Serenity Jiang from Liuli Gong Fang won first prize, the latest Huawei cellphone. Mr. Alan Miller (from AFEX Inc.) and Mr. Francisco Corella (from Pomcor) won second prize, $100 South Coast Plaza Gift Card. There are around 100 people attending the seminar, and everyone has a great time.

Some VIPs in this seminar:

Mr. Robert Dudelson, President of Dream Factory Entertainment;

Ms. Kathy Guo, VP of Bank of America;

Mr. Stephen Laughlin, Information Technology Director of Television Art and Science Academy;

Mr. Jeffrey Yu, VP of HSBC Bank USA;

Mr. Li Zhou, President of TravelSky Technology USA Ltd.;

Mr. Nik Nasri, & Mr. Maizatul Hashim, Investment Consul & Consulate General of Malaysian Consulate General in L.A.

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