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Miley Cyrus Good News & Bad News No Performance for VMA What is the bad news? LOL

There goes the neighborhood! Calling all kids time to advert your eyes once again!

Miley Cyrus made a big announcement today! The superstar had both good news and bad news. The bad news? She sadly will NOT be performing at this year’s MTVVideo Music Awards.

[ Photo: Miley & Stella Maxwell Share A Churro! Awww! ]


Boooooo. Luckily for us, the good news TOTALLY outweighs the bad. Our girl Miley will be hosting the exciting evening!

She announced with this Instagram photo (above) of herself donning an alien suit and a sandwich board sign that revealed she’d been tapped for the gig, captioning the snap:

“Fuck yeah VMAs!!!!! #VMAs on @MTV Aug 30 at 9pm”

We can’t really say we’re surprised! The past two years, the pop princess has been all the buzz at the awards show.

In 2013, she infamously grinded up on Robin Thicke, and did some pretty provocative things with a foam finger. And last year, she spectacularly gave up her speech for Video of the Year so her date, Jesse, could raise awareness for homeless youth.

Now, we cannot wait for the 22-year-old to take the stage on August 30 for the whole night, rather than only a 3-minute-long performance!

Story courtesy of

[Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram.]









Viva Doll
Viva Doll Angelina Sky
– Winner “VIVE” AWARD for Artist Excellent Achievement – Nominated & Winner of “VIVE Awards 2013”
– Had #1 Song on Billboard Chart (Hits of the World)
– 3 Top Ten Radio Hits (Central America, Germany, Austria, Portugal)
– Over 16,400 “likes” on Facebook – Sold over 500,000 Cd’s worldwide
Viva Doll has written songs for many popular singers, to name a few, Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles, as well as a few others, like Gemini (Japan).
VIVA Doll was quickly signed to American/European Dance Label Max Music with Universal distribution, where she recorded her hit song, “Nirvana”, that charted #1 on the Billboard charts (Dance) the “Hits of the World”. Song “Nirvana” remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Sold over 500,000 worldwide, (CD compilation, “Maquina Total”)
Viva Doll also recorded 3 more songs that charted top 10 radio play in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Central America.
Viva Doll re-released “Everybody’s Beautiful” (SuperStar) a Radio Hit on Power 106, Super Estrella,  in Spanish & English, which VIVAperformed “Live” at many LA clubs throughout, establishing a huge following and fan base who loved the song and recognized the radio hit instantly!
Dance hit song “Keep on Dreaming” became a top ten radio hit in Central America, which also was released in the States.
Dance song European hit “Boobies Boobies”,  ranked top ten radio play in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.
Viva Doll Angelina Sky is now independent, recording and producing alongside Radz Records.
There is no question on the professionalism of this talented singer, producer, song-writer, “Viva Doll” Viva Angelina Sky worked with many top producers in her musical career, Christian De Walden (Marta Sanchez), Casey Porter (Ricky Martin), Tomas Cookman, Francisca Moroder & Georgio Moroder (Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer..)
Viva Doll has performed “live” at various events and venues, Fiesta Broadway concert in Los Angeles, Fiestas Patrias, House of Blues in Hollywood, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and has toured Europe & Central America. Viva is an amazing performer, she has such control over her voice, as she also plays guitar on a few of her Latin songs.
It’s a must-see show when you combine ” Viva & a stage”. Viva Doll always sings “live”, she loves to give true meaning to her
performances. This talented singer not only has amazing vocal range, 5 octave, and incredible song writing abilities, but also has beautiful doll-like looks that capture everyone’s attention, she looks like a living doll, therefore naming her “Viva The Doll” (Viva La Muñeca”)
Viva Doll Angelina Sky is a complete package of talent, with unstoppable energy and her contagious smile and laugh, she has such a beautiful soul that everyone who meets Viva sees the talent she has from within her heart.
Viva Doll Angelina Sky Recorded her full 11 song Spanish album. 2014, Co-Produced and Arranged by Viva, as well as original songs by Viva.
In 2015 currently recording a new English EDM electronic ROCK full CD, which will also be released in Spanish.
Viva Doll will be singing the National Anthem on July 23rd at the 2015 Special Olympics Welcoming Ceremony Hosted by the City of Mission Viejo and sponsored by EZWAYBROADCASTING.COM
This blog post brought to you by
EWP Watermark

EZWAY BROADCASTING, INC Your one stop shop to Corp. Hollywood Success



EZWAY yet again discovered another amazing talent!

Viva Doll was formally with Max Music/ Universal

#1 Song on Dance Music Charts for 6 consecutive weeks!

3 Top Ten Songs! U.S./Spain/Germany/Portugal?Austria/Central/America – Viva Awards 2013 “Excellence Artist Award”


VIVA The Doll Singer with #1 song on BILLBOARD – Cantante #1 canción en Billboard SOLD OVER 500,000 – GOLD – Vendio mas de 500,000 discos – ORO (Numero 1 cantante en Billboard) Singer/Songwriter/Producer. (New 2013 CD – “Regional Mexican”) Música Norteña “Viva The Doll” Top 10 song in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Spain, and Central America. Top Radio Play Los Angeles, Ca. USA. Performed at House of Blues, Dodger Stadium, toured Europe & Central America.


Watch the video

Video by EZ WAY TV

imageHey guys I just had to post and share this new Radz Records recording artist with you who I feel will be like a new EDM Nikki Minaj only she can sing like Nikki Minaj can rap. Remember this name!


“Viva Doll”
Viva Angelina Sky

– Winner “VIVE” AWARD for Artist Excellent Achievement – Nominated & Winner of “VIVE Awards 2013”
– Had #1 Song on Billboard Chart (Hits of the World)
– 3 Top Ten Radio Hits (Central America, Germany, Austria, Portugal)
– Over 16,400 “likes” on Facebook – Sold over 500,000 Cd’s worldwide

Viva Angelina Sky has written songs for many popular singers, to name a few, Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles, as well as a few others, like Gemini (Japan).

VIVA was quickly signed to American/European Dance Label Max Music with Universal distribution, where she recorded her hit song, “Nirvana”, that charted #1 on the Billboard charts (Dance) the “Hits of the World”. Song “Nirvana” remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Sold over 500,000 worldwide, (CD compilation, “Maquina Total”)
Viva also recorded 3 more songs that charted top 10 radio play in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Central America.

Viva re-released “Everybody’s Beautiful” (SuperStar) a Radio Hit on Power 106, Super Estrella, in Spanish & English, which VIVA performed “Live” at many LA clubs throughout, establishing a huge following and fan base who loved the song and recognized the radio hit instantly!
Dance hit song “Keep on Dreaming” became a top ten radio hit in Central America, which also was released in the States.
Dance song European hit “Boobies Boobies”, ranked top ten radio play in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.
Viva Angelina Sky is now independent, recording and producing.
There is no question on the professionalism of this talented singer, producer, song-writer, Viva Angelina Sky worked with many top producers, Christian De Walden (Marta Sanchez), Casey Porter (Ricky Martin), Tomas Cookman, Francisca Moroder & Georgio Moroder (Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer..)
Viva has performed “live” at various events and venues, Fiesta Broadway concert in Los Angeles, Fiestas Patrias, House of Blues in Hollywood, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and has toured Europe & Central America. Viva is an amazing performer, she has such control over her voice, as she also plays guitar on a few of her Latin songs.
It’s a must-see show when you combine ” Viva & a stage”. Viva always sings “live”, she loves to give true meaning to her
performances. This talented singer not only has amazing vocal range, 5 octave, and incredible song writing abilities, but also has beautiful doll-like looks that capture everyone’s attention, she looks like a living doll, therefore naming her “Viva The Doll” (Viva La Muñeca”)
Viva Angelina Sky is a complete package of talent, with unstoppable energy and her contagious smile and laugh, she has such a beautiful soul that everyone who meets Viva sees the talent she has from within her heart.
Viva Angelina Sky Recorded her full 11 song Spanish album. 2014, Co-Produced and Arranged by Viva, as well as original songs by Viva.
In 2015 currently recording new English Dance CD

Eric “EZ” Zuley & Viva Angelina Sky











Yeah it was a crazy red carpet! Stay tuned for the next one!


Stars support The Jonathan Foundation’s Fundraiser To Aid Children With Autism And Learning Disabilities

The Jonathan Foundation has established an Assessment Scholarship Program. Proceeds from the April
Fundraiser will go towards funding assessments. The Jonathan Foundation advocates for children diagnosed
with Autism, Asperger’s Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, and XXX Syndrome.


Founders of The Jonathan Foundation Omar Marhaba, Raja Marhaba, and Jonathan Marhaba

When I walked into the Automotive Museum parking structure there was a row of sleek looking sports cars leading up to a red carpet. Photographers lights flashing as they were shooting the stars that came to support the cause.
There were silent auction items and the museum was amazing. After doing some exclusive interviews and taking pictures, we proceeded to sit down to enjoy a wonderful dinner. Known director David Shelton
hosted the evening and Kathleen Bradley from Friday and The Price Is Right shared her story about her daughters learning disabilities. The night finished off with a live auction and the hands were popping up left and right, no pun intended 🙂 It was truly amazing to see a turn out of at least 200 people tv and sports stars


Ricky Ellis (NFL)

as well as philanthropists supporting such a wonderful event for such a needed cause.
The Jonathan Foundation.


Eric Zuley, Disney & Nickelodeon Stars came out to support


Raja Marhaba and Actor Michael Major Gregory


Actors Ben Stillwell and Noland Ammon


Omar Marhaba, Ben Stilwell, Noland Ammon, and Jonathan Marhaba


Dara Sisterhen (Disney’s Dog with a Blog)



Ben Stillwell, Dara Sisterihen, and Noland Ammon


Alison Dahlstrom (MISS USA Contestant)


Joe Alber


Kathleen Bradley


Kathleen Bradley & Daughter


Carrie Stevens


Disney & Nickelodeon actors Kiana Lyz Rivera, Dara Sisterihen, Ben Stillwell, Noland Ammon, Zach Callison



Felix, Nighthawk Giles, Ron Brown, Omar Marhaba, Reggie Berry, Jonathan Marhaba and Ricky Ellis.


Amazing cause! Please check it out and support it. THE JONATHAN FOUNDATION

See Wireimage & Getty Coverage by Leon Bennett & Allen Berezovsky


Beverly Hills Networking 424 Beverly

Went to 424 Beverly, when I got there I was immediately escorted to a special area, I then met the new Miss Hollywood Bikini and Runner up.



Didn’t get home till about 2 a.m. pst. I’m trying to get more sleep because I’ve realized sleep is more important to your health then I thought.


Got to hang with my goof friends Sammy Maloof, Dr. Estella Sneider and Antonio Gellini





Also ran into my goof friend Joss Gomez who is the president of Magic Image Hollywood Magazine


Let’s not forget the gorgeous belly dancer


And the beautiful Kaitlyn Lee


It was a good crowd!


Good people



And some really beautiful women!


Antonio Gellini creates surprise birthday for Eric Zuley




Just wanted to thank my proud to call him a true friend Antonio Gellini. For the wonderful surprise little birthday party at the Hilton Hotel….

Networker On Wheels Launches at the 2015 Abilities Expo

After their pre-launch at the 2015 Ascent Expo on EZ WAY STREET

image Premiers its official launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo in Los Angeles.

The 2015 Abilities Expo (free admission) features cutting-edge products and services for everyone. Exhibitors of this extraordinary “other enabled” Abilities Expo community also bring revolutionary changes to the enabled world. Hundreds of exhibitors, compelling workshops, and family-fun activities will be featured. Los Angeles Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, March 6 – 8, 2015., founder and CEO Jerry O’Brien, a breakthrough networking website service, will  launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo. O’Brien’s site unifies the Abled & disAbled community marketplace by providing people access to an array of businesses and nonprofits that have a positive impact on the world.

“Contributing to a community means investing of yourself,” said founder Jerry O’Brien. “This also means sharing your knowledge and your money to build and lift up your community.” wants to create a strong supportive society hoping to make the world a more positive place to raise families, gain community resources, and grow nonprofit organizations. Through this site, people will be able to network with businesses and nonprofits of the more prosperous public. These businesses and nonprofits will inspire and uplift one another through free thumbnail advertising utilizing a forward-thinking platform.

“I am an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) advocate, small business owner, and believer in humanity,” said O’Brien. “One doesn’t have to be religious to understand this is how we must be to create change and support future leaders.”

For more information, visit or stop by our booth #119 at the 2015 Abilities Expo.

Antonio Gellini Productions Awards shows that make a difference supported by EZ WAY BROADCASTING


Antonio Gellini Productions 



Family Film Awards

On CBS Channel 2

“We at the World Film Institute believe by recognizing the achievement of family oriented production and talent, we can affect the volume and quality of this area of entertainment.” ~Antonio Gellini

The Family Film Award seeks to honor excellence in family oriented film making. These awards are presented to “G” and “PG” rated feature films and family oriented television series and movies. A panel of industry leaders, celebrities, film critics and television critics vote for their top three choices in fifteen different categories. Those top choices as well as the winner of each category are broadcast on television during the Family Film Awards presentation.

Olympia Awards

Supported by United Nations

The Olympia Award is a man and woman standing back-to-back on a globe. Beneath the globe are seven steps, each step representing a different art form: writing, music, sculpture, painting, dancing, theater and film.

The Olympia Film Award is the first competition to determine the best film from all major film festivals across the world. Just as athletes representing each country compete in the Olympics to determine the best athlete in the world, films representing each film festival will compete to determine the best  film in the world. The be eligible for the award, a film must first win at one of the international film festivals including the Cario International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and many more (250 festivals in all but to see an abbreviated list CLICK HERE). Then, a panel of industry leaders, celebrities, and film critics vote for their top three choices in fifteen different categories.

supported by:,,

The World Film Institute (WFI), a nonprofit organization which promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality, was established to advance the motion picture industry worldwide and recognize excellence.

The World Film Institute will offer members a variety of resources and services including:


Courses in film studies

Motion picture industry seminars

Advanced technological support

Networking opportunities

Access to exclusive entertainment events

Click Here to see the membership categories.

EZ WAY BROADCASTING is proud to announce that Eric Zuley and Antonio Gellini will be working together for the greater good! 

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Ascent Expo 2014 San Clemente Mansion Mixer 12-21-2014

Man it was nice to sit outside in the patio and breath in the ocean breeze! We had a professional networking mixer and gathering for the 2015 Ascent Expo. image image image image image



2014 15th Annual Mmpa Toy Drive U.S. Marines Collect Toys for kids!

On 12-17-2014 The Mmpa and partners EZ WAY BROADCASTING, CMT SOLUTIONS got together to help collect toys for families and kids collected by the U.S. Marines. The event was held in Hollywood Ca, at Raleigh Studios on the lot, across the street from Paramount Studios. There were performers, awards recognitions a – c list celebrities in attendance and coverage by NBC, HUFFINGTON POST, PR PHOTOS, VARIETY MAGAZINE, WTV NETWORKS and many others.

Visit for more pics, flicks and hot EZ WAY interviews



Chelsea Keenan
RK RECORDS/RunDMC Productions Indy 2014 Pop Artist of The Year.
Instagram: xoxo_chels1
ITunes & Google Play: chelsea keenan
Reverb nation:


Ashley Robinson, Producer TV Show The Doctors and Tiffany.



The Red Carpet

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Perry Jones II Celebrity Designer & Stylist EZ WAY NEWS

Add his friendship


His name is William Perry Jones II. He is a Celebrity fashion designer & stylist. He was born & raised in St. Paul, Mn. This is what Perry Had to say….

 As a little boy I loved to draw everything. I was put in art school around the age of seven. I was always into colors, skin tones and imagined what colors look good on people. I was very insecure and was timid on stepping out and trying out new outfits. I just wanted to fit in with the crowd. I grew out of my insecurities in my early 20’s. I got introduced into modeling, but got rejected & humbled. I had to be more disclipine and responsible; especially with exercise. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. For the next 14 years as I did print ads, fashion shows, wedding expo’s & acting in hollywood, I gained confidence and felt important, like this is it! but I still felt empty on what my purpose was in life.

As I moved out west to Arizona, I was still searching for my niche. I noticed everytime I went out to buy a suit, I had to pay almost half the cost for it to be tailored the way I wanted. I had long arms, & legs, a short torso & a small waist. With a help of a co-worker, a fashion designer herself, she showed me a mens fashion sketch she did for her class and I made one for her just for fun. She said I was a natural. Well a light went off in my head. 30 years prior, the gifts that was given to me has come full circle. Once I studied up under some mens fashion designers & stylist in the business, and learned from the modeling industry I was in for so long, it all paid off. Now I can custom design my own suits, style it and do it for others as well. It does not matter what size and shape you are. I want you to dress the way the Lord intented for your body to look. This is my true destiny being a fashion designer & stylist! My motto is to Dress2Bless4Success!

Sam Sarpong Elite Man Magazine Boy London Experience

On 12-11-2014 I went to my friend Sam Sarpong’s Elite Man Magazine Boy London event at The Attic on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Ca. I attended with Dante Reporter and our Starlet Angel. We also brought actor Trae Ireland, actress Angelique Bates, Paintball Pro David “Reaper” Justin, actress Reatha Grey, artist and model Dalal Music, Opps Project founder Mike and a pro UFC fighter. We also had Epperson Media, Sheri Determan with PR Photos attend. The event featured a nice red carpet with many celebrities wearing Boy London, a performance by Sam Sarpong and 2 DJ’s in two different rooms and had sponsored gift bags provided by KD luxe Jewelry.






Kal Barbie (America’s Next Top Model)




Ro Brooks (OWN’s Haves and the Have Nots)













Sandra Bullock lookalike


Entertainment Attorney



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Jimmy Fallon & Mark Wahlberg SLAP EACH OTHER Mark Disses Ben Affleck

Hey guys this is hilarious I just had to share it with my fans! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER IF YOUR NOT ALREADY @ERICZULEYHit me! Much to his own detriment, Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new game on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, Dec. 10. The host and his guest Mark Wahlberg tried their hand (see what we did there?) at “Slapjack” — a new version of blackjack in which the loser gets hit in the face by a giant prosthetic hand, courtesy of the winner.

PHOTOS: Celebs and their stunt doubles

“You should have told me! I would have brought my giant prosthetic penis from Boogie Nights,” Wahlberg, 43, joked.

The Gambler star started off the game, taking jabs at Fallon and others throughout. When the host questioned Wahlberg’s lead, he teased, “I’m not Ben Affleck, I’m not counting cards!”

Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon played

Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon played “Slapjack” on The Tonight Show on Dec. 10.
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Read more:
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Peace Fund Games Celebrities Shoot Eachother for good causes!

So I had a lot of fun hosting the 2014 1st Annual Peace Fund Games on 12-06-2014 and 12-07-2014. I played on the blue team, led by the founder actor Adrian Paul which in the end emerged victorious! The first day we played against Carrie Keagan’s team, which was in red and had more pro-paintballers then we did, so naturally we lost. No matter, because in the end when it came down to it, celebrities versus celebrities we had the red team give up and surrender! Go blue team!



I played along side Luke Benward star of Disney’s Good Luck Charley and Cloud 9. Adrian Paul from Highlander, pro wrestler Eric Smoke, pro paintballer, David “The Reeper” Justin, Angelique Bates from “All That” and 35 and Ticking with Kevin Heart, Actor Eme Ikwuakor, Wesley Johnathan, actor Jordan Fisher. Here is a list of celebrity attendees.

As always this was for charity and was alot of fun! Shout out to everyone that attended and you the fans for watching!

A special shout out to those of you that sponsored me when I was in need! We will be featuring you on this blog post so please post a comment and let me know who you were.

Go to for more info.






The entertainment rocked!

By: Dante Obligacion

“Peace Fund Games achieved their goal”

The goal of the first annual “Peace Fund Games” was to provide fun, competition, and a life changing experience for everyone. It succeeded in extraordinary ways! The memories will hysterically remain. Adrian Paul’s charitable vision was once again realized as celebrity actors, actresses, dancers, models, personalities and some Paintball Pros laughed together, played together, learned together and most importantly, shot each other!

Day one was Saturday December 6, 2014 at the Paintball Park, located on the grounds of Camp Pendleton in Oceanside California. It was a day of mostly learning the equipment, the course, each other, and undoubtedly the rules of engagement. You see, you’ve got to realize something; these celebrities take their Charities seriously, enough to be shot repeatedly!     We’ve all been taught not to kick a man when he’s down, however, at Paintball Park; after you’re down, the competition might keep shooting you. Moreover, once you’re down for five minutes, you get to come back in and do it all over again. There’s a kid inside of all of us.

The games were hosted by: Eric “EZ” Zuley, CEO of EZ Way Broadcasting, while “It Girl Publications” handled PR & Promotions/Media. Videographer Jim Zuley of EZ Way was pelted four times by paintballs while covering the competition, making for some priceless entertainment, as Reporter Starlett, dawned fatigues and got sprayed as well! Avant Garde Magazine in conjunction with EZ Way assisted in the coverage of this remarkable event.

The focus of the Peace Fund goals, are to Protect, Educate, and Aid. Adrian Paul “Highlander” heads a team of courageously dedicated individuals pledging to make an unequivocal difference in the lives of children living under momentously difficult circumstances.

That being said, once the participants including celebrities such as, Luke Goss, Robbie Arnell, Brett Lockett and Hank Baskett were positioned onto the course and given the signal to commence, it looked like complete chaos! Understand that all of the step-by-step preparation leading up to the shooting went completely out the window once the sound of splattering paintballs started echoing throughout. Dressed in full battle regalia, these celebrity commandoes instantly turned into kids!

Day one ended with Team 7, including Rene and Casey Nezhoda, Stefano Langone and Dallal Bruchmann, winning the celebrity knockout competition. The celebrities in the runners up category were Carrie Keagon, Luke Goss, Ryan Edge and Ryan Greenspan.     Sunday December 7, 2014 will be remembered as doomsday-two of the event, with the eligible Teams, encompassing a wealth of “one day’s experience,” plus some new celebrities.

Naturally the anticipation was at fever pitch as Eme Ikwuakor “The New Republic” captured the flag for the Blue Team, although the game ended with the Red Team winning by a score of 4-3. In Game 2, the Blue Team came back, barely hanging on to steal the victory. Finally, with the Red Team ahead everything hung on the final battle, celebs vs. celebs!

     In short, it was a complete beat down as Adrian Paul, Eric Zuley, Luke Benward, Eric Smoke, David “Reaper” Justin, Angelique Bates, Mark Ryan, Jordan Fisher and company annihilated their opponents to the point of surrender. Hilarious! The losing team consisted of Carrie Keagan, Dalal Bruchmann, Diedre Barnes, Starlet Angel, Nate Adams, Ryan Eagle, Rene Nezhoda and David Andrews. The Peace Fund was founded in 1997 and is headed towards stratospheric heights!

Adrian Paul is a recipient of the Worldwide Charitable Alliances Peacemaker Award!




Adrian Paul motivating us to win



The final night after our interview hosted by EZ Way starlight Angel.


My pinky got wounded!


Day 12-06-2014


Stay tuned for much more!

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Jarvee Hutcherson President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association Endorses Eric Zuley The Promotions Wizard

Jarvee Hutcherson endorses the creator of #EZWAY Eric ZuleyWho is Jarvee Hutcherson?We got this off his LinkedIn Profile 

National President

American Society of Young Musicians

March 1993 – Present (21 years 9 months)

The American Society of Young Musicians (ASYM) is a non-profit 501c3 national organization comprised of musicians, music students, songwriters, studio technicians, and individuals in the music community who share a commitment to the development and support both educationally and musically of young musicians.

American Society of Young Musicians provide support for ASYM’s programs which include a shared housing referral program, low cost and no-cost dental assistance, legal and contractural consultation, artists workshops and music scholarships. Scholarship recipients are additionally matched with mentors in the music community who provide career assistance to young artists in their musical and career development. With these various support mechanisms in place, detriments such socioeconomic limitations will not be allowed to deter young artists from their deams.


Multicultural Motion Picture Association

January 1992 – Present (22 years 11 months)Beverly Hills, California

The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals within the entertainment community who share a common commitment to recognizing the achievements of diverse artistic film achievement and television programming in the entertainment industry. Membership includes a multitude of benefits and opportunities to make creative contributions to the motion Picture and film community. Among the membership benefits include:

*Eligibility to vote considerations for Diversity Awards.

*Official MMPA Membership Card for free admission to industry screenings and events.

*Discount on tickets for MMPA events and Annual Diversity Awards Show.

*Opportunity to participate in symposiums and panel discussions.

*Bi-annual newsletter of updates, calendar of events and members profiles.

*Opportunity to share ideas and information with other members at meetings and organization sponsored events.

The comcept of the “Diversity Awards” was founded upon the ideal that a wide spectrum of cultures should be honored for the role they have played and continue to play in the film and television industry.

The MMPA bases its belief upon the fact that while other awards shows celebrating bodies of work in television and film have for years given well-deserved accolades to many talented artists both behind and in front of the camera, there are still many other creative voices and portrayals bringing much needed perspectives to film and television. The MMPA makes it a point to seek out these works and acknowledge those who continue to do a great service to our industry and national culture by making these stories available to a mass audience.

We are proud to salute these contributions, and we are equally proud to be able to bring people together in the entertainment community while celebrating everyone’s positive contributions and diversity!


Tri-Elite Entertainment, Ltd.

June 1990 – Present (24 years 6 months)Beverly Hills

Production Company for Television, Motion Pictures and Reality Shows.



January 1990 – Present (24 years 11 months)beverly hills, california

Educational Scholarship Foundation for the Arts

Honors & Awards

United State Senate, Washington DC
United State Congress, Washington DC
President Bill Clinton
Outstanding Young Men of America
City of Beverly Hills, Mayor & City Council
City of Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono
Congressman Henry Waxman
United State Senator Barbara Boxer
United State Senator Dianne Feinstein
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Congresswoman Diane E. Watson
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa
Entire Los Angeles City Council
City of Sarasota, Florida
County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
Assemblywoman Karen Bass
Who’s Who Cambridge
Organization in America Entertainment

Eric Zuley EZ WAY Says Happy Thanksgiving to fans!

So many different ways to say Happy ThanksGiving to all of my #ezway supporters. I’m thankful for all my readers and followers! You keep me motivated everyday!

I know it’s early but I wanted to get a jump on it and a head start on posting for all of you!

Post your comments what your thankful for.









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Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Hey EZWAYZERS So I have known this talented girl and am proud to call her a friend who I have known for over 7 years. She is a talented singer, producer, director and dj. Check out her latest project. Support her as you would me! Thanks. #EZWAY

EDM Artist Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Posted: Nov 20, 2014 7:34 AM PSTUpdated: Nov 21, 2014 5:36 AM PST



Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2014 / “I think she’s the most talented and innovative female entertainer to blossom in the new millennium. The girl not only writes and produce her own records, she even directs her own music videos” – says Jay Dixon, talent manager at DTP. “Destenee” is way more than just your typical recording artist.”

Blazing her own path as a music producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and otherwise entertainment powerhouse: Destenee continues to demonstrate that her seemingly overnight talent is the end result of her relentless commitment to improvement, excellent research skills, and selfless sacrifice. With an unassuming spirit that breathes sex appeal, Destenee is turning heads everywhere.


“I guess I am very blessed, but its not because things get handed over to me. In the end I do things myself because it’s easier than having to explain them plus I have a certain vision for things. Everyday I discover a pure soul out there willing to help me manifest my dreams” – says Destenee. “I wanted to give my fans a piece of me with this video… something very special while finishing up my album, which I titled “Flight Of The Dov.”

“In the video I have four protagonists who I carefully selected from hundreds of actors who came to audition. The entire process was tedious but a lot of fun. I love all four characters because they all represent a part of me. We have Isabel who plays the picked on girl and Logan who plays the clown who tries so hard, yet all he gets is ignored and rejected. We also have Hanna who gets dumped by her bf and feels broken hearted and hopeless. Then we have Sam who feels lonely and is very unhappy. The light represents hope and the infinite possibilities all around us. I want to show people to follow – no, chase the light and not give up on their dreams. My tiny Chihuahua King Mufasa did a cameo and we shot at some real cool locations. I especially loved shooting at Barbara Mendes’ colorful Art Gallery. I directed the video and co-produced it with my mom and business partner Noemi Torres who took care of the cast and the crew, hair, make up, wardrobe, costumes, everything, I mean, she’s amazing! Teaming up with expert filmmaker Joe Gonzales again made everything so much easier. It was a great honor working alongside Bill Montei who also produced and spent tireless hours editing the video. Music producer and composer Chris Hayman helped me with pre-production and shot the Behind The Scenes segment.”

The Billboard chart topping sensation maintains an unmatched combination of talent and beauty. Currently signed to her very own label imprint Kestebray Music Group, Destenee has been building her reputation for almost a decade. Being coined as one of the most beautiful artists of the new millennium, the Massachusetts native prefers to be known for her talent as a music producer having already completed records for the likes of Rihanna, Ciara, Leona Lewis, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz among others. She is single handedly creating most if not all the tracks for her studio album, which is set for release in January 2015.

The Boston prolific songwriter and musician who put her very own Destenee’s EDM Power Hour show on hiatus so she could complete the recordings for her album, will be showing off her other talents on the major featured film Sister Switch also to be released in 2015. Gracing the covers of magazines such as Pulse and Nickii Jean, Destenee is a magnet for sponsors and endorsements of fashion brands like Bebe and MAC Cosmetics, music brands like Parker Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Randall Amps, and the audio giant Sennheiser.

Destenee is carving her own world recognition by creating her very own DovFest, a one of a kind music festival featuring her own music and those of her peers and fellow DJ Producers.

The video can be viewed on as well as

For media inquiries on Destenee, please contact:

Patricia Taylor Inedres PR (323) 400-1990

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Kimberly Moore & Cheyo Carrillo Support the community!

The EZ Way team was proud to support friend Kimberly Moore, with here wonderful event today in Lakewood Ca,
Vice President of EZ WAY BROADCASTING represented EZ WAY and hung with stars which was the community today!




1779247_10152496874701586_1329209067233206878_n 1526161_10152496866156586_4338553919592374040_n

By: Dante Reporter

“Adopt a Letter Charity Event”
Lynwood was jumping today to the sounds of Xavier “El Cheyo” Carrillo, of Twiins Music Group, who provided a free concert to the public. The cause was Kimberly Moore’s annual “Adopt a Letter” Charity event, held at Plaza Mexico, on Imperial Highway at Long Beach Blvd.
There were literally hundreds of young girls lined up for a photo opportunity with Cheyo after his set. Carrillo’s “Ni Tan Mini, N Tan Chico” had them screaming with enthusiasm, while “El Ladron” kept them at fever pitch.
Kimberly Moore’s Charity is in its sixth year, and has already answered the letters of Thirty Thousand kids, delivering a gift to each doorstep. This is a noble cause and should be supported in every community.
Plaza Mexico was packed and parking was scarce, as the crowd welcomed Angeles Ochoa, who has amassed a global audience with her Folk Style. Angeles is as charming and personable as her comforting and engaging melodies, which have captivated audiences since she was a mere six years old. Dr. Estrella Sneider from LA Talk Radio was also on hand for the festivities, along with other celebrities.
However, the posters of allegiance to Kimberly are what undoubtedly stood out. “We Love You Kimberly” and “Thank You Kimberly” read like confetti throughout the packed venue, earmarking what has come to be known as a worthy and rewarding commitment to underprivileged kids.
Kimberly Moore is a hero in the community, and is breaking down barriers with her efforts. “Adopt a Letter” is growing exponentially!




The community showing their gratitude!image

9763_10152496857731586_7510796016270000198_n 1530358_10152496858211586_8613026734358542131_n 10486513_10152496858206586_5869848971981735167_n 10519203_10152496858846586_4862183418360289084_n 10407206_10152496860631586_4557088203137891205_n 10409323_10152496869086586_1839315803272051941_n 10411012_10152496866491586_5886870249291403909_n

Let’s Check out Kim and Cheyo doing their thing on stage!




Cheyo Carrillo on stage! 10313855_10152496861341586_3158696428741725798_n 10389229_10152496861336586_2070148693651532358_n

EZ WAY Vice President Dante Reporter showing his support


Quotes from Kimberly Moore on event.

The amount of kids we helped is more than 30,000 children. Not just gifts to each doorstep, but basic necessities such as groceries, clothes, shoes, and some cases we even go as far as taking the family on a shopping spree..

This is how many guest attended the event according to the people that work there: About 5,000

Actress Joyce Giraud( from NBC Siberia, Beverly Hills Housewives, former Ms. Universe) hosted our raffle prizes.

Performers: Cheyo Carrillo, Ancestro USA, Luis Gavino and singer Cindy Gomez and surprise performance for the kids Hip Hope Harry.
Kimberly was surprised by the Southern California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was given a “Humanitarian Leadership” award
Kimberly Moore on stage

This event was sponsored by: Xerveo ( #XerveoLA

10672370_10152496871471586_8107273687433083563_n 1505449_10152496874156586_7023488840026717584_n


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Bill Dukes New Book Dark Girls The EZ Way

Hey guys after talking with my friend Bill Duke who is a award winning actor he has decided to do a interview with me on 11-20-2014 on my morning talk show EZ TALK LIVE on click the link to listen to the show! We will be talking about all the on set behind the scenes in’s and outs of alot of his roles in his famous films…. plus what he’s up to in 2015. Don’t miss it!



EWP Watermark


I wanted to make you aware of a new project of his! Stay tuned for my exclusive interview of him coming soon!

Books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When posting book information on website, please encourage followers to stay connected with Bill Duke via social media – (@RealBillDuke) on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #DarkGirlsBook and #BillDuke.


Ralph, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Brandi and Karli Harvey, and over seventy-five other outstanding women share intimate insights into what their dark skin means to them.


Filled with gorgeous photographs, this thoughtful, sophisticated, alluring, and uplifting collection captures the elegance of dark skin—joyfully showcasing that we truly are beautiful for who we are.


From the director of the NAACP Award–nominated documentary comes this gorgeous companion book to celebrate dark-skinned women.


Black has never been more beautiful. Dark Girls is a testament to the strength and grace of women everywhere, no matter their skin tone, upbringing, or education. Featuring such celebrities as Lupita Nyong’o, Vanessa Williams, Sheryl Underwood, Judge Mablean, and Loretta Devine, Dark Girlspresents outstanding women from all walks of life, sharing intimate insights into what their dark skin means to them.


Combining Barron Claiborne’s brilliant photography, Shelia Moses’s touching narrative, and Bill Duke’s extraordinary vision, Dark Girls is a beautiful and empowering work to be treasured by women of all ages. This thoughtful, sophisticated, and uplifting collection captures the elegance of dark skin—joyfully showcasing that we truly are beautiful for who we are.



By: Dante Obligacion


“Honoring our Heroes Experience”

On Veterans Day, the Watering Seeds Charity organization will be sponsoring the 2nd Annual “Honoring Our Heroes Experience.” This prestigious event will once again honor the valor, courage, dedication and commitment of our Veterans and Disabled Vets. These hero’s allow us to live a life of pride, with freedom.

Tuesday November 11, 2014 from 4pm-9pm, promises to be an enormous moving experience, for citizens of all ages. It’s “Free” admission for the public, and donations ranging from a mere $10 and up, can be submitted at the venue. There will be a chance to win a Shelby Cobra Sports Car, along with live performances throughout the day and evening. This star studded event encompasses sports, entertainment, philanthropy and family fun. We implore all citizens to lend their support for the cause.

This event is being supported by: Domino’s Pizza, Coca Cola, Akyumen, The World Dance Awards, Sammy Maloof, Will Champlin (The Voice), Kim Beil (Jennifer’s mother), Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, Sam Sarpong, Shabba-Doo, Summer Helene (VP of California Pictures), EZway Broadcasting-powered by WTV Networks, ABC News, Power 106, to name a few, and of course the loyalty and generosity of the general public.

Every one of us knows or is related to a veteran, from one branch of the armed forces. As they assimilate themselves back into everyday society, we must remember they have experienced something most of us haven’t and never will. Their devotion, allegiance, bravery and conviction, makes our everyday lives easier.

That being said, as citizens of this great nation, we have an obligation to exhibit support, allegiance, loyalty and conscientiousness. For all of the tenacity and resolve these veterans have shown throughout the years, it is our pleasure to assist and support Veterans Charities!

There are events we all miss, with regularity. However, this “Honoring our Heroes Experience” should not be one of them. Therefore we implore all to come down to the Stubb Hubb Center and unite for a national cause, the Veterans of the United States of America! Bring the family, for this gala promises entertainment for every one of us. Go to:!




Where is your contribution going?

Contributions are going directly to the Carson Resource Center program for veterans VSSN will oversee the distribution of restricted funds to ensure fiduciary responsibility whereas 80% proceeds going towards veterans.

This event is Sponsored by Sports4Life, MS/LA, Domino’s Pizza and Coca-Cola, EZway together with a host of other “amazing co-sponsors” for Watering Seeds Organization Veteran’s Programs, City of Carson Veteran’s Resource Center and the Nov 11th Military and Veteran’s Celebration at the Stub


Hey everyone I just wanted to share today’s show with you. 11-06-2014 cause its going to be a lot of fun!

LISTEN LIVE 10:30 a.m.


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RMP PIZZA                               WATERING SEEDS 501c 3

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American Chinese Ceo Society China Mobile Technology Seminar

Hey guys, how have you been? Ok so……

about 2 or 3 months ago, I met the president of American Chinese CEO Society #ACCS Robert Sun. Via publicist Denise O’Brien.

They invited me to come do some interviews and meet some CEO’s that do business in China and the United States.

Here are some cool shots of their most recent seminar.



ACCS China Mobile Technology Seminar

I brought one of our clients to meet some of the CEO’s that work with ACCS.



President of China Mobile International (USA) Inc, Sean X. Y. Luo and Chairman & CEO of Akyumen Technologies Corp, Aasim Saied met each other to discuss the future of the wireless industry at the ACCS & China Mobile Technology Seminar.

Another successful venture… the #ezway


Many very prominent people spoke at this seminar and through ACCS many U.S. business people met with business people from China. The ambiance and the networking was amazing.

American Chinese CEO Society Learn More

I am going to close by saying #ezway is proud to be working with #ACCS.

Want to see some of my interviews with the Executives of Bank of America, China Mobile USA, Akyumen Technologies, and Los Angeles Chamber Of Commerce to name a few…

Pics flix and interviews! Visit our like page EZ WAY BROADCASTING on Facebook.

If you’re a US business looking to meet with Chinese business professionals post your comments on this post.

Stay tuned for my next post

Possibly on the

Womans Expo

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China Mobile

ACCS – China Mobile Leading Technology Seminar

Time: Friday, October 24, 2014 11:00-14:30

Location: AON Building, 707 Wilshire Blvd., Auditorium Room, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Today (Oct 24th), the Leading Technology Seminar was held by American Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) and China Mobile International USA (CMI USA), in Los Angeles downtown. This seminar targeted Chinese companies in the U.S., and American companies who are interested in Chinese market. It not only aimed to promote companies’ understanding of how technology boosts their business, but also provided a great opportunity to make new friends and business partners.

At the opening, ACCS President Mr. Robert Sun and CMI USA President Mr. Sean Luo gave welcome speeches to everyone. After that, Mr. Michael Yu, the Chief Representative from Shanghai Foreign Investment Board, introduced investment policies in Shanghai. The Marketing VP of Huawei USA, Mr. Jun Xu, presented its high-end technology. The Business Development Head of CMI USA, Ms. Diana Xu, introduced CMI’s international data services and the new mobile app – Jego.

Prof. Xing Pan, from UC Riverside Graduate School of Management, gave us a knowledgeable presentation titled “M-Business: Smart Business Innovation in the Interconnected Mobile Era”. He introduced the latest mobile applications in the daily life, and it broadened the attendees’ horizon. Also, CTO from Pomcor, Mr. Francisco Corella, presented the high-tech applications in business security. Through all the presentations, attendees learned how the leading mobile technology helps companies increase efficiency and cut costs by offering remote work and intelligent office management.

At the end, the lucky draw was launched. Ms. Serenity Jiang from Liuli Gong Fang won first prize, the latest Huawei cellphone. Mr. Alan Miller (from AFEX Inc.) and Mr. Francisco Corella (from Pomcor) won second prize, $100 South Coast Plaza Gift Card. There are around 100 people attending the seminar, and everyone has a great time.

Some VIPs in this seminar:

Mr. Robert Dudelson, President of Dream Factory Entertainment;

Ms. Kathy Guo, VP of Bank of America;

Mr. Stephen Laughlin, Information Technology Director of Television Art and Science Academy;

Mr. Jeffrey Yu, VP of HSBC Bank USA;

Mr. Li Zhou, President of TravelSky Technology USA Ltd.;

Mr. Nik Nasri, & Mr. Maizatul Hashim, Investment Consul & Consulate General of Malaysian Consulate General in L.A.

Mr. Zuley, Eric President of EZ WAY BROADCASTING powered by WTV NETWORKS



Breaking Tempo



BREAKING TEMPO is a 4 piece band that likes to stay ignorant to the commonality of genres. BUT, if they had to be labeled with anything, a good umbrella genre would be “Good Ol’ Alt”. Comprised of Robby Bruce (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Austin Anderson (Bass, Keys, vocals, tech), Justin Tinucci (lead guitar, vocals), and Austin Herzig (drums, drums, drums, vocals), Breaking Tempo is based out of Santa Clarita, CA. Breaking Tempo’s name derives from a simple miscommunication and a lack of resources. In the end, its very essence is about saying “Screw it, we’ll do it live!”. Their music can be compared to Fall Out Boy, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, and Blink 182, yet they strive to develop their own unique style which has already proven to be very successful in their original songs. While each band member maintains their own individual personality and tastes, they have very successfully merged their strengths to write and perform engaging music with intricate lyrics and melodies. This talented group of musicians has been performing to near capacity crowds in the Los Angeles market on a regular basis at popular venues such as The Vault, House of Blues, The Federal, Studio 118 West, The Troubadour, and many more. Breaking Tempo is quickly gaining popularity because of their rousing and vivacious stage shows. The band is keeping themselves busy by constantly creating new music, creating music videos, playing at a plethora of high schools, keeping their social media presence strong, and pushing the boundary with what they can and can’t do on and off stage. Breaking Tempo is a National Finalist in the Silver Jeans Company Battle of the Bands contest.  Their music video for their original song “Lion” has made it to the final round which is an audience participation round.   The video that gets the most fan votes will WIN the Silver Jeans Company Battle of the Bands.  How can you help this talented young band? You can vote every day between now and August 31st.  The winner of the contest receives a trip to New York City to record a demo with Fader Magazine, one pair of Silver Jeans per band member for 12 months, and 500 printed vinyls of their demo.

Please help support this talented young group!  All you have to do is click on the link —> <—- one time a day to VOTE for the band to win. The contest ends on August 31st. Each vote makes a huge difference and we want to keep that momentum going! So please remember to VOTE daily. To learn more about Breaking Tempo you can visit their website at and listen to their music

Robin Williams Dead (Possible Suicide) 63


Image Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams died this morning at 63. While his publicist wouldn’t confirm that his death was a suicide, a rep did issue this statement. “Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

Williams, who won an Oscar for his supporting role in Good Will Hunting, will reprise his role as Theodore Roosevelt in the third installment ofNight at the Museum this December. He had recently signed on to reprise his beloved role as Mrs. Doubtfire in a sequel to be directed by Chris Columbus, and was last seen opposite Annette Bening in the indie film The Face of Love. His sitcom The Crazy Ones premiered on CBS last fall, but was not picked up for a second season.

According to a press release issued by the Marin County Coronor’s office, the Sheriff’s office suspects the death to be “suicide due to asphyxia.” The 9-1-1 phone call came in just before noon today.

Update: Fox, which will release the third Night at the Museum film, has issued the following statement: “There really are no words to describe the loss of Robin Williams. He was immensely talented, a cherished member of our community, and part of the Fox family. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans. He will be deeply missed.”

Article courtesy of: