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I thought I would take the time to recognize all the good fathers

out there that sacrifice for their son or daughter. I know my dad

has sacrificed everything and cares about me more then himself

which I wish wasn’t the case. I want to put it out all over the WeB

that I love my dad more then words can describe. I will always

cherish what you have taught me.



Cedric Sanders Memorial day ABC’s Mind Games Celebration

Hey guys! Happy Memorial day. So what did you do on your Memorial day? What does Memorial day mean to you?

What did I do? Well My good friend actor Cedric Sanders, Dijon Talton invited me to their private mansion IMG_20130527_153024 ABC’s Mind Games Memorial day celebration. Why is it a celebration? Well Cedric just booked the co-starring role in the new TV series hitting ABC “Mind Games”. So Ced. decided to invite some of his closest friends to come celebrate with him. There were cutties in their baithing suits playing in the pool. There was a jacuzzi, food, drinks, a DJ and many actors and producers. Needless to say it was a fun Memorial day celebration. As you can see there was much beautiful scenery!  Here are a couple pictures of attendees.



Paulina House residentIMG_20130527_165809

Elisabeth GuestIMG_20130527_174723

Jennifer Hale Guest IMG_20130527_183520Ayanna Berkshire, Terry Dexter Guests, Talents

You might recognize Ayanna from Twilight?

Picture Gallery of the event.

Cedric Sanders ABC TV Series Mind Games Celebration on Memorial day

Episode 1

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Bikini Swim Club Memorial Day Pool Party TO SEXY TO HANDLE

Sooooo how did you spend your memorial day? Familiy, friends, bbq? I did all of the above. Bikini Pool Party with my dad! To much fun today! I finally got some sun! Props to my boy Arnold Turner for the invite!!! I counted at least 30 hot sexy girls in bikini’s! People popping champagne. Check out the pics and video’s I even had a really sexy mini mouse hitting on me on my show!!! What more could you ask for!!!


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Watch the video

Jade Thom’s Birthday was a Blast!!! Hosted by Eric Zuley

Celebrity News:

Jade Thom

Last night, We all celebrated the heart and spirit of Jade Thom at Club Haute in West Hollywood.   Jade is on staff with Eric at GME Experts and WTV, and her birthday was a true celebration of her life.   The club was packed when EZ made his entrance into the club with Melanie Marden (Actress Model) Founder of High Maintenance Massage the Paparazzi were clammering to get a interview, and then he had to wade through the crowd to greet the birthday girl impeccably dressed in a Marilyn Monroe inspired black dress with her exceptionally long raven hair.   It was good to see just how much Eric’s staff really means to him, and it was obvious they are more than staff but family.  One

Melissa, Jade, Gabriella

man can only do so much without the support of his staffers.  This was paramount this evening, as we watched Eric and staff partying the night away.

Jade Thom is a up and coming singer, who has recorded her first song.  She works as a groomer during the day and has a heart for animals.  She obviously loves to dance after watching her dance all night.  This was a wonderful birthday in honor a lovely women.   We look forward to working with for a long time.

This was also the first night shooting Eric Zuley’s new reality show pilot produced by Jake White & Eric Zuley. would also like to thank Red Carpet Events (Javier) For Providing the wonderful accommodations and door entrance

Industry Professionals we had in the house included: Tammie Star, Jared Safier, Angelique Bates, Tatiana Davidov, Jake White, Destenee Mckenzie, Ariel Teal Toombs, Mark Davis (Continuum Pictures) DJ Felli Fell (Power 106) J Roc, Models and more…

See photos Covered by Compliments of Tatiana Davidov

Jade Thom Birthday Bash

See Video’s from night

This night was also covered by Christina Silva Celebrity correspondent for Bee Safe TV & WTV

More videos coming soon.

This post brought to you by: Maria T Zumba & Red Carpet Events