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Jimmy Fallon & Mark Wahlberg SLAP EACH OTHER Mark Disses Ben Affleck

Hey guys this is hilarious I just had to share it with my fans! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER IF YOUR NOT ALREADY @ERICZULEYHit me! Much to his own detriment, Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new game on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, Dec. 10. The host and his guest Mark Wahlberg tried their hand (see what we did there?) at “Slapjack” — a new version of blackjack in which the loser gets hit in the face by a giant prosthetic hand, courtesy of the winner.

PHOTOS: Celebs and their stunt doubles

“You should have told me! I would have brought my giant prosthetic penis from Boogie Nights,” Wahlberg, 43, joked.

The Gambler star started off the game, taking jabs at Fallon and others throughout. When the host questioned Wahlberg’s lead, he teased, “I’m not Ben Affleck, I’m not counting cards!”

Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon played

Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon played “Slapjack” on The Tonight Show on Dec. 10.
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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Jaira Valenti Spotted in Beverly Hills

Check out this actress Jaira Valenti from the Hangover movie I was searching beautiful actresses in Beverly Hills and this story from Entertainment Magazine came up. She has a IMDB star meter of under 3000 so she must be doing something right! Click the link to see more on her credtis.



Friday, March 29, 2013 – 5:15pm – Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – 11:00pm

WE SPOTTED Jaira Valenti , known for her role in The Hangover, going into Tutu Kids in Beverly Hills today. We asked her what she was going to buy, and she told us she was getting a pair of Swock- (something) ar- (something) ski Crystal Converse for her daughter. Very nice too.Our trendy editor told us Jaira must have said a pair of Swarovski Crystal Converse. They are, apparently, very, very exclusive. Just as exclusive, in fact, as the tattoo on Stu’s face in The Hangover, which he got on ‘that’ night out. (By the way, are we the only ones who didn’t think those drunk guys were really that funny?)TIDBIT – Apparently, the artist who gave Tyson his ‘exclusive’ face tattoo is suing the producers of The Hangover for copyright infringement. If successful, this will not only include a whopping pay-out, but also stop any further distribution of the movie. If

She was also recently seen at the ASYM 20th annual kick off supporting young musicians

American Society of Young Musicians Kick-Off at Chakra in Beverly Hills on April 24, 2013

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Justin Bieber part of Will Smith’s family?

The behind-the-scenes power struggle that

turned Justin Bieber’s UK tour into a fiasco

By Caroline Graham and Lara Gould

Teen pop idol Justin Bieber turned to Hollywood megastar Will Smith for support and advice amid the chaos surrounding his UK tour last week, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The Men in Black actor – himself a former child star – became a mentor and ‘father figure’ to the singer as what should have been a triumphant tour was rocked by a string of public relations disasters.

Smith was in London chaperoning his own 14-year-old son Jaden – one of three support acts on Bieber’s sell-out ‘Believe’ tour.

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Chest pains: The picture Justin Bieber tweeted from hospital on Thursday night Chest pains: The picture Justin Bieber tweeted from hospital on Thursday night

And according to one member of the Bieber entourage, the 44-year-old Hollywood A-lister was on hand around the clock to offer advice and guidance to the 19-year-old in the absence of his own parents.

Bieber’s visit to the UK has been mired in controversy. The Canadian turned up two hours late for his show on Monday; was hospitalised with chest pains on Thursday; and was involved in an ugly altercation with a photographer on Friday.

As his mother Pattie Mallette now prepares to fly in to support her son, The Mail on Sunday can reveal the behind-the-scenes power struggle that emerged as Bieber, who found fame aged 13 and is followed by more than 35 million ‘Beliebers’, pulls away from his bubblegum ‘tween’ image.

While Smith is a fatherly influence, it seems Bieber is increasingly under the sway of new Hollywood companions, led by little-known rappers Lil Twist and Lil Za.

Angie Simpson, mother of 16-year-old Australian singer Cody Simpson, another of the support acts, said: ‘Will has been helping Justin out a lot, mentoring him and offering him guidance.

Support act: Will Smith became a mentor and father figure to the singer in absence of his own parents Support act: Will Smith became a mentor and father figure to the singer in absence of his own parents

‘He’s someone who is used to this level of scrutiny and it has helped having him around.

‘Justin is an adult and has a very strong, loyal and professional team around him, but it is hard for anyone to come under such pressure.’

The emerging pull of Bieber's new circle of friends in the wake of the star's split from girlfriend Selena Gomez in November is raising questions The emerging pull of Bieber’s new circle of friends in the wake of the star’s split from girlfriend Selena Gomez in November is raising questions

On Friday night, Bieber was back on stage for the last of his four London tour dates at the O2 Arena, arriving on stage 20 minutes late and opening the 90-minute show performing Never Say Never, a duet with Jaden Smith.

After the show, he returned to his Mayfair hotel at 1.30am surrounded by an entourage and was whisked straight up to his £9,000-a-night penthouse suite.

Minutes later he posted a series of Twitter messages which hinted at the strain of the past week.

He wrote: ‘Still a little short of breath tonight but was an incredible show. London fans go hard.’

In place of his parents, the singer has been accompanied in the UK by Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun, the 31-year-old talent manager who discovered his protege on YouTube and turned him into a global ‘tween’ brand worth more than £70million.

But a lack of parental guidance, combined with the emerging pull of his worrying new circle of friends in the wake of the star’s split from girlfriend Selena Gomez in November, is now raising serious questions about Bieber’s increasingly erratic behaviour and state of mind.

Lil Twist – also known as Christopher Lynn Moore, a 20-year-old from Chicago – and Lil Za – real name Xavier Smith, also 20 – are regulars on the LA party scene and are thought to be exerting an increasing influence on Bieber.

In January both were believed to be present when Justin, whose hits include Baby and One Less Lonely Girl, was photographed with a cannabis joint in a party at a California hotel room.

The incident came a day after Lil Twist was pulled over by police as he drove Bieber’s £120,000 458 Italia Ferrari and a photographer was killed as he ran across the road to take a picture.

Last night one Hollywood associate described the effect of the friendships on the chart-topping singer: ‘You have to look at the people he is hanging out with.

‘They are very distinct from the group of professionals around him, like his manager, who do a terrific job guiding his career and caring for him. Justin’s issues really started when he started hanging out with this undesirable crowd.’

As well as the new friends, many believe it was the end of Bieber’s two-year romance with Disney actress Selena, 21, who dumped him last November, that led to him embracing a more chaotic  lifestyle.

A friend of Selena’s said: ‘Selena was a calming influence on Justin. She is two years older than him and he listened to and respected her.

‘Everyone is hoping this recent behaviour is just growing pains and not the start of a more serious  problem. Only time will tell.’

Pressure: Bieber is increasingly under the sway of new Hollywood companions led by little known rappers Lil Twist (right) and Lil Za Pressure: Bieber is increasingly under the sway of new Hollywood companions led by little known rappers Lil Twist (right) and Lil Za

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