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Teens On Air Hottest new radio show for Teens

This Friday May 2nd 2014

For the first time in radio history, teens now have their own station! Teens On Air is a weekly radio talk show which broadcasts live from Hollywood on Friday evenings at 6pm on EZ Way Broadcasting. The celebrity host is none other than teen sensation Zach Callison from Cartoon Network.


Zach gives teens a first hand perspective on some of the challenges he faces as a working actor. At any given time, you never know what teen celeb guest or co hosts of Zach’s will show up to chat with fans. Also, the newest upcoming and never before heard music in teen world gets served first hand from Zach’s iPod! The Zpod! As well as some rocked out charities that Zach has chosen to spotlight. News, teen tips, and more! Find the Lowdown in H-Town only with Teens On Air


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So make sure after you watch my TV show on then listen to this show on


THE EZ SHOW Episode 7 Season 3 IS HERE! Oscar party Highlights Feat. Reatha Grey & Cedric Sanders

The EZ Show with Actors Cedric Sanders star of ABC, Mind Games and Reatha Grey star of Betty Whites Off Their Rockers on Lifetime.

Posted March 7, 2014 by  & filed under Eric ZuleyThe EZ Show.

Host: Eric “EZ” Zuley

Guest: Cedric Sanders, Reatha Grey



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The EZ Show with Actors Cedric Sanders and Reatha Grey

The EZ Show with Actors Cedric Sanders and Reatha Grey



Riveting, Remarkable, Refined, Refreshingly captivating are all words we can use to describe Cedric M. Sanders. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, raised along with two brothers and one sister, Sanders says ´ I was going to be a singer; I was going to be like Usher or somebody.” until his high school drama teacher heard him sing the national anthem at a school pep rally and offered him the lead role in the school musical. With his new found love, Sanders had the confidence and talent it took to earn a full scholarship to The University of Alaska Fairbanks Summer Fine Arts Camp which helped him decide to pursue acting as a career and a star was born.

Equipped with dashing good looks and armed with an intelligence befitting of his stellar upbringing, Cedric graduated from Howard University with a BFA. The talented young Sanders got his first break in the Sundance Film Festival hit ‘The Ten” starring Jessica Alba and Paul Rudd. His next roles came quickly afterwards when he landed a supporting role in “American Gangster” opposite Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington. At this time Sanders decided to move to Hollywood for better opportunities in film and television.

A flurry of films rapidly ensued; including a lead role in the inspired by a true story portrayal of Richard Kelly in “The Least Among You” which also stared Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. Sanders received the Best Actor Award at the San Diego Film Festival for that performance. A supporting role in David Fincher’s critically acclaimed Oscar nominated film ‘The Social Network” led to the Indie car racer drama “Rocksteady” and “All Things Fall Apart” the compelling drama starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

On the small screen Cedric has lent his talent to multiple hit television shows like Law&Order, Law&Order: SVU with Emmy nominated actor Andre Braugher, “Life Support” with Queen Latifah and many more. No stranger to the stage, Sanders also won the NAACP Best Actor Award for his performance in the Play production “A Matter Of Honor”. This year Cedric continued his penchant for the stage in the Broadway historical musical “The Scottsboro Boys” at the prestigious Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Currently you can catch Anchorage Alaska’s favorite offspring Cedric Sanders in his series regular role of ‘Latrell’ on the new ABC drama “Mind Games” opposite Christian Slater and Steve Zahn.



The EZ Show with Actors Cedric Sanders and Reatha Grey

The EZ Show with Actors Cedric Sanders and Reatha Grey

Reatha Grey, one of the hip, sexy, ready to party senior pranksters starring on the NBC hit series Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father was a dentist and her mother worked as a social worker and elementary school teacher. Grey enjoyed a comfortable middle-class childhood graduating from Los Angeles High School. She went on to graduate from Los Angeles City College, majoring in Theater Arts.

After touring East Asia with the USO in 1974, Grey began her professional show business career appearing in television series and movies such as Three’s Company, General Hospital, and Angel Dusted. She also starred in the black exploitation cult classic Soul Vengeance. Dozens of rolls on television, screen, and stage later, Grey owned and operated the Grey Images Extra Casting Company for almost a decade in the 1980?s, supplying background talent for television and films including Baby Boom and The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Grey retired from show business in 1991 and went on to serve as a chaplain at the Los Angeles Mission for 8 years. She has also traveled as a missionary to Nicaragua, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and the Bahamas.

Returning to acting in 2007, Grey can be seen starring in the 2011 film Walk by Faith II: After the Honeymoon, available on DVD, the television pilot My Life in Punchlines, and co-starring on the cable series The Protector and The Newsroom. She has also been spotted doing stand-up at comedy clubs around Los Angeles.

Cedric Sanders Website

Reatha Grey Website

The WTV Networks / Eric “EZ” Zuley

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Sexy covermodel Jennifer Irene Gonzalez & the Hollywood It Guy Eric Zuley

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez international covermodel hangs with EZ at the Kaleidoscope in Orange County California to prep for a new show coming to EZ Way Broadcasting in April.







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Make sure to catch her this Fri on EZ TALK!


The Night before the Oscars The Envelope please MMPA Beverly Hills

02-23-2013 I went to H.O.M.E a Jazz Lounge in Beverly hills Ca, attendees I can recall where Roger Lim, Mellina Gay, Destenee Mckenzie, Najee Detiege, Jarvee Hutcherson, Shelley Regner many models and producers. I walked the carpet and met Roger Lim from Rush Hour 2 with Chris Rock and Jackie Chan.

Photo below has a actor from The Dark Knight Rises.


Also met and had a great conversation with Shelley Regner who was in Pitch Perfect a Universal film.


plus ran into many of my fans and supporters!

Here are some pics






Also met Mellina Gay from Young & The Restless


Once again we did it “The EZ Way”
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Sam Beard to receive 2013 EZ Achievement award from Eric Zuley

Because of Presidents Day I thought i’d post this.
A big thanks to my client Rick Rozman for introducing me to Sam Beard. Also big thanks to the Multicultural Motion Picture Association for naming this award after me Eric Zuley Sam beard is the next up after Larry Namer


About Sam Beard

Sam Beard

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan met in the White House before flying to honor Egyptian President Anwar Al Sadat. 1981 In recognition of NDC’s four presidential programs, the four presidents signed this picture and sent it to Sam Beard.
Sam Beard has dedicated his working life to public service. Mr. Beard has had the privilege of initiating and then chairing programs for each of the last seven Presidents of the United States: Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

National Development Council – $100 Billion of Financing – Over 1 Million Jobs Created
In 1969, Mr. Beard founded and remains Chairman of the National Development Council (NDC), a national non-profit organization dedicated to redeveloping urban and rural low-income communities. NDC has initiated and run four Presidential job creation programs for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan, and has been responsible for over $100 billion of revitalization financing, creating over 1 million jobs. NDC trains over 3,000 economic development professionals annually. There are six major federal economic development tools in the United States, and NDC has pioneered and helped to create two of them.

The Jefferson Awards honor Hank Aaron, Colin Powell and Jody Powell in U.S. Supreme Court. 1990
The Jefferson Awards for Public Service – A Call to Action for Volunteering
In 1972, along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., Mr. Beard co-founded the Jefferson Awards for Public Service to create a Nobel Prize for public service. The Jefferson Awards recognize both ordinary people who do extraordinary things and individuals whose public service has had a broad national impact. National winners have included four Justices of the Supreme Court, including Sandra Day O’Connor and Thurgood Marshall; seven Secretaries of State, including Colin Powell and Cyrus Vance; as well as Alan Greenspan, Bob Hope, Lance Armstrong and Stephen Jobs. Over 155 newspapers, television and radio stations herald local “Unsung Heroes” the nation’s largest media partnership fostering volunteerism. The estimated value of the print and air space exceeds $100 million.
Beginning in 2006, the Jefferson Awards is refocusing its programming to create a “Call to Action” for volunteering and community building at a grassroots level. Leaders at the Carnegie Endowment and the Kennedy School at Harvard are concerned that fewer individuals are joining organizations and volunteering. They see this as a threat to the basic tenet of our democracy. Each individual can make a difference and should participate in civic engagement.
With Deloitte & Touche, the Jefferson Awards is piloting a new initiative in high schools to double volunteer service, train student leaders and include ethical decision making.

At the Presidents’ Service Summit in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Clinton and Carter, along with Mrs. Reagan, endorsed the Jefferson Awards initiated Presidents’ Student Service Awards and set the goal of involving 1 million students in service. 1997
President’s Youth Service Awards
In 1992, working with President George Bush, Mr. Beard was a driving force creating the President’s Youth Service Awards to attract thousands of young Americans into service. In 1997, at the urging of Mr. Beard, at the Presidents’ Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton and Ford, along with Mrs. Reagan and Colin Powell, adopted these awards and set the national goal of attracting two million young Americans to do 100 hours of service. With the recommendations of Mr. Beard, in January 2003 President George W. Bush held the first major presidential press conference highlighting these youth service awards, and created the Presidential Service Awards.

President George W. Bush appoints Sam Beard to be a member of the President’s Social Security Reform Commission. 2001
Economic Security – Save Social Security. Add Individual Savings Accounts
Beginning in 1992, Mr. Beard began work to save and reform America’s Social Security system. Mr. Beard believes that Social Security reform must save our retirement safety net and, at the same time, create savings and wealth for all Americans. He wrote a book, Restoring Hope In America – The Social Security Solution (ICS Press 1995). In 1994, Mr. Beard founded and became President of Economic Security, with leadership from U.S. Senators Alan Simpson, Rick Santorum, Bob Kerrey and Pat Moynihan. To seek these reforms, Mr. Beard worked with the Clinton Administration 1997 – 2000. In 2001, Mr. Beard was appointed to serve on President George W. Bush’s Social Security Commission.

Sam Beard launched GIFT at an international conference in Bali in 2006. Bishop Desmond Tutu and Walter Cronkite were Co-Chairs.
The Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow (GIFT) – Double Charity Around the World Using the Power of Compound Interest
In 2006, Mr. Beard founded the non-profit, GIFT, the Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow. The goal of GIFT is to encourage individuals, non-profits, and corporations to use the power of compound interest to double charity around the world. The founding idea goes back to 1802 and is Ben Franklin’s. In his will, America’s Franklin left 1000 pounds each to Philadelphia and Boston and required that the money be invested untouched for 100 years. Because of the power of compound interest, hundreds of projects were funded. GIFT is using this precedent of long-term investment to double charity worldwide.
GIFT was launched in May 2006 Bali at an international conference co-chaired by Walter Cronkite and Bishop Desmond Tutu. 600 opinion makers from over 40 nations attended.

Sam with his wife Joan and children, Alex and Hillary. Photo used to launch unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate. 1987
Mr. Beard is a graduate of Yale University and earned a M.A. in history from Columbia University. He is married, the father of three children and resides in Washington.

Eric Zuley interviews on WTV The EZ Way

Hey guys thought I would share with you some of my latest interviews  

IM5 Band Radio interview

Listen to internet radio with EZWAYBROADCASTING on Blog Talk Radio

IM5 Band on EZ TALK by EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st Live!



Don’t miss IM5 Band on EZ Talk on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st. Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley will be talking to them about there new music video “Can’t Stay Away” with Bella Thorne from the hit TV Series on Disney Channel Shake it up. There struggles and advice to their fans.

Interview to be held live 2pm pst on EZ TALK Show hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ ZuleyFollow @EZWAYBROADCAST for more info