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Hot new music to check out!

breaking tempo brick wall breaking tempo railroad kara

Breaking Tempo Band Bio

Writing and creating upbeat and crowd pleasing music comes naturally to Breaking Tempo-

a 3 piece alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Robby Bruce (lead vocals and

bass), Austin Anderson (drums and backup vocals) and Justin Tinucci (lead guitar and

bass) are no strangers to the entertainment world. Each member of this band has been

playing multiple instruments for many years, and their strong chemistry really shows in their

high energy performances.

Breaking Tempo is quickly gaining popularity. The talented trio is currently writing and

recording new songs as they work on releasing their first EP this fall. Their music can be

compared to Fall Out Boy, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, and

Blink 182, yet they strive to develop their own unique style which has already proven to

be very successful in their original songs. While each band member maintains their own

individual personality and tastes, they have very successfully merged their strengths to write

and perform engaging rock music with intricate lyrics and melody. This talented group of

musicians has been performing to near capacity crowds in the Los Angeles market on a

regular basis at popular venues such as The Vault, House of Blues, The Federal, Studio

118 West and many more.

Sunday they perform at



image001 (1)




Eric Zuley ( CEO/Founder EZ WAY TV & WTV Networks)  and Larry Witherspoon (Co-founder-Roscoe Media Center) announced their  joint partnership at the official launch party for this broadcasting powerhouse  on Sunday, September 29th at the Roscoe Media Center in Los Angeles.

The night began with a star studded 30 foot red carpet ran by celebrity publicist, Tonya Carmouche. Guests were photographed and interviewed by L.A.’s hottest media outlets such as Wire Image, WENN, AP, L.A. Live Show(Comcast), Actors Reporter, The 5 Magazine and TMZ.  Although excited to have pictures taken and share how proud and excited they are for this spectacular partnership, guests were anxious to go inside the Brownstone Bistro where some mingled with other successful industry individuals and others were escorted to a table where they dined on delicious food prepared by the bistro.

The atmosphere was filled with the beautiful scent of vanilla candles supplied by 3-8-1 Candles and uplifting background music performed live by the “ Saint Tone” Band.

As the anticipation for the man of the hour, Eric “EZ” Zuley grew with excitement, guests were also treated with additional live performances provided by teen sensation girl singing group Gifted Nations, Ashlee Williss (star of The Bachelor) , Ryan Fitzgerald, and an impromptu act by Eric, Natasha Lloyd, and TKO.

Arriving with his beautiful EZ WAY Angels, Eric, the  CEO/Founder of EZ WAY TV,  stepped out of his chauffer driven limo( provided by Wings Limousine Service)  wearing his signature black fedora and celebrity signature line “Future Stars” by Supermodel/Actor/Host/Artist Sam Sarpong he stepped into a sea of flashing lights and microphones held by eager reporters seeking to get an exclusive interview about is monumental event.

The guest which included Larry Witherspoon, Najee Detiege, EZ WAY TV Hosts-Moe Ager and Shane Sparks, Reatha Grey, Millena Gay, Melvin Jackson Jr., Ochoa Boyz, Alazae, Jimmy Deshler, Saint Tone Band, Gifted Nations, Jarvee Hutchinson, Telma Hopkins, Janie Boisclair, Param and Jasleen Singh, Slade Smith aka DJ Young, Shaka Smith, Brian Hooks, Melted Vinyl, The Dahlz, Sam Sarpong, Kate Linder, Chillie Mo, Taylor Swift support band Trailer park Rebels, and a host of others were all beaming with pride for this amazing venture.

The room was full of stunning women; over 35 ICandy models, Pitbull Energy Drink models, EZ Way Angels models, and the L.A. Live models all there to support the launch. Reatha Grey from Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers” and Janie Boisclair” singer with the Saint Tone Band and Humanitarian Radio Host also served as EZ Way’s “Elder Angels”  both wearing their EZ Way model bling tops. Although meant to be funny, they actually made a point stating beauty has no age barriers.

Known for being the “Hollywood It Guy”,  Eric displayed his versatile humanitarian characteristics when he removed himself from the spotlight and shared unselfishly with Shellie Hunt, this year’s EZ WAY Achievement award recipient. The award was created by Jarvee Hutcherson president of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association & founder of the American Society of Young Musicians. The first award last year was given to Larry Namer (co-founder of E Entertainment TV) on behalf of Eric Zuley, it was presented by new partner of EZ WAY Larry Witherspoon owner of Roscoes TV. The EZ Way award has been endorsed by both the city and county of Los Angeles. Each year Eric acknowledges individuals that have made a worldwide difference in their communities with this honorable award.


“This night is surreal. I am overwhelmed with joy seeing all of the many Academy Award winning directors, Emmy nominated producers, actors, actresses, models, musicians,  family and friends here to celebrate the hard work I will continue doing. I am grateful to each and everyone here for your support.” Eric Zuley

Guest received gift bags that included Havana watches, Fantasia hookas provided by Vapeflow, Skin care and bikini’s designed by Bella Boo, Artistic Journey fortune cookies filled with EZ Way fortunes, $150 gift certificates for a mani/pedi provided by Gloria “The Footnanny”- Oprah Winfrey’s personal nail technician, EZ Way magazine, KD Luxe jewelry,  Derrich J  signature jewelry and several other desirable goodies. Each guest also received a  bottle of  Alaska Crystal Glacier Water that lit up with gorgeous blue lights. The ambience was absolutely spectacular. Desserts were provided by Sugar N Spyked catering. Anyone who wished to indulge enjoyed cupcakes with EZ microphones on each, absolutely adorable.

At 10p.m. guest gathered in the RMC Studio to partake in a live taping of the EZ TALK LIVE. The show which already has millions of viewers can be found on (an official channel of RMC.)

Staying true to being a host EZ kept the room laughing with his witty comments and high energy. Guest on the show were Millena Gay, Reatha Grey, Shellie Hunt, Charles Watkins, Brian Hooks, Jennifer Irene, Natasha Lloyd, TKO and the VP of EZ Way Promotions, Mike Precise. The show included an open MIC free style contest where Mike Precise wowed the crowd with his effortless, rhythmic flow. Also showing melodic skills EZ Way Angel-Natasha Lloyd, Maxim 100 model-Jennifer Irene and, artist TKO took to the microphone and had the room partying. Not to be outdone, EZ ended the show displaying his talent to freestyle like a veteran rapper along to  “Burning Sun”  a  Saint Tone original.

The night was nothing short of phenomenal!! This is an endeavor that will definitely change the media world as we know it!

Sponsored by:

Havana Watches

WPS Events

Crystal Glacier Water

Roscoes Media Center

Pitbull Energy Drink

Billionaire Alki David Launches TV -The First 24×7 Live Interactive Reality TV Channel

Check this out!

Billionaire Alki David Launches TV -The First 24×7 Live Interactive Reality TV Channel

’15 minutes of fame’ slashed to 15 seconds on

Alki David, CEO of (PRNewsFoto/ Inc.) Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/ Inc.) Logo. (PRNewsFoto/ Inc.)

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Inc. today announces the public launch of its live interactive reality television channel and community, (, following the successful launch of, ( the first online HD internet based television provider in the U.S. is the brainchild of billionaire, Alki David, who has recently deployed the company’s business operations from London to Los Angeles.





The ground-breaking television community will offer users an unprecedented entertainment experience with 24/7 real-time interactive access to the lives of anyone inside this exclusive group. is considered the community channel or social network of where any internet user can broadcast live from any webcam to an audience of thousands. Audiences get to vote on whether they keep that person on or not by voting “I like it!” or “Poop.” Returning guest appearances include personalities such as Wesley Snipes, Billy Zane, Barry Bonds, Gary Busey and Ron Jeremy to name a few.

“In the sixties Andy Warhol famously predicted that in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. Andy Warholwas wrong and too generous with his time. The truth is that in 2010 you’re lucky if you get 15 seconds,” said David. ” is the first live 24×7 interactive reality TV community channel and offers the potential for stardom to anyone with a webcam.”

” provides a platform for any attention seeker to achieve international stardom, now, everyone can be world-famous for 15 seconds from the comfort of their home computer,” noted David.

To date, contestants have used their 15 seconds of fame to broadcast a range of activities from the banal to the bizarre, ranging from musical talent quests, to stand up comedy routines to tattooing the name of on various body parts for money. also features pranks, stunts and challenges issued by David. In July 2010, David offered a $1 Million reward to anyone willing and able to streak in front of President Barack Obama with “” emblazoned on their chest, a challenge that no fame seeker has yet taken up.

Any visitor can broadcast their own show to an audience of thousands of people, similar to the formats of pop-culture competition shows like “American Idol” or “X – Factor.” is a talent contest where the length of the individual’s broadcast is determined by the votes of the audience. The best broadcasters develop cult fan followings and in those circles are deemed legendary for their particular brand of entertainment, whether they are a musician, break dancer or stunt actor. They have the opportunity to earn redeemable rewards points for their efforts from anywhere in the world. Unsuccessful broadcasters are discarded after their 15 seconds expires.

The TV channel is currently broadcast through the HDi Internet TV Player and through the website. Inc. expects to soon announce its distributors in key foreign territories for free to air and pay television distribution in those countries. broadcasters can expect to be seen around the world on television and via the web through’s global network. TV has developed a strong following flowing from the broadcasts of its co-founders, Alki David and Jennifer Stano since its beta launch in early 2010. David and Stano were recently featured in an episode of E!’s new hit show, “Spin Crowd.” produced by Kim Kardashian, and has a significant following on various digital media platforms. Broadcasts on the site have also included behind-the-scenes coverage of Mr. David’s ventures in television and film production.

“ represents the democratization of celebrity through the evolution of reality television. Anyone can broadcast through and if the audience finds them entertaining then they can keep broadcasting at the discretion of the audience. This is really the ultimate live reality TV platform, extending from the web to broadcast television and to mobile devices including Android and iPhone, in real HD quality,” said Alex Hartman, executive vice president of Inc. TV is the live video community channel powered by the virtual cable television service offers U.S. consumers a revolutionary way to watch HD Television on the PC or mobile device. The Los Angeles-based service includes over 30 premium free to air television channels and premium international Satellite channels, including CBS, ABC, NBC, KCAL, FOX, KTLA, Russia Today, BBC News, RAI Sports, Dubai Sports, TVE Spain, SCUZZ , FLAUNT and many more.  Packages also include premium FilmOn movie channels and FilmOn pay-per-view.

Consumers in the U.S. can go to to download the free HDi player and watch a large selection of premium television channels from their PC or mobile phone for a subscription fee of $4.95 per month. No hardware is needed and there are no contract requirements for users.

About powered by is the live TV community powered by FilmOn is an internet cable television service that offers a selection of live cable television channels, movies, and more at and other destination sites online, including and FilmOn’s selection of premium programming is provided by leading content companies. Inc. was founded in March 2009 by Plc, a Berlin-listed public company (2F0A-BER) and is operated independently by a dedicated U.S. management team with offices in Los Angeles and London.

About Alki David

Having starred in several films and television series, such as THE BANK JOB and THE GRID, Alki David is also listed as the 45th richest man in the United Kingdom by Times Magazine’s “Rich List.” He is a serial internet entrepreneur and shipping magnate. Most recently, David received national attention when he publicly offered a prize of $ 1 million dollars to anyone who streaks naked before President Obama, as a promotion for FilmOn’s social networking site

PR Contact:

Jason Magner

Rogers & Cowan





Bishop Don Juan 1 year anniversary Roscoe Media Center Radio Show

Bishop Don Juan celebrates his 1 year radio anniversary held at RMC = Roscoe Media Center studios located off Pico in Los Angeles California near Wilshire Blvd. Bishop did his radio/live stream TV show from 10 pm -11:30 pm with guests Luenell, Debbie the Glass Lady, Rapper Fortey, Beautiful Models, Howe Twins, DJ Kraz_e co-host on the show also known from the show Flavor of love as Krazy event Chance from VH1’s Real Chance of love showed up. The EZ Show gives you the behind the scenes of how it all went down! The EZ Way.

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan is a former pimp, and current hip-hop personality and fashion designer with a net worth of $300 thousand. His net worth has been earned largely through his various endeavors within the entertainment industry, although he remains most famous for his former career as a pimp. That stage of Juan’s life began when he was only 16 years old, and having been raised on a diet of movies that convey a somewhat glamorous portrait of the pimp lifestyle. During this phase in the 1970s, he operated a record store that was actually just a front for his pimping activities. In 1985, Juan retired from pimping claiming divine intervention: “God don’t want me to do it no more.” Shortly after that, he was ordained as a minister with the Christian Ministers Congress Non-Denominational Council, Inc. He became a mainstream figure after meeting rapper Snoop Dogg backstage at a concert, after which he became friends with the rapper and was even hired as Snoop’s “spiritual adviser.” Since then, he has been featured in various live rap shows, music videos, TV programs, and films along with established rappers such as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Da Brat. His most recent public appearance was in the 2011 song “Talent Show” by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa.

TO SEE INTERVIEWS and sneak peaks of the show

The EZ show updated small

Third Annual Celebrity “One Child At A Time” Basketball Game Celebs vs AND 1

Hey guys, went to the Staples Center and watched the celebs whooppp on the And1 team! Naaa I’m kidding it was a pretty close game. Celebs won though! They had all the hottest And1 players there, from Hot sauce, the Helicopter and more to Sean McNabb and more of the cast of Sons of anarchy, Cameron Boyce from Disney’s Jessie, Joe Smith from the Lakers and performances by Kenton Duty from Disney’s Shake it up and the Ochoa Boyz from Pair of kings on Disney’s XD… I myself was kicking it behind the scenes with a lot of the celebs and half time performers as you can see! We did it The EZ Way for the foster kids!


Event presented by


More exclusive! pictures seen on my fans page! Eric Zuley Fans

This game was in support of “One Child At A Time” so support them pls!

For more information on the cause visit DCFS

More information on how to help and Episode of

this event coming soon!

Who is Michael Precise “Rawefeed Entertainment” ?

Who is Michael Precise you might ask?

Michael Precise is another radio host social media web marketing expert on The EZ Way team. Michael has been with KCLA 99.3 radio for about 2 years. He has over 10 different blog and podcast sites, to help promote and market people he wants to put on his show. His show is the Nice and precise show and word is the reality version might be on MTV. I met Mr. Precise about 3 years ago at ARN studios in Hollywood Ca, We ended up freestyle rapping together and that session I feel kinda brought us together in the beginning. Now today 3 years later Mike is making a lot of noise in the radio and social media world. He met Taylor Swift off twitter and started talking to her team, that turned into him being the owner of which is going to be Taylor swifts new radio station managed by Rawefeed Entertainment. Mike has a strong following on Facebook and twitter with a combined total of over 100,000 currently. Mike is a contributor to Viacom’s blog system which allows him to post people on MTV, VH1 and BET. This is only the beginning for Mr. Precise. He is also in the works of a project with Taylor Swift which is a collaboration song. This is just a small teaser of what is to come with the Rawefeed empire who supports The EZ Way empire. Mike will also be involved in our “All that talent tour The EZ Way first event set to be on Jan 4th 2014.

1368668016513Wait that’s not all! Michael also has a unique story to him. After all his accomplishments you won’t believe what he was going through while building this!? Michael Precise is legally blind. He suffers from a rare decease called “Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea of the eye. Cornea is the clear transparent part of the front of theeye. The clarity of the cornea allows light to pass into the eye. The cornea separates inside of the eye from the atmosphere. In the normal eye the cornea is spherical and converges the incoming light. this light than gets focused on the fovea on the retina to give us clear vision.The apex of the cornea is line with thefovea of the eye.The keratoconus eye is not healthy. In the keratoconus eye, the structure of the cornea is weak allowing for the forward bulging of the cornea.

keratoconus is the inability of the cornea to withstand the normal eye pressure due to decreased number of corneal lamellar leading to decreased tensile strength of the cornea. This affects the vision.


Bio: There’s a new sound creeping through the world wide entertainment industry. This is exactly what the music/entertainment industry has been searching for and hoping to find. Well the search is finally over! What was lost has been finally found, with all new music and a whole new set of broadcasts that have been rated R for Rawe. Mike Precise better known as Los Angeles very own “White Trash Heart Throb” has revolutionized the sound of radio with a sound that is enormous! People have been whispering and saying that the (radio) has never sounded or looked quite like this. Rawe Feed Entertainment presents all new shows, with all the trimmings, Mike Precises very own reality TV show “The Nice & Precise Show” as well as brand new broadcasts such as Swag Surf Radio, RaweFeed Uncensored and Rawe Talk Radio will have all who listen begging for more. Mike Precise has also been nominated for the popular EOTM Award for best new radio show of 2013. Don’t worry! All of the Spin Rich Record family will be making special appearances, as well as the popular CruzMatik team from Santa Cruz. Mike Precise has a whole new cast and co-host which is the popular Shylo Zion from KLAS Fm 89.7, Tru Rootz along side the crazy and magical “Wizard of the Valley” DTeck …..who brings that special sound and saying what is known as What the F%#k” Rawe Feed Entertainment and Mike Precise has a little bit of everything but lacks nothing…..If its not Rawe Feed Radio then whos feeding YOU? Keep your eyes on our movement and how we will be doing it The EZ Way real soon. The EZ Way movement was created by Eric Zuley founder of & Learn more by clicking on

Video interview with Michael Precise talking about his eye disease and accomplishments. How has he learned from his challenges?

Check out the new official blog coming soon.

ASYM 20th Annual Kickoff Benefit with Jillisa Lynn, Eric Zuley, Maurice Ager, Jaira Valenti, Jay Hutcherson

04/24/2013 The American Society of young musicians had their 20th annual benefit kickoff supporting the young ones.


You know the Hollywood it guy had to support being that I love supporting good causes and I am on the board of this wonderful organization. I brought some friends out with me. Producer Jane Boisclair, Song writer Saint Tone, Model actress Jaira Valenti, Manager Ryan Torres, 14 year Obama awarded Shanaya Fastje, former NBA star and now music artist/producer Moe Ager and last but not least my new host on a show I am producing the gorgeous Jillisa Lynn. Watch my episode of The EZ Show.

Other press coverage Photo’s by David Levin


Hang with EZ Episode

This event brought to you buy the Kufflings company

Who should be Mayor of Los angeles? Eric Garcetti or Wendy Greuel

Hey guys! I would like to know who you think should be Mayor of Los Angeles?

My opinion is the following. I feel because Garcetti wants to bring back more jobs in Hollywood productions etc.. I would say Eric Garcetti would be best pick. Wendy is gonna crowd Los Angeles even more. Its already to crowded.

Wendy is a very nice lady it seems like I just don’t agree with what she wants to do. So if your doing it The EZ Way and wanna rock with the Hollywood It Guy Vote Garcetti


Eric Garcetti


Wendy Greuel

Please repost this and share. Thanks guys!

STEP WITH US FUNDRAISER with Rory Bruer, Rick Rozman, Ron Criminz, Nautica De La Cruz


RSVP to the email below.


For more info


Sam Beard to receive 2013 EZ Achievement award from Eric Zuley

Because of Presidents Day I thought i’d post this.
A big thanks to my client Rick Rozman for introducing me to Sam Beard. Also big thanks to the Multicultural Motion Picture Association for naming this award after me Eric Zuley Sam beard is the next up after Larry Namer


About Sam Beard

Sam Beard

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan met in the White House before flying to honor Egyptian President Anwar Al Sadat. 1981 In recognition of NDC’s four presidential programs, the four presidents signed this picture and sent it to Sam Beard.
Sam Beard has dedicated his working life to public service. Mr. Beard has had the privilege of initiating and then chairing programs for each of the last seven Presidents of the United States: Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

National Development Council – $100 Billion of Financing – Over 1 Million Jobs Created
In 1969, Mr. Beard founded and remains Chairman of the National Development Council (NDC), a national non-profit organization dedicated to redeveloping urban and rural low-income communities. NDC has initiated and run four Presidential job creation programs for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan, and has been responsible for over $100 billion of revitalization financing, creating over 1 million jobs. NDC trains over 3,000 economic development professionals annually. There are six major federal economic development tools in the United States, and NDC has pioneered and helped to create two of them.

The Jefferson Awards honor Hank Aaron, Colin Powell and Jody Powell in U.S. Supreme Court. 1990
The Jefferson Awards for Public Service – A Call to Action for Volunteering
In 1972, along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., Mr. Beard co-founded the Jefferson Awards for Public Service to create a Nobel Prize for public service. The Jefferson Awards recognize both ordinary people who do extraordinary things and individuals whose public service has had a broad national impact. National winners have included four Justices of the Supreme Court, including Sandra Day O’Connor and Thurgood Marshall; seven Secretaries of State, including Colin Powell and Cyrus Vance; as well as Alan Greenspan, Bob Hope, Lance Armstrong and Stephen Jobs. Over 155 newspapers, television and radio stations herald local “Unsung Heroes” the nation’s largest media partnership fostering volunteerism. The estimated value of the print and air space exceeds $100 million.
Beginning in 2006, the Jefferson Awards is refocusing its programming to create a “Call to Action” for volunteering and community building at a grassroots level. Leaders at the Carnegie Endowment and the Kennedy School at Harvard are concerned that fewer individuals are joining organizations and volunteering. They see this as a threat to the basic tenet of our democracy. Each individual can make a difference and should participate in civic engagement.
With Deloitte & Touche, the Jefferson Awards is piloting a new initiative in high schools to double volunteer service, train student leaders and include ethical decision making.

At the Presidents’ Service Summit in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Clinton and Carter, along with Mrs. Reagan, endorsed the Jefferson Awards initiated Presidents’ Student Service Awards and set the goal of involving 1 million students in service. 1997
President’s Youth Service Awards
In 1992, working with President George Bush, Mr. Beard was a driving force creating the President’s Youth Service Awards to attract thousands of young Americans into service. In 1997, at the urging of Mr. Beard, at the Presidents’ Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton and Ford, along with Mrs. Reagan and Colin Powell, adopted these awards and set the national goal of attracting two million young Americans to do 100 hours of service. With the recommendations of Mr. Beard, in January 2003 President George W. Bush held the first major presidential press conference highlighting these youth service awards, and created the Presidential Service Awards.

President George W. Bush appoints Sam Beard to be a member of the President’s Social Security Reform Commission. 2001
Economic Security – Save Social Security. Add Individual Savings Accounts
Beginning in 1992, Mr. Beard began work to save and reform America’s Social Security system. Mr. Beard believes that Social Security reform must save our retirement safety net and, at the same time, create savings and wealth for all Americans. He wrote a book, Restoring Hope In America – The Social Security Solution (ICS Press 1995). In 1994, Mr. Beard founded and became President of Economic Security, with leadership from U.S. Senators Alan Simpson, Rick Santorum, Bob Kerrey and Pat Moynihan. To seek these reforms, Mr. Beard worked with the Clinton Administration 1997 – 2000. In 2001, Mr. Beard was appointed to serve on President George W. Bush’s Social Security Commission.

Sam Beard launched GIFT at an international conference in Bali in 2006. Bishop Desmond Tutu and Walter Cronkite were Co-Chairs.
The Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow (GIFT) – Double Charity Around the World Using the Power of Compound Interest
In 2006, Mr. Beard founded the non-profit, GIFT, the Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow. The goal of GIFT is to encourage individuals, non-profits, and corporations to use the power of compound interest to double charity around the world. The founding idea goes back to 1802 and is Ben Franklin’s. In his will, America’s Franklin left 1000 pounds each to Philadelphia and Boston and required that the money be invested untouched for 100 years. Because of the power of compound interest, hundreds of projects were funded. GIFT is using this precedent of long-term investment to double charity worldwide.
GIFT was launched in May 2006 Bali at an international conference co-chaired by Walter Cronkite and Bishop Desmond Tutu. 600 opinion makers from over 40 nations attended.

Sam with his wife Joan and children, Alex and Hillary. Photo used to launch unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate. 1987
Mr. Beard is a graduate of Yale University and earned a M.A. in history from Columbia University. He is married, the father of three children and resides in Washington.

EZ Way Broadcasting launch celebration

Join us for The Launch of …

rsz_ez_concepts small


Saturday, January 19, 2013
Join EZ and all his hosts who will be celebrating the launch of their shows!
Shane Sparks will be broadcasting his show live on air.

Meet and Greet
Rick Rozman of The Rozman Experience (Sundays)
Moe Ager of Sports &Music with Moe Ager (Tuesdays)
Sarah Winchester of Sarah’s Secrets (Wednesdays)
Jackie Dollar of Jackie’s Vida Loca (Thursdays)
Eric “EZ” Zuley of EZ Talk (Fridays)
Shane Sparks of Planet Dance (Saturdays)
Shane Sparks
Emmy-Nominated Choreographer
Hosting his show Planet Dance live from the event at 2:00 p.m. PST
Suggested arrival time is 1:30 p.m. PST

Expected Celebrity Guests Include:
Sam Sarpong (Super Model), Vanessa Curry (Dancing with the Stars), Steven Skyler (Power Rangers),
Najee Detiege (Power Rangers), Hector David, Jr. (Power Rangers), Kya Jones (formerly of Pussycat Dolls),
Patricia Shipp (National Enquirer), The Page Twins (Spokesmodels),
Cassandra Ann (Actress/Model), Colleen Kennedy (Maxim Model) and many more….

Justin Bieber Paparazzo DEATH

Justin Bieber calls paparazzo death tragic, urges action


Justin Bieber attends the 3rd annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival at NYU Paulson Auditorium in New York April 27, 2012. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

By Jill Serjeant

LOS ANGELES | Wed Jan 2, 2013 2:20pm EST

(Reuters) – Pop star Justin Bieber on Wednesday called the death of a paparazzo, who was chasing his white Ferrari in Los Angeles, a tragic accident and said he hoped it would spur action to safeguard the lives of celebrities, police and photographers.

Police said the freelance photographer, whose name has not officially been released, was killed by another driver on Tuesday evening after he crossed a busy highway to snap pictures of the Ferrari that had been stopped by police for speeding.

Bieber, 18, was not in the sports car, which was reportedly being driven by a friend.

“While I was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim,” the “Boyfriend” singer said in statement.

Bieber, who is followed day and night by photographers, said he hoped the incident “will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves.”

Celebrity website said the photographer was following the Ferrari after seeing it pulling out of a Beverly Hills hotel on Tuesday evening, believing Bieber was inside the car.

Los Angeles police said the photographer was seen taking pictures of the traffic stop and was ordered by highway patrol officers to return to his car for safety reasons. He was struck by another motorist while trying to cross four lanes of traffic.

Bieber was stopped by police for speeding on a Los Angeles freeway last July, when the Canadian teen sensation told police he was being hounded by paparazzi.

But a Los Angeles judge in November threw out criminal charges against the photographer who was charged in that case under a new California law aimed at cracking down on aggressive photographers and celebrity media. Judge Thomas Robinson called the 2010 law “problematic” and “overly inclusive.”

The death on Tuesday brought calls from some other celebrities for a halt to the sometimes 24/7 tracking of their activities at work, home and leisure.

Singer Miley Cyrus, 20, a frequent paparazzi target, sent out a stream of Twitter messages, referencing the death of Britain’s Princess Diana in a 1997 car crash while being chased by paparazzi in Paris.

“Hope this paparazzi/JB accident brings on some changes in ’13 Paparazzi are dangerous! Wasn’t Princess Di enough of a wake up call?!” Cyrus tweeted.

“This was bound to happen! Your mom teaches u when your a child not to play in the street! The chaos that comes with the paparazzi acting like fools makes it impossible for anyone to make safe choices,” Cyrus added.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant and Colleen Jenkins; Editing by Sandra Maler)

Credit: Reuters

Screamfamous Clothing New Celebrity Hot Spot London Fashion in Hollywood!

What is the newest, hottest store? To shop at, with the new London Feel?


ScreamFamous Clothing is the new famous hot spot to shop at! If you remember my last blog post on Rock Stars & Angels I said they were going to be like the next ED HARDY! what happened? A ton a celebrities started hitting their store! They are located off Melrose Ave. in Hollywood Ca, there still going strong! Now guess what? There is another store taking over! ScreamFamous Clothing  has a really cool London feel to them. They are originally from London and it seems like they are gonna be one of the new Melrose hot spots bringing that London feel to Hollywood.

ScreamFamousClothing was founded by Canan Fraser in October 2012 in Los Angeles, California after many years of involvement in the London fashion scene. Canan saw the need to bring high quality punk-rock inspired clothing, streetwear, and unique jewelry to Melrose avenue directly from fashion districts of London such as the Portabello Road, Notting Hill and Camden Town. Her store carries brands from the UK such as Amplified Clothing, Nylon Rocker, and Funky Queen, while also supporting US based talent such as Future Stars, Sam Sarpong Limited Edition, Headband Apparel, and DIP in LA. Canan’s easy going personality and style has led to Scream Famous catapulting to the forefront of the LA fashion scene. Screamfamous clothing is looking forward to the future and becoming the celebrities first stop in

purchasing fashion. Look who is already shopping there!

20121221_122759Yes you guessed it! Kevin Bacon


Power Rangers Super Samurai on Nickelodeon


Super Models!


Vanessa Curry, Model & The Owner Canan

Here is a good peak at some of there other stuff? How did I come across ScreamFamous Clothing you ask? Here is a good hint


Yup! My man Sam Sarpong

Some of the stores clothing! Go check them out…

380735_440086596046540_1936628440_n 525095_440242169364316_1645129202_n 6967_438981832823683_1937604539_n 150603_438982156156984_352449403_n-1

How you contact them!

7712 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, Ca 90046

760 514 3611


Multicultural Motion Picture Association & Power Rangers Super Samurai Give Back! BH TOY DRIVE


This was a great event. Very well planned. Great live music. I introduced my friends Hector David Jr. Steven Skyler, Najee Detiege who play  the Green, Gold & Blue Power Rangers Super Samurai currently on Nickelodeon every Sat.


It was really nice of them to come out and sign toys for the kids of the Los Angeles children’s hospital. I also brought Sarah Winchester from Real Housewives of OC, The Page Twins.

IMG_1025 IMG_1050

The event had a nice red carpet, media and the location was at the Camden House in Beverly Hills Ca,


There were also two wonderful people that received certificate of achievements


Ron Whitaker & his wonderful other half.


Sam Sarpong and Vanessa Curry as the new face of KD Luxe Jewelry

Hollywood It Guy puts on his Future Stars Collection!

Man I am jealous! Sam gets to do so many things with so many beautiful actresses and models. Its time for me to become a model! LOL

I’m proud of my good friend Sam Sarpong. I have always said he is gonna be like another Will Smith. This dude is making moves!

Don’t sleep on him @mrsamsarpong He is doing it #TheEZWay hash tag it on twitter #Futurestarscollection #TheEZWay lets get it trending!

_MG_2256 _MG_2492 _MG_2570 _MG_2578 _MG_2583 _MG_2714 IMG_9553

Photo credit to: Gisele Rebeiro from

Written by: Freida Wills

Sam Sarpong and Vanessa Curry were selected by Kathleen Largent to endorse her brand which embodies good energy amd positivity. Sam and Vanessa will attend the Spring and the Fall Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas to represent KD’s line, as well as other Trade Shows that pop up from time to time,
Sam and Vanessa were selected by Kathleen Largent to be the face of her brand, KD Luxe Jewelry; since Kathleen stresses positivity and she feels that Sam and Vanessa are both good positive role models and therefore a good fit to be the face of her jewelry.
Some notable ladies have worn this jewelry, including Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman,. Michelle Pfeiffer, Cameron Dias, Halle Berry, and so many more.
Does KD Jewelry have something for men included in this line of jewelry? Yes. The first piece was a cross designed by Kathleen’s father: it is crafted of silver and it stands for pure inspiration. The name of the men’s line is Focus, Motivation, and Determination or the FMD line inspired by Kathleen’s father.
This international line of jewelry received the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award. The award, designed by Robert Graham, was presented to Mr. Bvlgari, store owner by Drew Barrymore. Italian Luxe Jewelers has opened it’s new West Coast Flagship store at 401 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, which puts it closer to the heart of the Jewelry Zone.
in short, Sam is an international actor, super model, and the Host of Ryan Seacreast’s AXS Live. On Friday night, he is announcing the Launch of his “Future Stars Collection” at Scream Famous Clothing on Melrose.
This special edition of the Future Stars Collection, based on Sam’s personalized pieces, include Motor Cycle Jackets in leather, for men and women: these jackets sport spike detail. Denim jackets, vests, band T-shirts and trucker hats with a European rock’n’roll inspiration will be part of the show.
This premiere of Sam’s Future Stars Collection will feature a live DJ in a lively and engaging atmospere for guests to meet and greet Sam. This sounds appropriate for a line designed to appeal to young future stars, but I am betting that a few moms will have a go at sneaking them out of their daughter’s closets!
There are many confirmed celebrities for this event including: Actor Wesley Jonathan; Dream Girls star actor/singer Keith Robinson; Miss California Noelle Freeman; and many other celebrities too numerous to mention here.
For those who are wondering if Sam slaved over the cutting tables, I doubt it. I can’t imagine a star of his magnatude slaving over cutting tables and sewing machines. I think he probably was the CEO; however a little bird just told me that he actually does do rough sketches to guide his staff along and then he does pull the CEO routine.
Will we see any famous young models on Friday at what will undoubtly be a very hot fashion show? Sam states that we will see the hottest models in Los Angeles, mostly young.
What type of person is Sam aiming this show towards? He wants all the Hipsters and Industry Leaders that he can get his hands on to come out and celebrate with “us.” There will be food and refreshment to keep everyone in a good mood and ready to Rock It Up With Sam! For those of you who are still as curious as cats about Sam’s fashion inspiration, I believe that Sam gets his inclination as a designer from all his exposure to a high level fashion; possibly also fueled by the desire to have exactly what he wants and what he feels good in. He says that a lot of his inspiration comes from living the “Rock Star Life.”
For those who want a sneak preview, you can shop this exclusive collection at
Scream Famous Clothing Los Angeles Store is hosting a Red Carpet from:

7 pm to 11 pm
7712 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles Ca 90046
December 14, 2012

There are two sites for previewing the KD Jewelry: and
Vanassa Curry is an actor with two movies coming out in 2013: Bench Seat and Dirty Laundry
Last week Vanessa was on CSI New York which I watched and I believe that she did an amazing job!
Vanessa also has her single — Heartbeat — coming out in the first quarter of 2013.



Eric Zuley Interviewed live on LA TALK LIVE Radio on The Brookshire Show



Hey guys. Ok this was a lot of fun to come to a studio with 1000’s of signatures of major celebrities that have been interviewed or have done shows. I was interviewed for over 15 min, about my life and my growth and advancement. Brookshire the host asked some very direct and clever questions. I think I held my own though. This show was also hosted by a very beautiful girl that has a following. As you can see! CHECK OUT LA TALK LIVE I will let you know where and how my interview is soon. I am supposed to be getting the links. OH WAIT EVEN if I don’t The Whole entire interview will be posted on this blog very soon.

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Stay tuned for the Full Video interview and The EZ Show interview with Brookshire himself.

Eric Zuley Officially Dubbed Hollywood It Guy With EZ Way Broadcasting & WTV Networks

Hollywood IT Guy

Guest Opportunity: Eric Zuley, Social Media Expert and Business Consultant

Hollywood stars know how to be successful and they are finding and sharing their secrets to success is a great way to bring celebrities and their fans close together.

Hollywood it guy, Eric Zuley, gets answers from celebrities and Hollywood elite on what they do to be successful and how to do it the EZ Way.

Eric Zuley is available to talk about this by answering these questions:

  • How are celebrities interacting with their fans?
  • Why are you able to help celebrities interact with their fans so easily?
  • What are some of the tips you’ve learned from celebrities?
  • What is the EZ Way?
  • What is coming soon for EZ Way Radio?

Meet Eric Zuley

  • Business and Entertainment Consultant
  • Founder of WTV Networks
  • Host Actor Reporter on (
  • Board Member of Multi-Cultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA)
  • Celebrity Host of Hello Hollywood China
  • Nominated for Television Host Award (La Comedy Awards 2012)
  • 4 Time Award Winner including the Robert Novak Award

For more information:

Eric Zuley is available for interviews.


Please contact Shannon Rose
Eclectic Media Productions
315-60GUEST (315-604-8378)

Eric Zuley is represented by Eclectic Media Productions National PR firm.

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff private birthday celebration in her home EZ WAY (EXCLUSIVE)


Hey guys whats up! Ok so last night I hung with my Mommy! Pamela Bach Hasselhoff and all my and her friends at her house in the hills. Sorry! can’t tell you how old she is turning cause everyone knows  you never talk about a ladies age or you get beat up later! LOL I will say she doesn’t look a day over 30. Industry attendees included actors, label people, agents, directors, models, artists, producers and more… Now I am gonna shout out some names sorry to all I didn’t really know or didn’t get your card! We had BILL ZUCKER in the house. Check out his new Single just released with Jenny McCarthy. We had the European beauty/host/tv personality, columnist/public figure Sabrina A. Parisi, TV Personality/actress/artist Vikki Lizzi mostly known for her past relationship with Jeff Conaway and being in celebrity rehab. We had producer, label owner and philanthropist Kris Lamans, star Hollywood promoter Mac Africa, Jeannine B. Madsen X-wife of Michael Madsen & Established Actress, Jarvee Hutcherson (Pres. MMPA) Dick Michaels Chairman ASYM, Industry publicist Freddy and many more… Pamela looked gorgeous as usual and her lovely daughters Taylor & Hayley were there as well supporting there mother. (Sorry no pictures) Ok in closing I would like to say LOVE YOU PAMLEA WE HAVE HAD SOME VERY INTERESTING AND AWESOME TIMES TOGETHER Lots of LOVE FROM YOUR INDUSTRY SON & MY DAD and all my fans reading this. Hope you enjoy the little video I put together for you on #THEEZWAY


Follow Eric Zuley @Ericzuley

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STAY TUNED FOR MY 2 exclusive interviews with Sabrina Parisi (We tell the story of how we met and her views on The EZ Way) ALSO Bill Zucker (GOOD STUFF) Also a exclusive video of Pamela Bach Hasselhoff, her family and a birthday cake! Stay Tuned!

Sam Sarpong Revere Magazine and Miranimotors present Sam “Future” Sarpong “Muzik of tha Future” tour at RNB Live ‘The EZ Way’

Hey guys just wanted to show love once again for my man Sam killing its usual make sure to check out my pod cast interview with him

Radio interview

Revere Magazine and Miranimotors present Sam “Future” Sarpong “Muzik of tha Future” tour at RNB Live!!!

Cameras were rolling as the last months winner of the dub car show, a slick white 2012 limited edition Maserati pulled up to RNB Live Wednesday night. People waited anxiously for the doors to open. Sam “Future” Sarpong climbed out with a handle full of stunning women draped in gorgeous gowns. Two of the women were Nat and Jenn Bashari, “Future Star Twins” and costars on Sam’s “Life of an Entertainer” documentary/biography. If anyone knows how to show up in style Sarpong knows how to and he does it graciously. Once they stepped out paparazzi swamped them with “flashing lights. “Coming into the main door of the club was a huge photograph of supermodel, host, and rapper Sam Sarpong himself. The photo was of the October premiere issue where Sarpong was on the cover. Large amounts of people moved from the main room to the outside hallway seating area that over looked the front of the club. People sat above and looked over the railing to see who would show up next for the red carpet. Tons of young Hollywood attended including “Make it or Break it” star Chelsea Hopps, and America’s Next Top Model Kacey Leggett. Actors Darius Love, Matt Cohen attended. Young and Restless star actress Brenda Epperson said on camera, “Sam is a great guy.” She continued, “He is a very humbled and blessed individual. One thing he knows how to do is pull a female. His VIP section was crammed with over 100 people eighty percent of them being women. This was a great “Who’s Who in Hollywood event.” This was a big night at RNB Live, not only was Sarpong headlining the event but the owners of the club Greg, Ted, and Felipe were celebrating the clubs 20th Anniversary and Greg’s birthday. The epic night was put on by Revere Lifestyle Magazine and Mirani, a luxury car company that costume makes cars for celebs. Sam said, “Performing at RNB Live was great. Ted, Felipe, and Greg are like family to me. I have known them forever and the have the best band in the business period.” Sam opened up with old school cover favorites LL Cool J’s “I need love” and “Hay Lover.” He closed with hits off his album, “Muzik of tha Future.” The world is in for a treat with the “Muzik of tha Future” tour next up Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles on October 4th, and Rolling Stone Bar & Restaurant. October 12th SAM will be on tour for the next year worldwide please check his face book for tour dates.

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Check out Love Punches

Qubeey new official virtual talk show “Excited” Hosted by Eric Zuley Behind the scenes

Ok wow! wow! lets get one more wow! in there! 09/27/2012 was amazing! So here is whats up. Yesterday we shot my first official green screen talk show with celebrity guest Jessica Rich, bikini models, amazing singing and musical talents, Special dance opening by the Shane Sparks dancers, special guest appearance by you tube sensations Kian and Sam, 

Jon Namer professional Lacross player & Son of Larry Namer Co-Founder of E! Entertainment. We had the blue ranger from Nickelodeon Najee Detiege in the house. A nunchaku bikini model Nasia Aissaoui and 3 teams from the lingerie basketball league. Special celebrity guest comedian! All this and more airing on my new Qubeey channel CLICK ME to join Free. In order to watch this new talk show you must be following my new Qubeey Channel. Ok so check out some of the awesome photos from the shoot.

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Actor Tiny Lister Pleads Guilty in Mortgage Fraud Scheme ‘Shocking Decision’


Wow I can’t believe this. This is shocking… I remember when I did the interview with him… Kicked it with this guy. Met his family… I’ve done a lot of red carpets with Tommy Tiny Lister. He seemed like a cool guy to me…. So shocking… Get the full scoop by clicking on Tommy’s name. How can someone that preaches GOD so much… Do something so dishonest? Wonder what drove him to do something like this?

Cost Banks $3.8 Million OUCH!

Needless to say Tiny isn’t going to be on anyone’s Holiday lists this year….


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister, known for roles in dozens of films and television shows, has been charged in a mortgage fraud scheme that led to nearly $4 million in losses.

Lister, 54, who lives Chatsworth, is accused of conspiring with bank employees to purchase four homes between November 2006 and June 2007 that he knowingly couldn’t afford.

According to prosecutors, Lister used fraudulent means to buy the properties, including inflating his income and assets on mortgage applications and falsifying bank statements and escrow records to avoid paying down payments.

Post your comments… About Tommy Tiny Listers Mortgage Fraud 

Dijon Talton’s Music Video “Wild out” Shot today directed by Meagan Good

Hey guys if you remember some of my past interviews with Meagan Good and Dijon Talton… Search on You Tube if you haven’t seen them.  Now Glee’s Dijon Talton is doing it The EZ Way with his new music video “Wild out” This video is gonna be a success!! Support it. Get the I-TUNES. If you remember Dijon Talton performed at my birthday/awards ceremony with Larry Namer Co-Founder of E! That was a very special day and Dijon Killed it! Click to see . This was the night I gave my award named after me by the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles Ca “EZ Achievement Award” Which was given to Larry. Ok back to Dijon & Meagan. So Meagan is producing and directing now huh??? Nice!! Tripple Threat… Yes she did direct this video… Can’t wait to see it…. Ok catch ya on the next post read the release and enjoy the pics below!


Dijon Talton hits the set for his new music video for “Wild Out,” directed by Meagan Good.
(Los Angeles, CA – August 29, 2012) – Dijon Talton was in action today for his music video shoot for debut single “Wild Out”. Taking his cues from director and cousin Meagan Good. Celebrity cameos included Logan Browning (Meet the Browns & Summerland), Hosea Chanchez (The Game), & Ashley Everett (Beyonce’s Single Ladies Dancer). For more information on Dijon and his music visit,

Photo credits to: Getty Images

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For media contacts and interviews: Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates at (323) 933-8007 or via email at

Interview with Dijon

If you want me to do the interview with Meagan and Dijon about this new video post your comments! We will make it happen The EZ Way!Oh! Catch me and Meagan Good on Qubeey search for us 

EZ Hosts Tomorrow Night with International Super Star Aadesh Shrivastava


Come do it The EZ Way with me and Aadesh Bollywood Super Star tomorrow night. Yes I will be doing The EZ Show. You will be featured on it if you come.

MTV’s Star Sam Sarpong’s New Fashion Super Model 411

Celebrity Movers & Shakers!

I am so proud of my boy Sam Sarpong. He has been a long time friend of mine for over 5 years….

Check out our podcast interview…

Click to listen

2010 named Men’s Fashion Magazine top 10 male models in the world
Past major campaigns include: Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, and Jean Phillipe
First model ever to be featured in the prestigious California African American Museum an exhibit titled “From Hip Hop to Colonialism” by artist Toni Scott
Sam’s duties will also include tours in Northern America, hosting events, and making personal appearances
Hosted 2012 BET Awards “All Access” behind the scenes show
Recently honored by Akon’s Konfidence Foundation for his accomplishments as an African America male model in fashion
Sarpong is represented by Artist International Management (USA) and the Fashionaires ( UK)
LA host of AXS Live, Ryan Seacrest’s and Mark Cubin’s new network
Sarpong was named one of the most influential people in fashion in 2011 by the Internationa Fashion Group

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Fans Page


MTV Interviews Sam Sarpong

Sam Sarpong Behind The Scenes EPK

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