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Miley Cyrus Good News & Bad News No Performance for VMA What is the bad news? LOL

There goes the neighborhood! Calling all kids time to advert your eyes once again!

Miley Cyrus made a big announcement today! The superstar had both good news and bad news. The bad news? She sadly will NOT be performing at this year’s MTVVideo Music Awards.

[ Photo: Miley & Stella Maxwell Share A Churro! Awww! ]


Boooooo. Luckily for us, the good news TOTALLY outweighs the bad. Our girl Miley will be hosting the exciting evening!

She announced with this Instagram photo (above) of herself donning an alien suit and a sandwich board sign that revealed she’d been tapped for the gig, captioning the snap:

“Fuck yeah VMAs!!!!! #VMAs on @MTV Aug 30 at 9pm”

We can’t really say we’re surprised! The past two years, the pop princess has been all the buzz at the awards show.

In 2013, she infamously grinded up on Robin Thicke, and did some pretty provocative things with a foam finger. And last year, she spectacularly gave up her speech for Video of the Year so her date, Jesse, could raise awareness for homeless youth.

Now, we cannot wait for the 22-year-old to take the stage on August 30 for the whole night, rather than only a 3-minute-long performance!

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[Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram.]

EZ Hosts Devoted to youth Fundraiser

If your in the neighborhood stop by say hi! Donate if you can’t make it. It was really sad to see what happened with the Typhoon and the Philippines. They need your help. I am honored to be asked to host this event. Look forward to doing some great interviews! Stay tuned.

I am bringing out my friend Reatha Grey from Betty Whites off their rockers, Ben Morrison from MTV’s Punked, Braylen Brooks from GLEE and the new TV show Dads and couple other surprises. Don’t miss it! Oh and yes my network is covering this… WTV NETWORKS 

Poker Chairity

Who is Michael Precise “Rawefeed Entertainment” ?

Who is Michael Precise you might ask?

Michael Precise is another radio host social media web marketing expert on The EZ Way team. Michael has been with KCLA 99.3 radio for about 2 years. He has over 10 different blog and podcast sites, to help promote and market people he wants to put on his show. His show is the Nice and precise show and word is the reality version might be on MTV. I met Mr. Precise about 3 years ago at ARN studios in Hollywood Ca, We ended up freestyle rapping together and that session I feel kinda brought us together in the beginning. Now today 3 years later Mike is making a lot of noise in the radio and social media world. He met Taylor Swift off twitter and started talking to her team, that turned into him being the owner of which is going to be Taylor swifts new radio station managed by Rawefeed Entertainment. Mike has a strong following on Facebook and twitter with a combined total of over 100,000 currently. Mike is a contributor to Viacom’s blog system which allows him to post people on MTV, VH1 and BET. This is only the beginning for Mr. Precise. He is also in the works of a project with Taylor Swift which is a collaboration song. This is just a small teaser of what is to come with the Rawefeed empire who supports The EZ Way empire. Mike will also be involved in our “All that talent tour The EZ Way first event set to be on Jan 4th 2014.

1368668016513Wait that’s not all! Michael also has a unique story to him. After all his accomplishments you won’t believe what he was going through while building this!? Michael Precise is legally blind. He suffers from a rare decease called “Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea of the eye. Cornea is the clear transparent part of the front of theeye. The clarity of the cornea allows light to pass into the eye. The cornea separates inside of the eye from the atmosphere. In the normal eye the cornea is spherical and converges the incoming light. this light than gets focused on the fovea on the retina to give us clear vision.The apex of the cornea is line with thefovea of the eye.The keratoconus eye is not healthy. In the keratoconus eye, the structure of the cornea is weak allowing for the forward bulging of the cornea.

keratoconus is the inability of the cornea to withstand the normal eye pressure due to decreased number of corneal lamellar leading to decreased tensile strength of the cornea. This affects the vision.


Bio: There’s a new sound creeping through the world wide entertainment industry. This is exactly what the music/entertainment industry has been searching for and hoping to find. Well the search is finally over! What was lost has been finally found, with all new music and a whole new set of broadcasts that have been rated R for Rawe. Mike Precise better known as Los Angeles very own “White Trash Heart Throb” has revolutionized the sound of radio with a sound that is enormous! People have been whispering and saying that the (radio) has never sounded or looked quite like this. Rawe Feed Entertainment presents all new shows, with all the trimmings, Mike Precises very own reality TV show “The Nice & Precise Show” as well as brand new broadcasts such as Swag Surf Radio, RaweFeed Uncensored and Rawe Talk Radio will have all who listen begging for more. Mike Precise has also been nominated for the popular EOTM Award for best new radio show of 2013. Don’t worry! All of the Spin Rich Record family will be making special appearances, as well as the popular CruzMatik team from Santa Cruz. Mike Precise has a whole new cast and co-host which is the popular Shylo Zion from KLAS Fm 89.7, Tru Rootz along side the crazy and magical “Wizard of the Valley” DTeck …..who brings that special sound and saying what is known as What the F%#k” Rawe Feed Entertainment and Mike Precise has a little bit of everything but lacks nothing…..If its not Rawe Feed Radio then whos feeding YOU? Keep your eyes on our movement and how we will be doing it The EZ Way real soon. The EZ Way movement was created by Eric Zuley founder of & Learn more by clicking on

Video interview with Michael Precise talking about his eye disease and accomplishments. How has he learned from his challenges?

Check out the new official blog coming soon.

Rihanna Rumors: Is she Pregnant?

Rihanna Rumors: Could The Singer Be Pregnant?

April 18, 2013 11:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

The Rihanna rumors continue to swirl, but this time, it’s not just the status of the singer’s relationship with Chris Brown in question. Some fans feel that recent concert cancellations suggest that the X Factor guest judge is pregnant!

Several of Rihanna’s fans have had to deal with bitter disappointment in the last several weeks, as the singer has already canceled four appearances that were supposed to be a part of her Diamonds World Tour. In March, insiders told TMZ that the frequent cancellations were the result of a nasty throat infection. If that’s true, it appears that the throat issues are taking a rather long time to clear up — a month after the infection speculation, Rihanna’s is said to have been spending a fair amount of time at various medical establishments in and around Beverly Hills.

Shortly after leaving one such facility, Rihanna told TMZ that she was feeling “better,” but failed to expand on whatever problems had led her to seek care in the first place. But a source tells that simply visiting a medical professional is not reason enough to believe claims of a supposed pregnancy. The insider explained, “Rihanna is just sick and that’s really it. I know, that’s not a good enough reason because everybody wants some drama and the rumors that she’s pregnant to make the rounds, but sorry, not this time. She’s not pregnant!”

One reason why we can expect Rihanna to avoid pregnancy for the foreseeable future: it would mess with her jam-packed celebrity schedule. The insider for said that Rihanna already has had a difficult enough time with simply having to cancel a few performances. With pregnancy and then childcare, she’d be missing a lot more — and she’s not prepared to deal with that at the moment. “One thing Rihanna hates the most is not being on stage…So you better believe that this sickness is killing her in more ways than one.”

Do you think there could be some truth to the gossip? Or do those spreading the Rihanna rumors need to back off? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: MTV

Credit to: She knows Reality TV Magazine

Shain Gandee Dead MTV ‘Buckwold’ Star Dies at age 21

Wow makes you think don’t it?

Shain Gandee Dead: ‘Buckwild’ Star Dies At 21

Posted: 04/01/2013 1:13 pm EDT  |  Updated: 04/01/2013 1:54 pm EDT

Shain Gandee Dead

“Buckwild” cast member Shain Gandee was found dead, TMZ reports.

In a statement released Monday morning, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department reported the MTV reality star as missing. However, authorities later confirmed that the 21-year-old was found dead in a truck in Sissonville, W. Va., along with two other bodies, the Charleston Gazette reports.

ABC affiliate WCHS-TV reports that a man on a four-wheeler spotted the three unresponsive people in a vehicle on Wolf Pen Road Monday morning. After emergency services responded, the three were confirmed dead.

According to Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper, the body of Gandee’s 48-year-old uncle, David Gandee, was also recovered, local CBS affiliate WOWK-TV reports. The identity of the third body has not been released.

In the missing persons advisory, police said Gandee was last seen with his uncle at Larry’s Bar in Sissonville at about 3 a.m. on March 31. Both men were reported missing overnight after family and friends could not locate them throughout the day.

The two men told others that they planned on going “four-wheeling” in the younger Gandee’s Ford Bronco, police said. However, the men did not specify exactly where they planned to drive off-road. The red-and-white vehicle was last seen leaving the parking lot of Larry’s Bar early Sunday morning.

MTV recently renewed “Buckwild” for a second season. The reality show, which is filmed around Sissonville, has received heavy criticism from West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin who called for its cancelation. In a letter to MTV, Manchin slammed the “Jersey Shore” replacement for its “ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia.”

Credit: Huffington Post


Hey guys ok so I hung with my boy Jareb Dauplaise yesterday on set for his new comedy music video to Ball So Hard with Jay Z & Kanye West. There were 7 beautiful girls in the music video. 2 of which were good friends of mine. Myana Welch & Summer Rona. They did it #TheEZWay so look what happens! Yes Sir! The Lead girl in the video was Playboy model Crissy Henderson, who I had a great conversation with about helping the homeless.  Jareb is a actor known for his movie roles in Transformers, Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie and his hit tv series on MTV Hard Times Of RJ Berger. This video is set to release (Unknown) we will get the info for you though.

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Exclusive interview by your’s truly

The hot girls in the video.

Meet my Lady friends in the video

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Celebrities come check out The New Ed Hardy Fashion Rockstars and Angels off Melrose

WE WERE ON LIVE! <–Click Here

Celebs love The EZ Show

Ok guys so today we went back to the store Rockstars and Angels! My last post I said that this is the next Ed Hardy Fashion and Christian better watch out because Mr. Sasha is hot on his tail. Well today we found out that this is actually becoming fact! What do we mean by this! Well ok… Lets think here…

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When Christian Audigier became one of the biggest designers ever how did it happen? Ok well If I am correct Didn’t Sam Sarpong start wearing his clothes on MTV’s Yo Mamma? Then didn’t a bunch of celebrities start wearing his stuff and then more more came? HMMM a couple a days ago CHECK THIS OUT who do you think walked into Rockstars and Angels? I’ll give you 3 guesses? Naaa ok who is the biggest teen idle out right now? Well give you a hint. It starts with a J and last name B….. YES You guested it the one and only Justin Bieber, Then who walks into the store? Robbie Williams Yes Justin was spotted leaving this store with about 13 bags in his hands (Exclusive Pictures Coming Soon) Then today who comes into the store? KIM LEE from Hang Over II the movie, Then who? Angelique Bates from She’s All That on Nickelodeon and she just wrapped doing a movie with Meagan Good & Keith Robinson 35 & Ticking. Then who??? Are you kidding? RICK MORA one of the wolves from Twilight!! So Yes remember this……..
THE EZ SHOW (BLOG) Was first to call it. When this store blows up bigger then Ed Hardy Fashion!

Check out the fun we had today! with Kim Lee, Rick Mora, Sam Sarpong & Angelique Bates

Exclusive The EZ SHow Videos

I didn’t know Kim Lee is joining Black Eyed Peas?

Rick Mora from Twilight is a Rockstar!




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MTV Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey Dated Miley Cyrus?

Tyler Hoechlin & Tyler Posey IMG_2758

Image by MingleMediaTVNetwork via Flickr

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There is a new movie Tyler Pose is the star in called Taco Shop. This is a comedy also starring my girl T Lopez who just dropped her song Breathe Feat. Lil Wayne. 

Yes guys! Teen Wolf will be coming back as you hear Tyler say they just got picked up for season 2.

 I am talking to Tyler about being on my show on HTLA If I had him on my show would you listen? 

EZ kicks it with Tyler Posey star of the hit series Teen Wolf airing currently on MTV. EZ asks Tyler Posey is he dating anyone or has he ever dated any celebrities. Tyler also talks a little bit about Michael J Fox and some other great pieces of information. 

Never before seen The EZ Show Exclusive shots Sam Sarpong secret movie and other goodies

Never before seen The EZ Show Exclusive shots Sam Sarpong secret movie and other goodies

This is a exclusive shot taken by with Sam Sarpong (SuperModel/Actor) and the director of one of the new hottest movies called Trigger. Trigger is being made by Oscar award winning people and Sam Sarpong is staring in the movie.  KEEP YOUR EYE ON SAM SARPONG. Between the song me and him just did (Hollywood4real?) His new movie Anchor Baby he was the star in, His new movie with 50 cent, him already being a host on MTV’s Yo Mamma, Being the face of Tommy Hillfigure for 6 years, helping start Ed Hardy Christian Audigier as the the original model face and now This new hot movie Trigger… Man This boy is like EZ is to Hollywood Killing the game. Or so people have said.

Keep coming back for more exclusives on me and all my celebrity friends.

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