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2014 15th Annual Mmpa Toy Drive U.S. Marines Collect Toys for kids!

On 12-17-2014 The Mmpa and partners EZ WAY BROADCASTING, CMT SOLUTIONS got together to help collect toys for families and kids collected by the U.S. Marines. The event was held in Hollywood Ca, at Raleigh Studios on the lot, across the street from Paramount Studios. There were performers, awards recognitions a – c list celebrities in attendance and coverage by NBC, HUFFINGTON POST, PR PHOTOS, VARIETY MAGAZINE, WTV NETWORKS and many others.

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Chelsea Keenan
RK RECORDS/RunDMC Productions Indy 2014 Pop Artist of The Year.
Instagram: xoxo_chels1
ITunes & Google Play: chelsea keenan
Reverb nation:


Ashley Robinson, Producer TV Show The Doctors and Tiffany.



The Red Carpet

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Jarvee Hutcherson President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association Endorses Eric Zuley The Promotions Wizard

Jarvee Hutcherson endorses the creator of #EZWAY Eric ZuleyWho is Jarvee Hutcherson?We got this off his LinkedIn Profile 

National President

American Society of Young Musicians

March 1993 – Present (21 years 9 months)

The American Society of Young Musicians (ASYM) is a non-profit 501c3 national organization comprised of musicians, music students, songwriters, studio technicians, and individuals in the music community who share a commitment to the development and support both educationally and musically of young musicians.

American Society of Young Musicians provide support for ASYM’s programs which include a shared housing referral program, low cost and no-cost dental assistance, legal and contractural consultation, artists workshops and music scholarships. Scholarship recipients are additionally matched with mentors in the music community who provide career assistance to young artists in their musical and career development. With these various support mechanisms in place, detriments such socioeconomic limitations will not be allowed to deter young artists from their deams.


Multicultural Motion Picture Association

January 1992 – Present (22 years 11 months)Beverly Hills, California

The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals within the entertainment community who share a common commitment to recognizing the achievements of diverse artistic film achievement and television programming in the entertainment industry. Membership includes a multitude of benefits and opportunities to make creative contributions to the motion Picture and film community. Among the membership benefits include:

*Eligibility to vote considerations for Diversity Awards.

*Official MMPA Membership Card for free admission to industry screenings and events.

*Discount on tickets for MMPA events and Annual Diversity Awards Show.

*Opportunity to participate in symposiums and panel discussions.

*Bi-annual newsletter of updates, calendar of events and members profiles.

*Opportunity to share ideas and information with other members at meetings and organization sponsored events.

The comcept of the “Diversity Awards” was founded upon the ideal that a wide spectrum of cultures should be honored for the role they have played and continue to play in the film and television industry.

The MMPA bases its belief upon the fact that while other awards shows celebrating bodies of work in television and film have for years given well-deserved accolades to many talented artists both behind and in front of the camera, there are still many other creative voices and portrayals bringing much needed perspectives to film and television. The MMPA makes it a point to seek out these works and acknowledge those who continue to do a great service to our industry and national culture by making these stories available to a mass audience.

We are proud to salute these contributions, and we are equally proud to be able to bring people together in the entertainment community while celebrating everyone’s positive contributions and diversity!


Tri-Elite Entertainment, Ltd.

June 1990 – Present (24 years 6 months)Beverly Hills

Production Company for Television, Motion Pictures and Reality Shows.



January 1990 – Present (24 years 11 months)beverly hills, california

Educational Scholarship Foundation for the Arts

Honors & Awards

United State Senate, Washington DC
United State Congress, Washington DC
President Bill Clinton
Outstanding Young Men of America
City of Beverly Hills, Mayor & City Council
City of Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono
Congressman Henry Waxman
United State Senator Barbara Boxer
United State Senator Dianne Feinstein
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Congresswoman Diane E. Watson
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa
Entire Los Angeles City Council
City of Sarasota, Florida
County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
Assemblywoman Karen Bass
Who’s Who Cambridge
Organization in America Entertainment

Jarvee Hutcherson Private Birthday Hollywood Celebration 2014

On 06-01-2014 Jarvee Hutcherson president of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and American Society Of Young Musicians as well as founder of the Diversity Awards had a private birthday celebration in Studio City Los Angeles Ca, at a fairly large private estate.



This event as you can see was high up in the hills and had a beautiful view. We estimate at least 150 people in attendance.


A couple familiar stars came out to
support Mr. Hutcherson birthday like


The bad girl of comedy herself Luenell actress remembered lately from That’s My Boy with Adam Sandler and many other films.


Senator Diane Watson was in attendance.

Johnny V, from VH1 Scott Baio’s 45 and single,


Rentha Grey from Betty Whites Off Their Rockers on Lifetime and host for EZ Way Broadcasting



and many others.


Here is a exclusive interview I did with Mr. Hutcherson on his brithday

There was also a amazing Salsa Dancing performance by Michael Adegoke and Dalia Delao




Jarvee was accompanied by professional art sculptures like Cerdan who is a host and professional at life size paintings


And to top off the night he had a real tall real good tasting birthday cake.


Happy Birthday Jarvee! More additions possibly added to this blog.

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The Night before the Oscars The Envelope please MMPA Beverly Hills

02-23-2013 I went to H.O.M.E a Jazz Lounge in Beverly hills Ca, attendees I can recall where Roger Lim, Mellina Gay, Destenee Mckenzie, Najee Detiege, Jarvee Hutcherson, Shelley Regner many models and producers. I walked the carpet and met Roger Lim from Rush Hour 2 with Chris Rock and Jackie Chan.

Photo below has a actor from The Dark Knight Rises.


Also met and had a great conversation with Shelley Regner who was in Pitch Perfect a Universal film.


plus ran into many of my fans and supporters!

Here are some pics






Also met Mellina Gay from Young & The Restless


Once again we did it “The EZ Way”
For more fun crazy events, interviews and stories follow this blog or my twitter! @ericzuley

Sam Beard to receive 2013 EZ Achievement award from Eric Zuley

Because of Presidents Day I thought i’d post this.
A big thanks to my client Rick Rozman for introducing me to Sam Beard. Also big thanks to the Multicultural Motion Picture Association for naming this award after me Eric Zuley Sam beard is the next up after Larry Namer


About Sam Beard

Sam Beard

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan met in the White House before flying to honor Egyptian President Anwar Al Sadat. 1981 In recognition of NDC’s four presidential programs, the four presidents signed this picture and sent it to Sam Beard.
Sam Beard has dedicated his working life to public service. Mr. Beard has had the privilege of initiating and then chairing programs for each of the last seven Presidents of the United States: Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

National Development Council – $100 Billion of Financing – Over 1 Million Jobs Created
In 1969, Mr. Beard founded and remains Chairman of the National Development Council (NDC), a national non-profit organization dedicated to redeveloping urban and rural low-income communities. NDC has initiated and run four Presidential job creation programs for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan, and has been responsible for over $100 billion of revitalization financing, creating over 1 million jobs. NDC trains over 3,000 economic development professionals annually. There are six major federal economic development tools in the United States, and NDC has pioneered and helped to create two of them.

The Jefferson Awards honor Hank Aaron, Colin Powell and Jody Powell in U.S. Supreme Court. 1990
The Jefferson Awards for Public Service – A Call to Action for Volunteering
In 1972, along with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., Mr. Beard co-founded the Jefferson Awards for Public Service to create a Nobel Prize for public service. The Jefferson Awards recognize both ordinary people who do extraordinary things and individuals whose public service has had a broad national impact. National winners have included four Justices of the Supreme Court, including Sandra Day O’Connor and Thurgood Marshall; seven Secretaries of State, including Colin Powell and Cyrus Vance; as well as Alan Greenspan, Bob Hope, Lance Armstrong and Stephen Jobs. Over 155 newspapers, television and radio stations herald local “Unsung Heroes” the nation’s largest media partnership fostering volunteerism. The estimated value of the print and air space exceeds $100 million.
Beginning in 2006, the Jefferson Awards is refocusing its programming to create a “Call to Action” for volunteering and community building at a grassroots level. Leaders at the Carnegie Endowment and the Kennedy School at Harvard are concerned that fewer individuals are joining organizations and volunteering. They see this as a threat to the basic tenet of our democracy. Each individual can make a difference and should participate in civic engagement.
With Deloitte & Touche, the Jefferson Awards is piloting a new initiative in high schools to double volunteer service, train student leaders and include ethical decision making.

At the Presidents’ Service Summit in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Clinton and Carter, along with Mrs. Reagan, endorsed the Jefferson Awards initiated Presidents’ Student Service Awards and set the goal of involving 1 million students in service. 1997
President’s Youth Service Awards
In 1992, working with President George Bush, Mr. Beard was a driving force creating the President’s Youth Service Awards to attract thousands of young Americans into service. In 1997, at the urging of Mr. Beard, at the Presidents’ Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia, Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton and Ford, along with Mrs. Reagan and Colin Powell, adopted these awards and set the national goal of attracting two million young Americans to do 100 hours of service. With the recommendations of Mr. Beard, in January 2003 President George W. Bush held the first major presidential press conference highlighting these youth service awards, and created the Presidential Service Awards.

President George W. Bush appoints Sam Beard to be a member of the President’s Social Security Reform Commission. 2001
Economic Security – Save Social Security. Add Individual Savings Accounts
Beginning in 1992, Mr. Beard began work to save and reform America’s Social Security system. Mr. Beard believes that Social Security reform must save our retirement safety net and, at the same time, create savings and wealth for all Americans. He wrote a book, Restoring Hope In America – The Social Security Solution (ICS Press 1995). In 1994, Mr. Beard founded and became President of Economic Security, with leadership from U.S. Senators Alan Simpson, Rick Santorum, Bob Kerrey and Pat Moynihan. To seek these reforms, Mr. Beard worked with the Clinton Administration 1997 – 2000. In 2001, Mr. Beard was appointed to serve on President George W. Bush’s Social Security Commission.

Sam Beard launched GIFT at an international conference in Bali in 2006. Bishop Desmond Tutu and Walter Cronkite were Co-Chairs.
The Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow (GIFT) – Double Charity Around the World Using the Power of Compound Interest
In 2006, Mr. Beard founded the non-profit, GIFT, the Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow. The goal of GIFT is to encourage individuals, non-profits, and corporations to use the power of compound interest to double charity around the world. The founding idea goes back to 1802 and is Ben Franklin’s. In his will, America’s Franklin left 1000 pounds each to Philadelphia and Boston and required that the money be invested untouched for 100 years. Because of the power of compound interest, hundreds of projects were funded. GIFT is using this precedent of long-term investment to double charity worldwide.
GIFT was launched in May 2006 Bali at an international conference co-chaired by Walter Cronkite and Bishop Desmond Tutu. 600 opinion makers from over 40 nations attended.

Sam with his wife Joan and children, Alex and Hillary. Photo used to launch unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate. 1987
Mr. Beard is a graduate of Yale University and earned a M.A. in history from Columbia University. He is married, the father of three children and resides in Washington.

Official Launch of The EZ Show was a Success!


WOW guys can you believe it! Hard work can turn dreams into reality. I and my movement “Hollywood The EZ Way” is living proof.

Everyone has been asking me what was my Birthday Celebration like? How was the event? Well here is exactly what happened. To start I arrived with my friends TV Personality Sarah Winchester & Super Model Maryella Perez When we walked into to the lounge of Busby’s in Hollywood California I was attacked by cameras!! My first interview was with my new producing partner of The EZ Show by Pepper Jay Productions the second was with WorldVideo.TV by my friend Cerdan I was interviewed by my other good friend Jeffrey Henderson who now has a talk show on television. I could not believe how the carpet looked and how many cameras where waiting to interview the celebrities, performers and executives that attended. Who attended you ask? See Getty Images,   WENN & Associated Press  

Photo by: Motown Maurice

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After the red carpet there was a award ceremony by myself and the Multicultural Motion Picture Association & American Society of Young Musicians 

& The EZ Way Movement. Season entertainment and business veteran Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Larry Namer now president of Metan Development Group in China and Los Angeles was awarded The official EZ Achievement Award signed off by the city and county of Los Angeles. Even the Mayor himself Mayor Antonio  Villaraigosa signed off on this particular award along with the council members of the city and county of Los Angeles.

After this, there where 2 wonderful performances by my good friends Pop Super Star Destenee Mckenzie & Dijon Talton from the TV show seaon 1 of Glee.  This night was mostly controlled by celebrity DJ Al Walser. 

Stay tuned for the first official episode of The EZ Show  by Eric Zuley and Pepper Jay productions aired on 

Pictures by: Video Fusion TV



Having fun!

The Charity


19th annual Student Filmmaker MMPA Oscar Luncheon 2012

Hey all sorry I’ve blogged behind! LOL its been a crazy week with Oscars and all. Don’t worry though I will be posting all the fun Oscars stuff that has happened. I have been getting content for many courses lately. Anyway. TIME FOR OSCARS. Ok so last Fri I went to the Oscar Luncheon as a board member of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association . Hung with my good friends Said Faraj (Green Zone), Korrina Rico (In Time), Katrina Nova, Kim Lee, (Black Eyed Peas)  Jarvee Hutcherson, (MMPA) Michael MacRae, (GLEE) Eric G. Gooden (CEOTV) Angelique Bates, (Nickelodeon ALL THAT) Bai ling (Entourage) and Greg Russel the president of the American Hiphop Awards.

This event was a great event because they were honoring student film makers.

The host was Radio Personality Sam Phillips.

Red Carpet was crowded with media. Good times in celebration of the Oscars.

More videos coming soon.

Your invited to the 2012 MMPA Oscar Week Filmmakers Luncheon

Hey guys here is a Oscar event coming up. Hit me up for ticket information.

If your s subscriber or follower of my blog you get a discount just hit me up


                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         CONTACT:  Board member Eric Zuley  

January 20, 2012                                                               (949) 836-9596                                                                                                                                                email:



              Los Angeles… Academy Award nominees past and present will once again be in full force,

              as they come out for a star-studded afternoon of camaraderie and praise for young up-and-

              coming film talent at the Multicultural Motion Picture Association’s (MMPA’s) 19th

              annual Oscar® Week luncheon.  The annual event will this year be held at the Sofitel Hotel

              Los Angeles, on Friday, February 24th, at 12:00pm, and as in previous years, will be

              among the highlights of the week’s activities leading up to the Oscars.  The MMPA’s

              annual luncheon will again be among the hottest tickets in town, this year made even hotter

              by the buzz surrounding many Golden Globe winners and potential Academy nominees

              already slated to attend this star-studded affair.

The event, which annually plays host to some of Hollywood’s notable Academy Award nominees and previous winners, will again support talented young filmmaking in their projected endeavors.  Known for bringing out celebrities, producers, directors and writers in support of talented student filmmakers, the affair will only be heightened this year, as many international artists known for some of the year’s hottest sleeper hits have already confirmed their desire to be a part of what has become known as a precursor to the Oscar weekend festivities.

As a part of the annual afternoon affair, awards are presented annually, to filmmakers selected for their creative achievements, vision and technical talent, and in addition to financial awards toward their tuition, film companies traditionally arrange gifts of technical support for scholarship recipients.  MMPA president Jarvee Hutcherson, stated that “after a solid year of burgeoning creative accomplishments on the part of our diverse film community, it continues to be inspiring to see the level of Hollywood talent who continue to express their desire to be a part of this afternoon of philanthropy and giving.”

The prestigious organization of actors, cinematographers, editors, writers, and directors has in the past played host to an array of celebrities and nominees from Salma Hayek, Robert DeNiro, Kate Winslet and Djimon Hounsou to Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, and Leonardo DiCaprio among others.  The luncheon is always anticipated and remembered for its spontaneous surprises of high-profile guests and the goodwill shared among colleagues, coming out in support of talented emerging artists.  For further information and tickets contact the MMPA or Board Member Eric Zuley


         468 N. Camden Drive, Suite 200  Beverly Hills, California

Unforgettable Charitable Evening with The Stars:”Hollywood Pre-Grammy Benefit Kickoff”

Multicultural Motion Picture Association Presents

Unforgettable Charitable Evening with The Stars:”Hollywood Pre-Grammy Benefit Kickoff”
Honoring Eric Zuley
Benefiting American Society of Young Musicians

January 27, 2010 (Hollywood, CA)- An extraordinary kickoff to the Grammy season! The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) proudly presents “Hollywood Pre-Grammy Benefit Kickoff” on Thursday, February 10, 2010 Hollywood, California from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M benefiting The American Society of Young Musicians. It will be an amazingly unforgettable evening of charitable bliss with some of Hollywood’s elite in attendance.

Honoring Media Mogul/Actor Eric Zuley A.K.A. EZ with an Achievement Award for all of his major philanthropic contributions to Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Eric Zuley
EZ is recognized as the “Entrepreneur to the Stars” with his resume ranging from PR, Acting, Owner of several networks and blogs to having his own jewelry line, ,just to name a few. Jarvee Hutcherson, President of M.M.P.A, states ” We are proud to honor Eric Zuley for his dedication and commitment to various causes and charities throughout the entertainment industry.”

Hosted by Distinguished Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Combat, Hawaii Five-0) and presenting Eric Zuley with his award of Achievement is none other than Chris Donovan (Director, Golden Globes and Spirit Awards).

You don’t want to miss the explosive, live performances by Pop Sensation Destenee, Rising Pop Group Misha Rose, Rele and Young Golf/Hip Hop Icon Lil Jordan!!!.

LiL Jordan


Pop Group Misha Rose                    Rele

The runway will be dazzling with the newest and hottest designs by Bebe, Rouge Clothing by Donna Melikian, Unique Designs and Tutto Italy Connections (Official Suit Sponsors).

This exquisite evening is sponsored by Frank G. Rubio Jewelry, Rouge Clothing, Bebe, Unique Designs and WTV Networks.

Every 2 out of 10 young musicians are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The American Society of Young Musicians (ASYM) and their dynamic programs are much needed resources for these young people. This charitable event will benefit ASYM with their commitment to youth and their development and nurturing them as they pursue their musical dreams. ASYM offers a Leadership and Mentoring Program, Support and Development Fund and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Referral for young artists.

Red Carpet will be dazzling with stars. Lights, Cameras and Action will fill the Celebrity Centre Garden Pavillion. Silent Auction with rare industry items, Gift Bags and much, much more!!!

A night of celebration, honor and giving cannot be missed!

About Eric Zuley AKA EZ:
Eric Zuley went from making the stars shine to Shining Star overnight.It all started with his commercial debut in the Axe Limo Commercial which hasoverloaded the airwaves overseas.Eric is not just an actor, he is the “Connoisseur Entrepreneur “therefore he is always on the move. He is currently sponsored by 4 companies, in development with his own TVshow and is consulting with the Directors of the Golden Globes & Spirit Awards.He has his own electronic cigarette product entitled “EZ Signatures”, He is working on his own jewelry line called “EZ Jewels”, under the exquisiteSophisticated Stone’s line . To find out more info on EZ go to or

About A.S.Y.M.:
The American Society of Young Musicians is a non-profit 501 (c) 3, National Organization comprised of individuals in the Music and Entertainment Industry, as well as various advocates of the industry, i.e., business leaders, physicians, art patrons, scholars and others who together share a common commitment to the enrichment and advancement, both educationally and musically of America’s Young Musicians. For more info please go to

For Media Credentials/Submissions and Ticket Purchase please contact Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Publicist, G.M.E Experts at

7080 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 960-3300


PERFORMANCES BY SUPER SAKO, Yung Jock, YG Known for Tooted & Booted song

Over 25 models, 20 celebrities and lots of media. Come take a load off and celebrate with me guys!!!

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