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Reesi Rocca Comic Super Hero Artist Eric Zuley Discovery “Never Afraid”


Hey everyone as you know I often will highlight talents unique artists, models actors and more… recently I spoke at the Lady In Red Rose Diamond Awards and met this talented rocker… Read below on what she is doing…. Please share, like, comment… I appreciate your support!

REESI ROCCA ROCKS HER “NEVER AFRAID” VIDEO SHOOT with a flying “batmobile,” “Michael Jackson” and her GOLDEN RETRIEVER


About a month ago over the course of two weeks, singer/songwriter Reesi Rocca filmed assorted scenes for her opulently deluxe “Never Afraid” song video. I was there to film stills for two nights of same, the green screen work with the brand-new-on-the-market Polaris Slingshot (the futuristic vehicle above,) and the night with the full band and chorus line of enthusiastic 11-year-old girls dancing their hearts out to Reesi’s positive messages for them. Both evenings featuring a Michael Jackson that isn’t a hologram, and Reesi’s beloved Golden Retriver Miss JJ.


What I love about about Reesi’s songs/performance is her all out passion placed directly into a commercial style normally reserved for the latest pop/rock formulae.  What I love about Reesi’s professionalism is her adeptness at actually executing her ideas however wild, a rare instance of follow-through for Tinseltown! 


  Thus when she outlined the video for me to shoot stills for in which her Golden Retriever JJ would be joining her in a flying bed launched aloft by the former’s prayers and dreams, which then morphs into a batmobile-y Polaris Slingshot in which JJ, “Michael Jackson” along for inspiration and Reesi also take flight into into the heavens, this is exactly what happened in the production. Her Michael Jackson impersonator (real name: Scorpio Spier) was spot on in looks plus fancy footwork and even made jokes in character in the downtime between takes.



Reesi Rocca is a proud member of #eZWayAccess
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Viva Doll
Viva Doll Angelina Sky
– Winner “VIVE” AWARD for Artist Excellent Achievement – Nominated & Winner of “VIVE Awards 2013”
– Had #1 Song on Billboard Chart (Hits of the World)
– 3 Top Ten Radio Hits (Central America, Germany, Austria, Portugal)
– Over 16,400 “likes” on Facebook – Sold over 500,000 Cd’s worldwide
Viva Doll has written songs for many popular singers, to name a few, Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles, as well as a few others, like Gemini (Japan).
VIVA Doll was quickly signed to American/European Dance Label Max Music with Universal distribution, where she recorded her hit song, “Nirvana”, that charted #1 on the Billboard charts (Dance) the “Hits of the World”. Song “Nirvana” remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Sold over 500,000 worldwide, (CD compilation, “Maquina Total”)
Viva Doll also recorded 3 more songs that charted top 10 radio play in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Central America.
Viva Doll re-released “Everybody’s Beautiful” (SuperStar) a Radio Hit on Power 106, Super Estrella,  in Spanish & English, which VIVAperformed “Live” at many LA clubs throughout, establishing a huge following and fan base who loved the song and recognized the radio hit instantly!
Dance hit song “Keep on Dreaming” became a top ten radio hit in Central America, which also was released in the States.
Dance song European hit “Boobies Boobies”,  ranked top ten radio play in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.
Viva Doll Angelina Sky is now independent, recording and producing alongside Radz Records.
There is no question on the professionalism of this talented singer, producer, song-writer, “Viva Doll” Viva Angelina Sky worked with many top producers in her musical career, Christian De Walden (Marta Sanchez), Casey Porter (Ricky Martin), Tomas Cookman, Francisca Moroder & Georgio Moroder (Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer..)
Viva Doll has performed “live” at various events and venues, Fiesta Broadway concert in Los Angeles, Fiestas Patrias, House of Blues in Hollywood, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and has toured Europe & Central America. Viva is an amazing performer, she has such control over her voice, as she also plays guitar on a few of her Latin songs.
It’s a must-see show when you combine ” Viva & a stage”. Viva Doll always sings “live”, she loves to give true meaning to her
performances. This talented singer not only has amazing vocal range, 5 octave, and incredible song writing abilities, but also has beautiful doll-like looks that capture everyone’s attention, she looks like a living doll, therefore naming her “Viva The Doll” (Viva La Muñeca”)
Viva Doll Angelina Sky is a complete package of talent, with unstoppable energy and her contagious smile and laugh, she has such a beautiful soul that everyone who meets Viva sees the talent she has from within her heart.
Viva Doll Angelina Sky Recorded her full 11 song Spanish album. 2014, Co-Produced and Arranged by Viva, as well as original songs by Viva.
In 2015 currently recording a new English EDM electronic ROCK full CD, which will also be released in Spanish.
Viva Doll will be singing the National Anthem on July 23rd at the 2015 Special Olympics Welcoming Ceremony Hosted by the City of Mission Viejo and sponsored by EZWAYBROADCASTING.COM
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Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Hey EZWAYZERS So I have known this talented girl and am proud to call her a friend who I have known for over 7 years. She is a talented singer, producer, director and dj. Check out her latest project. Support her as you would me! Thanks. #EZWAY

EDM Artist Destenee Releases Illuminate Music Video

Posted: Nov 20, 2014 7:34 AM PSTUpdated: Nov 21, 2014 5:36 AM PST



Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2014 / “I think she’s the most talented and innovative female entertainer to blossom in the new millennium. The girl not only writes and produce her own records, she even directs her own music videos” – says Jay Dixon, talent manager at DTP. “Destenee” is way more than just your typical recording artist.”

Blazing her own path as a music producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and otherwise entertainment powerhouse: Destenee continues to demonstrate that her seemingly overnight talent is the end result of her relentless commitment to improvement, excellent research skills, and selfless sacrifice. With an unassuming spirit that breathes sex appeal, Destenee is turning heads everywhere.


“I guess I am very blessed, but its not because things get handed over to me. In the end I do things myself because it’s easier than having to explain them plus I have a certain vision for things. Everyday I discover a pure soul out there willing to help me manifest my dreams” – says Destenee. “I wanted to give my fans a piece of me with this video… something very special while finishing up my album, which I titled “Flight Of The Dov.”

“In the video I have four protagonists who I carefully selected from hundreds of actors who came to audition. The entire process was tedious but a lot of fun. I love all four characters because they all represent a part of me. We have Isabel who plays the picked on girl and Logan who plays the clown who tries so hard, yet all he gets is ignored and rejected. We also have Hanna who gets dumped by her bf and feels broken hearted and hopeless. Then we have Sam who feels lonely and is very unhappy. The light represents hope and the infinite possibilities all around us. I want to show people to follow – no, chase the light and not give up on their dreams. My tiny Chihuahua King Mufasa did a cameo and we shot at some real cool locations. I especially loved shooting at Barbara Mendes’ colorful Art Gallery. I directed the video and co-produced it with my mom and business partner Noemi Torres who took care of the cast and the crew, hair, make up, wardrobe, costumes, everything, I mean, she’s amazing! Teaming up with expert filmmaker Joe Gonzales again made everything so much easier. It was a great honor working alongside Bill Montei who also produced and spent tireless hours editing the video. Music producer and composer Chris Hayman helped me with pre-production and shot the Behind The Scenes segment.”

The Billboard chart topping sensation maintains an unmatched combination of talent and beauty. Currently signed to her very own label imprint Kestebray Music Group, Destenee has been building her reputation for almost a decade. Being coined as one of the most beautiful artists of the new millennium, the Massachusetts native prefers to be known for her talent as a music producer having already completed records for the likes of Rihanna, Ciara, Leona Lewis, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz among others. She is single handedly creating most if not all the tracks for her studio album, which is set for release in January 2015.

The Boston prolific songwriter and musician who put her very own Destenee’s EDM Power Hour show on hiatus so she could complete the recordings for her album, will be showing off her other talents on the major featured film Sister Switch also to be released in 2015. Gracing the covers of magazines such as Pulse and Nickii Jean, Destenee is a magnet for sponsors and endorsements of fashion brands like Bebe and MAC Cosmetics, music brands like Parker Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Randall Amps, and the audio giant Sennheiser.

Destenee is carving her own world recognition by creating her very own DovFest, a one of a kind music festival featuring her own music and those of her peers and fellow DJ Producers.

The video can be viewed on as well as

For media inquiries on Destenee, please contact:

Patricia Taylor Inedres PR (323) 400-1990

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Teens On Air Hottest new radio show for Teens

This Friday May 2nd 2014

For the first time in radio history, teens now have their own station! Teens On Air is a weekly radio talk show which broadcasts live from Hollywood on Friday evenings at 6pm on EZ Way Broadcasting. The celebrity host is none other than teen sensation Zach Callison from Cartoon Network.


Zach gives teens a first hand perspective on some of the challenges he faces as a working actor. At any given time, you never know what teen celeb guest or co hosts of Zach’s will show up to chat with fans. Also, the newest upcoming and never before heard music in teen world gets served first hand from Zach’s iPod! The Zpod! As well as some rocked out charities that Zach has chosen to spotlight. News, teen tips, and more! Find the Lowdown in H-Town only with Teens On Air


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Emaculent BrightLife Music artist releases new song “Long Run”

Emaculent Is Here to Keep Hip-Hop Alive

Emaculent ads




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Brightlife Music recording artist’s Emaculent finally drops The highly anticipated album “15 minutes to E” deluxe version in store March 18th 2014 after a lot of speculations that the album will never be completed. Brightlife music took chance to signed the Detroit native and west coast resident “Emaculent “. The album is finally out and its official ,features list that includes the likes of R & B sensation Ray J. and hip hop icon Lazie Bone from the legendary rap group, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Emaculent’s widely anticipated LP”15 Mins. to E “is sure to grab the attention of many hip hop fans worldwide. Whether you’re a snap back and tattoos kind of guy, rhythmic beat boxer, back pack rapper or old school DJ, one thing is certain throughout – Emac’s delivery, rhythmic melodies, and detailed lyrical visuals will have you vibing and bobbing along with every beat and flow. Enjoy it !!!

Featuring “Long Run “ Impacting Radio Now


Emaculent MC


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EZ TALK LIVE Gets live on Music & Film


The Full show is here!

Hey guys so I had another hot show of EZ TALK LIVE on EZ WAY TV powered by Roscoes Media Center. We started out by supporting the Devoted to youth event then rolled in Jackson Limousine to our studio to broadcast live! Our guests were very talented. Alana Lee who is a actress and artist gave the show a sneak peak of her new song called Shadow Dancers which her 160,000 + Facebook fans were anxiously waiting to hear! Needless to say she rocked it. Then we had a hot performance by a artist named BLU NYLE I felt like I was watching Lil Kim, Lil Wayne mixed with with something funky and fresh! We also had actors Chillie Mo and Tyler Gallant who are going to be in the new movie Poison Sky which is shooting now. On the business side of things we had the business strategist to the stars Shellie Hunt who kept it real the whole time. Lets not forget about the lovable prankster TV personality Reatha Grey.

I was accompanied by my co-hosts Natasha Lloyd aka Goldiloxx and TKO. This was one of our more off the cuff complete improv shows and was a lot of fun!

I apologize if videos don’t work on mobile (out of my hands, blame (WordPress or Youtube) go to my fans page Eric Zuley Fans or EZ Way TV



Chillie Mo

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and the full show coming soon…

For now here are some shots to enjoy

EZ the Hollywood it guy Performs with Saint Tone Band

Yes guys you are reading and you heard right… Eric Z EZ The Hollywood it guy does perform. Get ready to start seeing a side of EZ you have never really seen before…

Rise up poster with eric

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Moe Ager Magic with Sports and Music on EZ WAY BROADCASTING

Sports & Music with Moe Ager #18

TODAY 2 pm pst


Sports and Music with Moe Ager features host Maurice “Moe” Ager who brings his talent and drive as a former NBA player and now an artist, writer, producer, musician to the show. S&N analyzes the world of sports with insider Moe and his celebrity athlete friends. Moe will be giving new artists opportunities to showcase their music and talents. Fans will hear the amazing sounds of creativity through the music of Moe on his new album Moe Town Vol. 1 and his production company Moe Ager Productions on his upcoming television show Moe Town.

Make sure to listen to former NBA star Moe Ager’s show every Tues. 2 pm pst on my station


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Rihanna smacks Michael Cera Emma watson Wields a Axe

Rihanna smacks Michael Cera and Emma Watson wields an

axe in ‘This is the End’

Rihanna smacks Cera in the crazy trailer for 'This is the End'
Rihanna smacks Cera in the crazy trailer for ‘This is the End’
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Rihanna smacks Michael Cera in the new trailer for “This is the End.” According to an April 3 report by E! Online, the sexy singer gets to attack the hipster king after he slaps her on the behind. Emma Watson also attacks a group of guys with an axe when they don’t behave the way that she wants them to.

“This is the End” is the ultimate meta movie — it stars a bunch of celebs playing bizarro versions of themselves. It’s also loaded with the stars of popular stoner comedies, with “Pineapple Express” costars James Franco and Seth Rogen reuniting to join Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Danny McBride. Other funny celebs featured in the film include Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel, Aziz Ansari, Craig Robinson, Mindy Kaling, and Kevin Hart.

In one scene, Rihanna smacks Cera after he tries to help himself to a handful of her behind, and she shouts at the actor, “Don’t f–king touch my bum, bitch!” Michael Cera’s slap is avenged when Rihanna gets swallowed up by a sinkhole, but later he meets his end by getting impaled with a pole.

Emma Watson also makes an appearance as an axe-wielding madwoman who robs James Franco and his pals, prompting Danny McBride to lament, “Hermione just stole all our s–t.” So why is there so much madness in the “This is the End” trailer?

The movie is about Franco and his friends throwing the ultimate house party by inviting a massive amount of celebs over to drink and do drugs. However, the party turns into “Project X” on steroids when the apocalypse hits. There’s fire in the sky; dinosaurs roam the Earth once again; and it even looks like some people get abducted by aliens. Franco and his friends have to stick together as they struggle to survive, but things get tough when Emma steals their limited stash of supplies — James and his pals were hoping to live off of a Milky Way bar, a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, some beer, and a bag of weed.

So it’s a good thing that the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012 — the movie looks pretty amazing, and it would have really sucked to miss it because of a pesky real apocalypse.

“This is the End” hits theaters on June 14.

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Grammy’s News

Awesome story by The New york Times

Grammys Measure Present By the Past

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Frank Ocean won the Grammy for best urban contemporary album for “Channel Orange.” More Photos »

Published: February 11, 2013

Imagine, if you will, the Grammy Awards of 2045. The winners will be a diverse lot: young pop-rappers who sound like suburban Wiz Khalifas; dance-music producers using the dubstep drop ironically; all manner of Taylor Swift revivalists; pop-R&B-hip-hop hybridizers who sample Drake, maybe Mumford & Sons.


Live Blogging the Grammys

Running commentary from the show with Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for The New York Times, and Dave Itzkoff, a culture reporter

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Room for Debate

Are Awards Worth the Hype?

Do awards dictate too often what we decide to view, listen to or read? Or do they lose their power and appeal once the hype wears down?

Arts & Entertainment Guide

A sortable calendar of noteworthy cultural events in the New York region, selected by Times critics.

And what a mistake all that will be.

That’s because the voters will by and large be the artists, producers, engineers and more of today — which means that there will be representatives from rock, and also teen-pop, hip-hop, dance music and so on (provided that the current generation of Grammy voters doesn’t exclude them with voter fraud measures).

And think of the complaints future generations of critics will lodge: the Grammys favor familiar modes! Youthful innovation is not being rewarded!

Complaining about the Grammys is perennial and inevitable, because the structure of the award giving, which is flawed, is also etched in stone: the representatives of yesteryear weighing in on the acts of today.

The systemic issues in the Grammy voting pool are unlikely to change: younger artists and industry professionals will, in general, participate less, as will artists from less-established genres, whatever those might be three decades from now. Older voters will continue to vote long after they are past their peak relevance.

That means that generally the voters with the most time and energy invested in voting will be the ones with the least time and energy invested in current music making. There will almost certainly never be harmony between those who make the music and those who determine its Grammy fate.

Why complain, then? One, the historical record matters. For better or for worse, the Grammy tally will be used as a measuring stick for future generations to understand the past, and when it’s flawed, as it reliably is, it disrupts the proper writing of history.

What’s more, there remains a serious misalignment between the shape, scale and range of what popular music is and what the Grammys capture. They remain boneheaded about hip-hop, R&B and country, a point they proved this year with their showering of riches upon the full spectrum of vanguard-free rock bands. The garage-rock revivalists Black Keys won three awards, for best rock performance, best rock song and best rock album, and the group member Dan Auerbach won for producer of the year, nonclassical. The Queen imitators Fun won best new artist and song of the year, and the Peter Gabriel-manqué Gotye won record of the year, best pop duo/group performance, and best alternative music album. The Dust Bowl fetishists Mumford & Sons won album of the year, the night’s top prize.

It was the award ceremony equivalent of spreading bets on a roulette table or giving out participation ribbons at a summer camp track meet. But while those acts are all young, or youngish, they unfailingly hew to old styles, dating back in some cases to the 1930s. If the Grammy narrative is to be believed, the last time there was musical innovation worthy of celebration was the mid-1980s, which may well line up with the prime creative period of many Grammy voters.

Not coincidentally, hip-hop and dance music, which reached their commercial primes more recently (or are still ascendant), were shut out of the main category nominations: Jay-Z, Kanye West and Skrillex won three awards each in the genre categories, and Drake won one. Also, the lone hip-hop performance was the night’s closing set, which included Chuck D of Public Enemy and LL Cool J, rappers two decades past their peak relevance, or, in other words, Grammy-voter manna.

The primary, loosely construed exception to the forward-looking nomination freeze-out was the R&B singer Frank Ocean, who was nominated six times and won twice, including for best urban contemporary album, a new category that in no way correlates to an actual genre, and feels as if it were invented so that Mr. Ocean might win something on his own — his other award was for best rap/sung collaboration, with Jay-Z, Mr. West and The-Dream — without disrupting the reign of rock. Additionally, the silky R&B singer Miguel was nominated for song of the year, and the pop-country wunderkind Taylor Swift was nominated for record of the year; both lost.

Adele won best pop solo performance for the second year running, for a live version of a song released a year earlier, beating Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Carly Rae Jepsen in what was either pure travesty or the richest parody in Grammy history. Do Grammy voters receive a shock every time they vote for someone other than Adele?

Unlike, say, the Oscars, where expensive awards campaigns can tilt voters in a film’s direction, the Grammys appear largely impervious to influence, reasonable or otherwise. (An exception was the unknown Al Walser, nominated in the best dance recording category, who gamed the system by convincing out-of-touch Grammy voters that he was a legitimate contender.)

That means that the structural problems will remain. (This year’s broadcast drew 28.37 million viewers, the second-best ratings since 1993, though down from last year’s 39.9 million.) Compound that with the woeful and clunky arrangement of performances, which serves to compress as many faces as possible into allotted time slots. Some younger stars were given a big platform, like Mr. Ocean, Ms. Swift and Rihanna. But many were effectively supervised by an older peer — Ed Sheeran with Elton John, Bruno Mars with Sting — or put in service of tribute, like Zac Brown, Mumford & Sons and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, all part of the Levon Helm celebration. And plenty were altogether excluded: Drake, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Mr. West and so on.

What’s left is an impression that the generation of musicians genuinely driving pop into a bolder future isn’t to be trusted. History will frown on this. And the future is likely to repeat it.

Eric Zuley interviews on WTV The EZ Way

Hey guys thought I would share with you some of my latest interviews  

IM5 Band Radio interview

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IM5 Band on EZ TALK by EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st Live!



Don’t miss IM5 Band on EZ Talk on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Feb 1st. Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley will be talking to them about there new music video “Can’t Stay Away” with Bella Thorne from the hit TV Series on Disney Channel Shake it up. There struggles and advice to their fans.

Interview to be held live 2pm pst on EZ TALK Show hosted by Eric ‘EZ’ ZuleyFollow @EZWAYBROADCAST for more info

Future stars collection fashion line launch by Sam Sarpong and Vanessa Curry

Hey guys, Happy Holidays!

So after a 3 and a half hour drive from Orange County to Hollywood Ca, in dead stop traffic


I finally made it to my good friend actor, artist, host, male super model Sam Sarpong new clothing launch at Screaming Famous Clothing off Melrose Ave.


This was a pretty cool event. I had invited my friends Steven Skyler, Hector David Jr. actors that play the gold ranger and green ranger on the currently airing show on Nickelodeon, Power Rangers Super Samurai.


We all got some cool Jewelry and clothing.. thanks again to KD Luxe Jewelry.


Press was there Pr Photos,, Actors Reporter and more.. Beautiful models and of course the stars of the night Sam Sarpong and Pussycat DollsVanessa Curry.


Stay tuned for my awesome interviews! I have a exclusive EZ Way only 8 min. interview with Sam And Vanessa that will blow your mind!



Oh year! We also stopped by Ryan Torres of Avenue Entertainment Managements client David Fernandez Jr. Actor in the new movie End of watch

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MTV News Story: Info on how to get nominated for Grammy Sort of…AL WALSER

Dec 10 2012 4:54 PM EST 1,148

Exclusive: Al Walser Won’t Be Stripped Of His Grammy Nom

‘The bottom line is he got the votes,’ Recording Academy spokesperson says of Walser’s surprise Best Dance Music nom.

By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ)


 PHOTO BY: Allen Berezovsky

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of Al Walser, the Liechtenstein-born DJ/promotion machine/spacesuit enthusiast who somehow nabbed a Best Dance Music Recording Grammy nomination for his song “I Can’t Live Without You,” despite the fact that 90 percent of the folks in the dance community had never heard of him.

Walser’s nomination was met with bemused befuddlement by folks who cover EDM, and has spawned no shortage of conspiracy theories, which ran the gamut from elaborate trolling schemes to the (more probable) suggestion that Walser managed to game the system by actively promoting his music on, the social community open to members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Al Walser ‘Nourished’ His Song To A Grammy Nomination

Regardless, overnight, Walser’s surprise nod has kicked off a new round of debate about the Grammy voting process and the actual expertise of the voters themselves, not to mention the validity of an award that aims to highlight the best in a diverse array of musical genres. Up until now, the Recording Academy has remained silent on the issue, but on Monday (December 10), Bill Freimuth, the organization’s vice president of awards, spoke to MTV News about the controversy surround Walser’s nomination and what — if anything — the Academy plans to do about it.

In short: not a whole lot.

“The bottom line is he got the votes. That’s the long and the short of it: people voted for him. We believe that he was a very active marketer of his work, and got his music out to lots and lots of our voting membership, and they chose to vote for it,” Freimuth said. “The [Grammy] ballot gets a really thorough audit by our auditors at Deloitte — and they do find block voting and other kinds of anomalies every year and they do end up disqualifying ballots because of that. But they found nothing really anomalous or wrong with the votes surrounding this nomination.”

And because of that, Freimuth said the Academy has no plans of stripping Walser of his nomination, or rescinding his membership to NARAS. He also added that, while the Academy has been “looking at the issue” of overly ambitious promoters (and how they may influence Grammy voters), there are no firm plans in place to actually police the process.

“We don’t have rules in place that prohibit that kind of lobbying … the difficulties are that, first of all, we do want independent artists that may not have enormous marketing budgets to be able to make other voting members aware of their work, so for that reason, our rules are rather wide open,” he said. “We don’t allow people to solicit directly at our own events, and there are further restrictions put on our elected officials of the Academy, but mostly it’s wide open. And another reason for that is that it would be nearly impossible to police; we’ve looked into technological fixes, but there are ways around all of them.”

Of course, he does expect that the outrage being voiced by members of the EDM community could end up changing the way nominees in the Dance categories are selected in subsequent Grammys.

“We have an Awards and Nominations Committee process, it’s a large committee made up entirely of voting members, and they meet once a year to go over proposals submitted to make changes,” Freimuth said. “And in a case like this, I would not be surprised to see proposals coming from the Dance community, given that they’re evidently so unhappy with this particular nomination, they might come up with rules such that it might never happen again.

“The only thing they could do is what several of the other genres have chosen to do … which is to create an interregnum step between the first ballot and the announcement of the nominations,” he continued. “Country music is one of the fields that has this; they have a nominations review committee that meets, made up of voting members of the Academy, they meet for two or three days and go through the top 15 selections from voting members, and they sit in the room and listen to all of them back to back, and they then vote via secret ballot to narrow those 15 down to five.”

And while Freimuth said he couldn’t speak on behalf of the more than 13,000 voting members of the Academy, he did admit to being conflicted by Walser’s nomination. Though, at the end of the day, there’s little that can be done to change the situation … and, again, he did get the votes.

“It’s a tough one. I’m disappointed to learn that we have a nominee whose music is not embraced by the community from which he comes; that’s always hard to hear,” Freimuth said. “That said, I congratulate Mr. Walser as a nominee along with all the other nominees, because he certainly earned his Grammy nomination, whether it was through the power or quality of his music alone, or his ability to market that in a way that appealed to our members.”

What do you think of Al Walser’s Grammy nom? Let us know in the comments below.

 Credit: MTV NEWS
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Eric Zuley Interviews on EZ Talk on EZ Way Broadcasting the Latin Legend Baby Bash

Designed by: Anthony Armenta

Interviewing Baby Bash was very insightful for me. Normally celebrities at has caliber are not as humble as him. We had a very interesting conversation on how important it is to be humble in the industry, what keeps him humble? and how he became Baby Bash. We also talked about his hit music videos which gathered millions and millions of fans with his collaborations with Akon, T-Pain, Sean Kingston, Too Short, PitBull and much more… Did you know that Baby Bash did most of his casting for his videos himself? Did you know that Ray J & Baby Bash have a song coming out? I didn’t… Find out all this and much more on this interview… Shoutout to Tye Anderson Hollywood for the introduction.



Sponsored by: Anthony Armenta Designs

Justin Bieber Domination at the American Music Awards


Wow this years American Music Awards was cool. Some of the performances… I think they could have picked some better people. (Just my opinon) I think the Ludacris, Swiss Beats, Chris Brown performance was hot. The grand finally final performances of Stevie Wonder tribute to Dick Clark and the Gundam style MC HAMMER performance was a cool twist! I think Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj handled themselves very well excepting their awards. I also thought it was cool that Bieber brought up his mom when he received artist of the year.

America proved its Bieber Fever was strong: The teen singer dominated the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Bieber’s wins included the show’s top award, artist of the year. His mom joined him onstage as he collected the trophy, beating out Rihanna, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and Drake.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“I wanted to thank you for always believing in me,” Bieber said, looking to his mom.

The 18-year-old also won the honor in 2010. He said it’s “hard growing up with everyone watching me” and asked that people continue to believe in him.

Bieber and Nicki Minaj performed together — and separately — at the AMAs, and were both multiple winners.

Credity: ABCNEWS

But another collaboration was the night’s most colorful performance: Korean rapper PSY and MC Hammer. Hammer joined the buzzed-about pop star for his viral hit “Gangnam Style.” PSY rocked traditional “Hammer” pants as they danced to his jam and to Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit.”

Bieber won favorite pop/rock male artist in the first award handed out at Sunday’s show and gave a shout-out to those who didn’t think he would last on the music scene.

“I want to say this is for all the haters who thought I was just here for one or two years. I feel like I’m going to be here for a very long time,” he said.

He also won favorite pop/rock album for his platinum-selling third album, “Believe.” He gave a stripped down, acoustic performance of “As Long As You Love Me,” then transitioned to the dance-heavy “Beauty and a Beat,” where Minaj joined him onstage, grinding with the teen for a few seconds.

Minaj, who wore three different wigs and four outfits throughout the night, repeated her AMAs wins from last year, picking up trophies for favorite rap/hip-hop artist and album for “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.” She was in an all-white get-up, including fur coat and pink hair when she performed her new song “Freedom.” The scene was ghostly and snowy, as a choir — also in white — joined her onstage. One background singer stole the performance, belting semi-high notes as Minaj looked on.

As Bieber won his second award, he was kissed on the neck by Jenny McCarthy, who presented the award.

“Wow. I feel violated right now,” he said, laughing.

“I did grab his butt,” McCarthy said backstage. “I couldn’t help it. He was just so delicious. So little. I wanted to tear his head off and eat it.”

Bieber’s red and black outfit seemed to be the night’s theme, as Taylor Swift and Usher wore similar ensembles.

Usher kicked off the three-hour show with green laser lights beaming onstage as he performed a medley of songs, including “Numb,” ”Climax” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” which featured a smoky floor and a number of backup dancers, as Usher jammed in all black, with the exception of his red shoes. He won favorite soul/R&B male artist.

Swift won her fifth consecutive award for favorite country female artist.

“This is unreal. I want to thank the fans. You guys are the ones who voted on this,” she said.

Swift gave a masquerade-themed performance of the pop song “I Knew You Were Trouble.” She sang onstage in a light dress while dancers wore mostly black. But then she changed into a red corset and black skirt, matching their dark mood. She even danced and sang on the floor as lights flickered throughout the performance.

Dick Clark, who created the AMAs, was remembered by Ryan Seacrest and an upbeat performance by Stevie Wonder.

“What a producer he was,” said Seacrest, as Wonder sang his hits, including “My Cherie Amour.”

Carly Rae Jepsen, who performed early in the night, won favorite new artist.

“I am floored. Wow,” she said, thanking Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun.

Party girl Ke$ha was glammed up on the red carpet, rocking long, flowy blonde hair and a light pink dress. She switched to her normal attire when she performed her hit single “Die Young.” It was tribal, with shirtless dancers in skin-tight pants, silver hair and skeleton-painted faces, who also played the drums. Ke$ha was pants-less, rocking knee-high boots and rolling on the floor as she finished up the song.

Minaj and Christina Aguilera were blonde bombshells, too: Minaj’s hair was busy and full of volume and she sported a neon strapless gown to accept her first award. Aguilera wore a blonde bob in a purple dress that matched her eyeshadow.

Aguilera performed a medley of material from her new album and joined Pitbull onstage.

Kelly Clarkson also hit the stage, making a nod to her “American Idol” roots with a number on her dress and three judges looking on as she sang “Miss Independent.” Then she went into “Since U Been Gone,” ”Stronger” and “Catch My Breath.” It’s worth noting that “Idol” judge Randy Jackson introduced Clarkson, the first-ever winner of the show. He also advised people to donate through Red Cross for Superstorm Sandy victims.

Fellow “Idol” winner Carrie Underwood won best favorite country album and performed, hitting the right notes while singing “Two Black Cadillacs.” She talked about singing competition shows backstage.

“These people that go on these shows are so talented, you know? And I would love to see if so many of the other artists that are out there today would go back and try out for these shows, because they might get their behinds kicked by some of the contestants,” she said.

Luke Bryan won favorite country male artist and Lady Antebellum favorite country group.

American Music Awards nominees were selected based on sales and airplay, and fans chose the winners by voting online. At this award show, even the stars were fans: Pink said on the red carpet that she’d like to collaborate with Lauryn Hill. Cyndi Lauper said her musical playlist includes Pink and Minaj. Boy band The Wanted said they were excited to see PSY and Colbie Caillat wanted to watch No Doubt.

“What makes the American Music Awards special is the fans choose the winning artists,” said Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who won favorite alternative rock artist and performed “Burn It Down,” as Brandy sang along and Gwen Stefani, Usher and Phillip Phillips bobbed their heads.

David Guetta won the show’s first-ever electronic dance music award. Non-televised awards went to Katy Perry for pop/rock female artist, Beyonce for soul/R&B female artist, Adele for adult contemporary artist and Shakira for Latin artist.

Credit: Idolator

Credit: Swagger Newyork

Credit: Washington Post

Along with Rihanna, Minaj was the top nominee with four nominations.


AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen contributed to this report from Los Angeles.


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By MESFIN FEKADU | Associated Press

Steven Skyler Gold Ranger Tells you The Secret The EZ Way

Steven Skyler

Plays the Gold Ranger on Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Super Samurai


Friday 11-02-2012

2pm pst

Call in # (914) 338-1303




Click to download on ITUNES LISTSEN

Sahyba Ray J’s Artist Performs Marco Polo Carson High School Students Go Nuts!

Hey guys!! Ok so if you didn’t know.. I am apart of the Knockout Entertainment Family. Knockout Ent. being Ray J’s Company. If you guys remember my post about 8 + months ago about Sahyba the beautiful talented Mutli language speaking pop artist, who is now known for her song Marco Polo. Well now she is killing it in many other ways. I said before this girl will end up giving Rihanna a run for her money! looks like I was right. Stay tuned for my short interview with Ray J and Sahyba before and after her performance for all the juicy details.’The EZ Way’

Follow me @Eric Zuley  @Sahybaforever @RayJ

Here are some Sneak Peaks of the performance

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Sam Sarpong Revere Magazine and Miranimotors present Sam “Future” Sarpong “Muzik of tha Future” tour at RNB Live ‘The EZ Way’

Hey guys just wanted to show love once again for my man Sam killing its usual make sure to check out my pod cast interview with him

Radio interview

Revere Magazine and Miranimotors present Sam “Future” Sarpong “Muzik of tha Future” tour at RNB Live!!!

Cameras were rolling as the last months winner of the dub car show, a slick white 2012 limited edition Maserati pulled up to RNB Live Wednesday night. People waited anxiously for the doors to open. Sam “Future” Sarpong climbed out with a handle full of stunning women draped in gorgeous gowns. Two of the women were Nat and Jenn Bashari, “Future Star Twins” and costars on Sam’s “Life of an Entertainer” documentary/biography. If anyone knows how to show up in style Sarpong knows how to and he does it graciously. Once they stepped out paparazzi swamped them with “flashing lights. “Coming into the main door of the club was a huge photograph of supermodel, host, and rapper Sam Sarpong himself. The photo was of the October premiere issue where Sarpong was on the cover. Large amounts of people moved from the main room to the outside hallway seating area that over looked the front of the club. People sat above and looked over the railing to see who would show up next for the red carpet. Tons of young Hollywood attended including “Make it or Break it” star Chelsea Hopps, and America’s Next Top Model Kacey Leggett. Actors Darius Love, Matt Cohen attended. Young and Restless star actress Brenda Epperson said on camera, “Sam is a great guy.” She continued, “He is a very humbled and blessed individual. One thing he knows how to do is pull a female. His VIP section was crammed with over 100 people eighty percent of them being women. This was a great “Who’s Who in Hollywood event.” This was a big night at RNB Live, not only was Sarpong headlining the event but the owners of the club Greg, Ted, and Felipe were celebrating the clubs 20th Anniversary and Greg’s birthday. The epic night was put on by Revere Lifestyle Magazine and Mirani, a luxury car company that costume makes cars for celebs. Sam said, “Performing at RNB Live was great. Ted, Felipe, and Greg are like family to me. I have known them forever and the have the best band in the business period.” Sam opened up with old school cover favorites LL Cool J’s “I need love” and “Hay Lover.” He closed with hits off his album, “Muzik of tha Future.” The world is in for a treat with the “Muzik of tha Future” tour next up Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles on October 4th, and Rolling Stone Bar & Restaurant. October 12th SAM will be on tour for the next year worldwide please check his face book for tour dates.

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EZ Hosts Tomorrow Night with International Super Star Aadesh Shrivastava


Come do it The EZ Way with me and Aadesh Bollywood Super Star tomorrow night. Yes I will be doing The EZ Show. You will be featured on it if you come.

Aadesh Shrivastava Bollywood Super Star Shooting She wants some fun in Hollywood

Yo guys you know me always discovering new talents. This is a bad a$% artist in India Bollywood! Making noise and now hitting the west cost. This guy is like the Michael Jackson of India I heard out there!! Peep his music out…. He is doing his music video with Universal music group on thurs. I may be there if you have any questions for him. Actually wait!! He is coming to support me at my first shoot at Qubeey Tues. Aug 28th its going down…. Support this dude he is doing it The EZ Way!!! 


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Article compliments of Real Talk Rawefeed Radio KCLA FM Radio
Aadesh Shrivastava 
      Born 4 September 1966 is an Indian composer and singer. He was born in a Hindu Kayastha family in Jabalpur. Over the course of his career, he has composed the music for over 100 Hindi films. His wife Vijeta Pandit is a former Bollywood actress and the sister of the composer duo Jatin Lalit. Shrivastava also serves as the vice president of the Music Composers Association of India. Shrivastava wanted to become a doctor, but his passion for music was so strong that he decided to make his career as a composer. He learned to play the drums, and shifted to Mumbai where he met composers Sapan-Jagmohan. He then proceeded to gain a foothold in the industry by playing drums for music directors such as O. P. NayyarShankar Jaikishan and Salil Chowdhury. He assisted Laxmikant-Pyarelal for almost a decade before taking the responsibility of a professional composer. Shrivastava got his first big break with film Kanyadaan in the year 1993. Among the singers who sang in this movie, there was Lata Mangeshkar who sang his first song. But the film did not release, and the songs went unnoticed. The same thing happened with Jaane Tamanna, but he bounced back with Aao Pyaar Karen. One track, Haathon mein jo aa gaya jo kal was a hit. His other films are Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya and Shastra. The chart buster Kya ada kya jalwe tere Paro from the film Shastra got him in the limelight once again. In 1998, his music in the film Angaarey became a hit. Sona sona, Shava shava, Gustakhiyaan and Gur nalon ishq mitha. He won accolades for his work in Kunwara, Tarkieb and Shikari in the year 2000. In 2001, his success continued with the movie Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai. In 2005, he was a judge on the talent hunt show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005. The following year he turned to direction with his short film on child prostitution, “Sanaa”. In 2009 he made a cameo in the film World Cupp 2011 and returned to television as a judge on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009. His semi-classical song Mora Piya from Raajneeti became a hit in 2010.
On the international front Shrivastava has collaborated with artists such as AkonJulia Fordham and Wyclef Jean. Together with Akon, he has launched an India-wide talent search on the website which uses music analysis technology to predict the hit potential of new songs. Other international artists he has collaborated with include Dominic MillerShakira, and T-Pain.
      Shrivastava is married to Vijeta Pandit, the sister of Jatin Lalit and actress Sulakshana Pandit. They have two sons. His elder brother Chitresh Shrivastava owned Eyeline Telefilm and Events, the event management company implicated in the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan black money incident. He died in an automobile accident on 7 May 2011 while on tour with Fateh Ali Khan. Aadesh Shrivastava was diagnosed with cancer in December 2010 and went through chemotherapy. And today he’s here in America having some fun!!

Post your comments on what you think of his music! This post is available for saturation!! Feel free to grab it

Oprah’s favorite Abraham Mcdonald is Guest on EZ’s Podcast Aug. 10th 2012

What do @IAMQUEENLATIFAH @@niecynash @MichelleObama@Oprah @KellyPrice4Real @MonicaBrown all have in common? The voice of @AbrahamMcDonald

Tune in tomorrow! Guys don’t miss this one. Get the secrets of the independent and mainstream music business from to people with over 15 years experience and have done it!

Who’s Hot Friday’s Aug 10th guest Tomorrow!

Abraham Mcdonald 

12 pm pst.

 Show featured on home page of 

This show had over 20 k listeners in 10 hours

 Who is Ambraham Mcdonald?

Abraham McDonald, whose victory on the first ever Oprah Show Karaoke Challenge earned him an exclusive contract with the Island Def Jam Music Group, returned on Monday for his fifth show appearance with ‘Miss Winfrey,’ as Abraham graciously addressed her and her millions of viewers in a Skype live hook-up.

As Oprah aired, Abraham’s debut single, “Miracle,” was starting a 48-hour free download at The single impacts at Urban AC radio on April 26th, and Mainstream AC radio on May 3rd.  “Miracle” was produced by the successful production team of Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello (Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, and Jessica Simpson, to name a few).

Judges for the Oprah Show Karaoke Challenge last November 2009 included producer David Foster, songwriter Diane Warren, and Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group, who personally signed Abraham to the label.

When not at the recording studio or visiting Harpo Studios in Chicago, Abraham has been seen performing in front of a sold-out 6,000-seat crowd at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A., singing the National Anthem at the Lakers home game, and headlining the Insider & Style A-list party hosted by Style-TV’s Niecy Nash at posh nightclub The Kress in Hollywood.  And Monday night on live TV again, just hours after Oprah, Abraham was sitting in as a celebrity guest at ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

His win on Oprah’s contest (which included live performances on three shows) was the culmination of a life-long journey to share his musical artistry with the world.  It all began when Abraham won the ACT-SO talent contest at age 13 with his version of Oleta Adam’s “Get Here” – the same song that won him Oprah’s first prize years later.

Abraham reported to Oprah on the progress of his recording sessions, as well as other changes in his life since taking home the $250,000 prize from her contest, and being signed to Island Def Jam.  The singer and his mom have moved into a new home in Hawthorne, and he has seen his dreams take legs “in Jesus’ Cadillac.”  Abraham is also driving a new car – and proudly showed off his “No Phone Zone” certificate, to Oprah’s delight.

First Lady

Mary J. Blige

Stacy Dash 

Was on Oprah TV Show

Performance on Oprah


Drake calabs with former Konvict Muzik artist Jason Miller ‘The EZ Way’ Sneak Exclusive

Former Konvict Muzik artist Jason Miller Calabs

with Super star Drake ‘The EZ Way’Hey guys first time ever heard before ‘The EZ Way’ My good friend Jason Miller formally with Konvict Muzik just did a collaboration with music super star Drake. Jason is set to sign with Ray J’s Label Knockout Entertainment.

You heard this The EZ Way

Here is a Sneak Peak

Coming soon.

This song is HOT!

When I first met Jason

Interview with Jason’s Backer Scott Templin aka. Franchise  President of Shydog Productions/KonLive


Big thanks to Original Young Buck for the introduction


Hey all ok so… I am happy to announce I will be hosting as a celebrity cameo host on WTV NETWORKS on friday’s. WTV is doing Who’s hot friday’s on Blog Talk Radio via BGE RADIO POWERED BY WTV NETWORKS. What does this mean? Every friday they are helping someone get discovered by having them on a guest radio pod cast. This is heard in LA and the ATL. The first artist is IAMEVE


Described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of Randol’s ethereal and colorful vocals” and has been featured on ABC’s The Lying Game, MTV3, Degrassi, and The Hills.

IAMEVE’s debut album The Everything Nothing is the musical vision of singer/songwriter Tiff Randol.   The 12-song concept album explores the journey of Eve Ami from self-destruction to self-love.

Described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of Randol’s ethereal and colorful vocals”  and Death and Taxes Magazine as “one of those earworms that gets stuck in your brain from morning until night.”

The first single “Throw Me A Line” premiered April 2012 on and 98.7fm Close To Me and a new single to follow for each month of 2012 leading up to the full length debut release of The Everything Nothing. 

Songs from the The Everything Nothing have been featured on ABC’s The Lying Game and MTV, recently profiled in LAWeekly and lovingly spoofed by friend, Fred Armisen, on his TV series Portlandia.  Tiff has shared the stage with Moby, Semi Precious Weapons, Matt Caws of Nada Surf, DJ Spooky, and has over 100 TV/film placements.

The Everything Nothing Credits:

Jim Marr and Wendy Page (Hilary Duff, Jason Reeves) produced “Throw Me A Line” and a number of other songs on the album.  The second single “Another Day” was produced by Dan Chen (Natalie Walker).  When I Was Young, Leave The Past Behind, and Stardust Apocalypse produced by Tiff Randol and “If I Were Queen” produced by Bill Lefler (Gym Class Heroes, Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional).