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World Film Institute Family Film Awards Honors James Zuley

On 09-27-2018

The World Film Institute Family Film Awards was held at the Universal Hilton hotel.

There was dinner, entertainment and award nominees and winners.

Mr. Gellini founder of the Family Film Awards and president of the World Film Institute honores my father James Zuley

See the Family Film Awards on CBS with Dick Clark in 1996

See more coverage at

This Parent Award given to my dad is the first annual award my dad and I will be chosing the second annual recipient and. My dad is the beginning to something pretty incredible for parents!


Eric Zuley Blog is Back!


Hey to all my readers and followers! I am so sorry I had to take a hideous on this blog for a bit but now I am back! Wow let me update you on what is going down in Eric Zuley Town!

First off I have been working on a deal for last 2 years that allows me to help all of you give back and fundraise in a very unique way that costs you close to nothing!

I have partnered with a text marketing company now that gives you all the ability to capture database and reach out just like I do TEXT ezway to # 55678


Lets talk TV! Did you guys know that ontop of the IPTV I have been doing and building our youtube channels to millions of viewers

I am now the Chief marketing officer for Evander Holyfield’s families TV network iLaunch Global Entertainment. I now over see 30 TV networks see more distribution at 

Now lets talk about my Talk Show! OMG! Well here is the line up for July!



Our July line up

July 7th Dr. Joe Vitale thank you Lisa Winston and Robert Clancy

Meri Crouley Gods Prophet speaking over our #eZWayFam

July 14th Frank Shankwitz sneak peek of his new movie “WISH MAN”

July 21st Vikki Lizzi actress former girlfriend to Jeff Conway remembered by Greace the movie

July 28th Pamela Bach (Official Pamela Bach Hasselhoff) access and X-wife to David Hasselhoff

We are doing on stage speaking, book and podcast tv show as well as film reviews and highlights!

We are also now bringing a new talent segment to the show!

This will feature a performance by celebrity magician Evan Disney and dance peformances and more!!!

We will also be doing #eZWayonthego produced and delivered by Le’Andre Hefner Belle#SODELICIOUZTV and Dsp DspstudiosGloverzoneDLPictures

Lets not forget about giving back through EZWay Cares

If you have any ideas to contribute or you want to be a guest on the show comment below or call 877-399-2929 or email




Stay tuned! My next blog post will tell you guys all about how you can be apart of all this and so much more!!!

Tell next time guys! Keep doing it the #eZWay

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Come one, come all to our annual extravaganza! With top-notch performers, reasonably priced beer and an enthusiastic crowd, it’s sure to be a good time. **What is Flicks 4 Change?**
We aim to inspire change by increasing the audience for films about social issues.
Never before have so many people been consciously involved in the conversation about conservation, clean futures, human equality and many other social issues facing humanity and this fragile spinning ocean planet which we call home.

Flicks4Change is a vehicle for filmmakers to not only find a wider audience through the festival but to engage in discussions with audiences as part of our festival program allowing a furthering of their message directly through key influencers in the homeland of film – Los Angeles, CA.

Our Mission
Flicks4Change is a philanthropic film festival seeking to create meaningful social change through sharing socially conscious films, discussion, and giving back.

An interactive film festival with a social conscience screening captivating films from around the globe that either feature or include a pressing social issue facing mankind today. Our films span all genres and styles of story telling.

Giving Back
Flicks4Change is about more than movies; it’s a vehicle for social change. Not only do we screen films, we give back. In our first year we donated 50% of our profits to charity with the other half covering costs.

Our program is not only screenings but also live discussion sessions after each screenings with the filmmakers, celebrity activists, heads of non-profits, and with you, the audience.

Eric Zuley will be honoring the Co-Founder of Make A Wish Foundation Frank Shankwitz with his 5th Annual eZWay Achievement Award. This award was previously given to the Co-Founder of E! Larry Namer, Founder of Women Of Global Change Shellie Hunt, Music Legend Steve Resnik and now on behalf of eZWay Cares it will be given to a man that changed thousands of children’s lives!

eZWay Invites you to come celebrate this historic occasion!

Event Agenda:

The Flicks4Change Final Program Plan accordingly. The Festival All Access pass is your best bet to catch all of the great films, celebrities and awesome entertainment. A film festival with a social conscience Nov. 12th-14th, DTLA. Tickets available now!

Free unrestricted meter parking on streets and at venue on all nights of the festival. We encourage you to take Ride Shares to the event so that you can enjoy all of the tasty brews at Boomtown Brewery

SUNDAY 12th of November (SOLD OUT)
Red Carpet 5pm-6pm
Clayne Crawford (Lethal Weapon), Alex Russell (S.W.A.T., Chronicle), Marci Miller (Days of Our Lives), Frank Shankwitz (Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation).
Tanya – Sex Trafficking 15mins
Running On Empty – Veterans Affairs 34mins
Humanity Please – Human Rights – 3mins
The Talk – Race – 7:30mins
Deceptively Marked – Mental Health – 3mins
Operation Mustang – Veterans Affairs/Animals – 6mins
1.2 Million Children – Sex Trafficking – 2:30mins
Starman – Existential Crisis – 18mins
Vote No On Gay Marriage – LGBTQ – 4mins
Birthday – Veterans Affairs – Disability – 11mins
104 Minutes

MONDAY 13th of November
Red Carpet 6pm-7pm
Dale Dickey (Hell or High Water, Breaking Bad), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (How I Met Your Mother, S.W.A.T., Teen Wolf), Reba Merrill (Celebrity Journalist), Theo Davies (Wish Man),
Pages Great and Grand Escape – Mental Health/ Self-Image 9mins
The Choice – Cancer/Existential Crisis 25:30mins
This Side of Dirt – Cancer/Existential Crisis 6mins
The Obstacle Course – LGBTQ – 2:30mins
Crazy Puddin – Domestic Abuse – 8:20mins
Masculinity in Crisis (Vulnerability) – Male Identity – 2:30mins
#WeMatter – Black Lives Matter – 4:30mins
Tyler Tabor: A Life Lost – Incarceration – 13mins
Hairmageddon – Beauty in Society/Corruption of Power 10mins
ReMoved – Domestic Abuse – 13mins
Equal Justice for All – Race/Incarceration – 5mins
Deighties: Dating in your 80’s – Dating for Seniors – 7:20mins
106 Minutes

TUESDAY 14th of November
Red Carpet 6pm-7pm
Sally Kirkland (JFK, Bruce Almighty),
Jeremy the Dud – Disability – 20mins
California Concentration Camp – Factory Farming – 1:30min
Duffy – PTSD – 8mins
Objector – Freedom of Speech – 16mins
Arrested (Again) – Freedom of Speech – 4mins
Just Go – Disability – 8mins
Get Up – Chivalry and Social Etiquette – 4:30mins
Photovoltaic – Solar Energy and Womens Empowerment in 3rd World – 8mins
The Present – Mental Health/Play – 3mins
Power the Kid – Domestic Abuse – 11:30mins
Andy Goes In – Animal Rights/Factory Farming – 16mins
101 minutes

Flicks 4 Change and many partners have come together to support some amazing causes and help give some likeminded films the awareness they deserve.
There will be
Professional Media Coverage by and some of their affiliates!


There will be a list panelists, food, drink, red carpet and so much more! WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!

->Monday, November 13 IS THE (eZWay) Day
5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Boomtown Brewery<-
->**[See map](,-118.2332283,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xca3d36838602b4ce!8m2!3d34.050791!4d-118.2332283)**<-

->When: Sun-Tues eZWay Day is Mon. 5-11 pm pst<-
->Where: 700 Jackson St, Los Angeles, CA 90012<-

QUESTIONS CALL (877) 399-2929 (EZWAYBZ) or 424-209-9290


Eric Zuley’s New Primetime Talk Show on Cable Television Now!

CALL (877) 399-2929 (EZWAYBZ)

424-209-9290 email to submit to be on the show or advertise! 

This talk show is aired first on KXLA/FANTV national primetime television Sunday’s 5:30 pm – 6 pm pst then syndicated through eZWay’s distribution for more info After 18 years of hard work, speed bumps and obstacles, Eric Zuley is now on Cable TV, DISH, Direct TV, AT&T, FIOS, COX COMMUNICATIONS and much more…

Eric’s brand is #eZWay however it was not a easy journey by no means. Many did not want to see Eric succeed and many of tried to stop his growth for years. People have put FAKE RIPOFF REPORTS and SCAM reports out on Mr. Zuley, people have tried to defame his character, people have tried to discredit him in every way they could. People have stollen his web traffic, Eric and his company have been attacked by Hackers over 500 times and yet Eric was determined to succeed. His goals when he first started in this industry was to help others learn how to succeed and intern help himself succeed.

In 2007 Oct. 3rd the YouTube Channel WhatUNeedTV channel was created and the definition behind this was WHAT U NEED TO KNOW, TO SUCCEED YOUR GOALS” Today this channel has over 13,000,000 viewers, Eric then met Pepper Jay founder of Actors Reporter and was a guest of their TV Network Actors Entertainment then asked to do a show. “THE EZ SHOW” which was on public access television for over 33 episodes 3 seasons. Now Eric Zuley is a live personality on television with his new talk show EZ TALK LIVE Hosted by Eric “EZ Zuley Eric sits on over 10 different boards, his brand he self built #eZWay is endorsed by some of the biggest in entertainment, business and philanthropy.

There is so much to Eric Z’s story it is quite inspirational. Watch each week as Eric and his influencer friends do it “The eZWay” Learn what eZWay is really all about and how it can help you amplify your business and help others.

ERICZULEY.COM/KXLA CALL INTO OUR EZWAYFAM HOTLINE (424) 242-9504 Eric Zuley would love to hear from you!

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Eric Zuley, Shea Vaughn Interviews Quinton Aaron on EZ TALK LIVE Voice America Network

Wow guys this was a amazing 2 hour show with my self and Shea Vaughn mother to Vince Vaughn and founder of WBTVN.TV this show features The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron. Listen and learn about all the never before heard behind the scenes on the movie! Along with some other surprises! This show also featured #ezwayinfluencers Summer Helene (Paramount Executive) James Dentley founder of NBC University, Fred Smith (Business growth expert) eZWayFam spotlight guests Jeffery Sourers and Tosh Sourers and Celebrity Pizza Guy Chef Tip of the week.




Music Legend Princes music director Morris Hayes on EZ TALK LIVE


Wow this show is going to be fun! I hope all of you can join me Sat. 1 pm pst 02-18-2017

Where are all the Prince and Morris Hayes fans at? Come hang with us live on facebook or listen on my website 

We will be talking finding out some never before heard stories about Prince and Morris Hayes.

What did Morris Hayes go through being the longest lasting team member in Princes camp?

What is Morris Hayes new projects? Much more!!! Only on VOICE AMERICA World Talk Radio The EZWay

Lets also not forget the great Celebrity Pizza Guy and his Food tips and tricks. Then we finish the show off with the Sales and Marketing Guru Fred Smith’s Leadership Tips

What questions do you have for Princes music director? Msg me on