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Stedman Graham CAYS Making a difference

Recently I spoke at CAYS and brought in some of our #eZWay family supporters to support their cause.

Here are a couple of photos of the event

Speaker credits in this blog post include

Stedman Graham, Eric Zuley, Mikey Adam Cohen, Dante Sears, Pattie Godfrey Sadler, Marcus Blackwell, Bill Brown, Cheryl Angela, Denise Burkhardt, Kelly Bennett

After this event I was elected to create and manage the private closed facebook group.

If anyone would like to get involved and support this cause please email me call 877-399-2929

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Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS)

CAYS was founded in 2011 by Bobbi DePorter and Stedman Graham.

CAYS – Community Alliance for Youth Success – is focused on bringing the YSW program to communities across the US and beyond. The program is volunteer-based. CAYS provides direction, ideas and suggested curriculum and each community determines the program that will best help their youth succeed. The only requirement to participate is that the programs need to focus on youth success, on giving youth a voice, and on supporting youth in discovering their purpose through involvement by the community.

  1. CAYS is a national organization focused on bringing the YSW program to every community in the US and beyond. The program is free and provides direction, ideas and suggested curriculum, but each community will determine the program that will best help their youth succeed.
  2. CAYS is founded by Bobbi DePorter, founder and CEO of QLN ( and Stedman Graham, founder and CEO of The Identity Leadership company ( They have combined their passion for and experience in helping youth succeed to create this program help every student succeed across the USA and around the world.
  3. Fox 5 KSWB 4-23-18 Youth Success Week


In 2015, CAYS partnered with Oceanside Unified School District/Oceanside Promise to develop the first Youth Success Week in January 2016.  The Oceanside Promise is a community-wide partnership to support youth from cradle to college and career.  In 2016, Youth Success Week reached 23 schools; 18,000 students in the district; and 13,269 families. In 2018, after 3 years of growing success, the program is expanded and has now been adopted by Oakbrook in Illinois. For 2019, multiple school districts in California and in other states are evaluating how best to implement their own Youth Success Week program.

Giving Youth a Voice

Who is the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS) ?

A volunteer team of adults and youth, working in collaboration with the Oceanside School District, to provide tools, training and entertain that create a foundation for students to become college and career ready.

Designed to engage and catalyze our entire community on matters related to the success and well-being of our youth. Youth Success Week brings together visionary educators, student and community leaders, professional experts, youth-serving organizations, entertainers, parents and students in an unprecedented demonstration of how a community can come together and put its children first. Their futures matter!

What are the Tools and Training Students Need to Become College, Career & Life Ready?

According to U.S. News and World Report Education, the 5 Soft Skills every student needs to become college and career ready are as follows:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Leadership

CAYS Leadership

Youth Success Week was created by the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS), co-founded by Stedman Graham and Bobbi DePorter, in alliance with the Oceanside Unified School District and the Oceanside Promise, and community leaders.

Stedman Graham
Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter

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Raising money for American Cancer Society

We helped raise thousands of dollars for Ameeican Cancer Society as well as building their Text to donate system as you see below

Many of our #eZWayWall Of Famers attended and supported we also honored Kate Linder who has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame as well as Young and the restless superstar.

Watch video of our production live!






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World Film Institute Family Film Awards Honors James Zuley

On 09-27-2018

The World Film Institute Family Film Awards was held at the Universal Hilton hotel.

There was dinner, entertainment and award nominees and winners.

Mr. Gellini founder of the Family Film Awards and president of the World Film Institute honores my father James Zuley

See the Family Film Awards on CBS with Dick Clark in 1996

See more coverage at

This Parent Award given to my dad is the first annual award my dad and I will be chosing the second annual recipient and. My dad is the beginning to something pretty incredible for parents!