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Many of you ask what does Eric do?


Eric Zuley wears many hats. Ultimately he is a consultant in business and entertainment.

Short Bio:

Southern California native, Eric Zuley aka “EZ”, is fast becoming Hollywood’s top-ranking “Media Man About Town”.   Combining a street degree with formal education in marketing and business, EZ has been hustling the streets of Hollywood for the past 8 years slowly growing his empire which is now home to an internet television network generating over 1,000,000 hits a week, a radio show on HOTTALKLA.COM, a team of blog developers, event pr, media relations, hosting, viral marketing and more much more..  


As much as EZ enjoys the success that he has earned through his hard work, he enjoys “giving back” to non-profit organizations and foundations just as much.  EZ consistently hosts exclusive Red Carpet events throughout Hollywood that draw the who’s who in the entertainment industry out for an evening stroll.  These events are also utilized as successful fundraisers for charity.

The most recent event held on 3/25/11 at the Highlands Hollywood was a fundraiser for the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts.  It was also Eric’s 29th birthday celebration, however, being humble and selfless, that aspect of the evening remained in the shadow of what this important fundraiser was all about.  Event can be seen 


Eric has several irons in the fire that are red hot.  Most are being developed specifically to allow those wanting to break into the entertainment industry the opportunity to come in contact with the right people who can help with the advancement of their careers.  After all…it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know in Hollywood. Eric Zuley is making it EZ for this to happen for “Hollywood Hopefuls.” 

Eric has currently shot the cover for Rock Thiz Magazine, is in strong discussion about getting his own segment on the Co-Founder of E! Televisions new program Hello Hollywood, which is being viewed by a couple 100 million people in china and 6.9 million on channel 18 in Los Angeles. He has had 2 awards given to him and named after him by the city and county of Los Angeles & Multicultural Motion Picture Association and the State of California. He has also currently signed with Ernie Singleton a legend in the entertainment field Google him for more info.

To sum things up, it is important to know that “The EZ Way” has a deeper meaning than just its surface.  Yes, the connections that Eric Zuley shares to make proper industry introductions makes things “easier”.  More importantly, “The EZ Way” is about the moral and ethical way in which Eric Zuley conducts his business: Hollywood…The EZ Way! 

The Following is a break down of his services 

* Consultation

* Red Carpet Consultation

* Event Consultation

* Media Consultation

* Web TV Network Distribution/Syndication

* Media Relations

* Public Relations

* Hosting

* Viral Marketing

* Social Networks You Tube, Twitter, Facebook

* Content Creation

* Blogs

* Interviews

* Connecting

* Blog Posting

* Promotions

Prices: Cost + 20 %

If you would like to inquire about any of these services please contact James Zuley 949.836.9596 or


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