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Think and Grow Rich Institute Endorsed by Napoleon Hill Foundation Joins Forces with Eric Zuley and eZWay Promotions


Pretty cool! I just received this email…….
We’re now officially working with Think and Grow Rich Institute sponsored by Napoleon Hill Foundation. This is the only course in the world that really is approved by the Napoleon Hill Family and Foundation comment if you want to take their course and get NHF certified! 

I’m honored to be working with an organization like this that has changed so many lives and so many way! #GODISGOOD

We will be putting together something very special with the eZWay Wall of Fame and Think and Grow Rich Institue sponsored by the Napoleon Hill Foundation

#THINKANDGROWRICH #NapoleonHillFoundation #EZWAY



Actor, host, son of Co-founder of E! Larry Namer recently got caught getting his zombie ass whooping on the set of the new Amazon Prime TV Series Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse. I play the hero that acts with super actor Lester Speight. My character is TJ

He also happens to be in my new book he is holding releasing 2020 chapter 24 stay tuned!

Me and my friend actor and eZWay Wall Of Famer Lester Speight me and him have a couple scenes together. He is also one of our 2020 honorees at the 2nd annual eZWay Awards Golden Gala


Hollywood Weekly Magazine/TV Film Festival at Warner Bros. Studios

It was fun hosting the 2019 Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival at Warner Bros. Studios with my amazing girl Dr. Dante Sears. Shout out to all the #eZWayFam that came and showed support and also those of you that share and support digitally!


Ronald Couming Interviews Eric Zuley

This was a cool interview I did with the On the Internet Marketing & Business Solutions Show. Thank you to Ronald Couming

Eric Zuley, is a successful American entrepreneur, and CEO of “eZWAY”, interviewed by Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here…

Eric Bio’s Eric Zuley is a successful American entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “eZWay” Broadcasting, a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. The “eZWay” subsidiary brands include eZWay Events, eZWay Promotions, eZWay Access, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, EZWay Cares. EZWay Broadcasting, eZWay Promotions, and eZWay Mobile. Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia mogul, he has built a social media empire and house-hold brand online. According to Actors Reporter, Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide and was named “Digital Trail Blazer” by Hollywood Weekly Magazine. His cover on Hollywood Weekly Magazine was the highest selling cover of all time. He’s also been seen on the cover of Influential People Magazine, as well as on Fox, ABC 7, E!, and EXTRA. In 2014, he was recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist. In 2018 he received the Freedom Award for Dedication Ending Human Trafficking and in 2019 he was given the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation. This year, Eric will be hosting the 2019 Family Film Awards as well as launching his newest venture The eZWay Cares Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to empowering influencers to influence their following to give back. Eric is on the path to helping those charities who help children, veterans and those with illnesses become more profitable creating a change. He has also joined forces with NFL hall of fame inductee Tim Brown, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smart giving Visa Debit Card. Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue. Ronald Couming Ronald Couming, is an Internet Marketing Expert, and the Founder and CEO of RCS Online Solutions He is an internationally recognized speaker, accomplished author, Radio Show host, and successful entrepreneur. Ronald‘s passion is helping business owners to ” achieve even greater success, ” by creating scalable and sustainable business models, beyond anything they could ever imagine.

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Carmelita Pittman making moves

A moment at Carmelita’s Jazzy Xmas show at the Gardenia,West Hollywood. left to right: Vocalist extraordinaire Howard Rice , opera singer Xin Xin, international recording artist Carmelita Ms Elegance USA International Woman of Achievement , Angelique Marie Ms Woman of Achievement Elite, standing top cabaret vocalist Bill A. Jones, spoken word artist Denise Cook aka the Oracle, Gail Gibson MIMPA producer of Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards Feb 21, 2020, Sharon Doyle of Carlsbad, Marlena Martin Founder & National Director of Woman of Achievement pageant. photo by Donna Dymally

Carmelita & friends at the Gardenia in West Hollywood left to right: Named top Cabaret vocalist by Broadway World Bill A. Jones . Jerrell Ballard drummer whose credits include the Temptations, Musical Director of the Black Music Awards 2019 at the Globe Theatre , Award winning musical director Charlie Harrison on piano, international recording artist CARMELITA, Two-drum Jimmie James, Chuck Johnson sax and leader of award winning CJS Quintet
photo by Donna Dymally

At Carmelita’s Jazzy Xmas show

CARMELITA wearing a red Strutwearable hat with long white feather by Pasqual taking a moment to strike a pose with holiday decor on the piano.
photo by Donna Dymally
shared by Carmelita

Carmelita Pittman , Ms Elegance USA International Woman of Achievement receives a surprise presentation at the Jazzy Xmas Show from Marlena Martin founder and National Director of the Woman of Achievement pageant.
photo by Donna Dymally

#eZWayFam #CarmelitaPittman #eZWayNetwork


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