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Eric Zuley on Voice America “Finding your frequency”


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Eugenia Kuzmina Russian Supermodel EZWAY ON THE GO Sponsored by Crazy Loops

Had a blast with my friend Eugenia Kuzmina Russian supermodel and actress. Me and her hangout at the Orange County Benev headquarters. STAY TUNED FOR PHOTOS #EZWAY This blog post brought to you byCrazyLoopsRUILCopy of Copy of LOGOCOMPLETE


eZWayTV Eric Zuley 2016 34th Birthday Episode

“When your done doing it the Hard Way, Do it The EZ Way”

eZWayTV gives you Eric Zuley’s 2016 special birthday. This video portrey’s the eZWay support. This episode was shot at Home in Beverly Hills California. This event had a amazing red carpet with coverage by Wireimage, Getty Images, PR Photos, Actors Reporter, Eyes On You, Hollywood Weekly Magazine, eZWayTV, eZWay Magazine and more.. All guests were served dinner with over 12 different performances to entertain them while they were eating. There were 3 panels Entertainment, Teen and Tech related. The panels were hosted by Kaye-Cee Austin of Teen Trep. Celebrity attendees: Judge Joe Brown, Ken Davitian, Kate Linder, Summer Helene, Shane Sparks, Vincent M. Ward, Jordan Flash Rose, Dante Sears, Reatha Grey, Dev Ross, John Reynolds, Evan Disney, Mary Desmond, Laci Kay, Faithy J, Shevyn Roberts, Allen Ramos, Tori V Lili Lev, Romane Simon, and many others. Sponsors included WPS Events, Pike & Son Fudge, Jazzed Munchies, Rose Breast Cancer Society, Wind International Film Festival. Stay tuned for part II which will include all performances and other guests. Please use #ezway when sharing our videos.

All eZWayTV episodes are syndicated on Amazon TV, Apple TV, X-Box, FilmOn, Soul Central TV, Actors Entertainment, Fan TV and Dish Network

Video shot and edited by: Diego Medrano
Hosted by: Eric “EZ” Zuley & Dante Sears
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Wazkal Interactive TV partnered with Verizon Aired on AmazonTV Why Wazkal?

Hey all check out the interview I did with the CEO of the newest hottest TV technology called Wazkal. One of the top executives for Verizon endorsed this technology as being the next best thing.


This is a new App that airs through AMAZON FIRE TV and in the third quarter Apple TV & X-Box. Recently my network eZWayTV Partnered with this technology and became like TIME WARNER powered by #WAZKAL.

Watch this interview and ” COME WAZKAL WITH US”

More about Wazkal

Wazkal is free TV, the way TV was meant to be.

Available via Amazon FireTV with a wide variety of content that is normally only available on mobile devices or on a computer.

Such content does not have enough viewers to be able to access cable / satellite distribution. Consequently, they don’t have the ability to access the advertising world in order to monetize their content.   They just don’t the eyeballs.

However, now they are able to have their content distributed to the television set and have it monetized so that viewers can see their content for free with 100% advertiser support.

Now these content owners do have access to the television set which is the holy grail of video content.

On-line educators will also find Wazkal to be the distribution channel of choice.   Consumer research has shown repeatedly that the larger the viewing screen the more immersed the viewer becomes in the content. The greater the immersion the deeper the information is ingrained in the viewer / student resulting in higher test scores and increased graduation rates.

Wazkal supports student interactivity with the lesson plan to the same extent as a computer. The student can take tests or send queries to the teacher.

Wazkal’s Network Management System (NMS) allows the content owner to set view times, monitor viewer activity, regulates accessibility to the owner’s content.

Wazkal is a fundamental paradigm shift in television viewing. Wazkal puts the broadcast technology in the hands of the content owner.   Wazkal allow the viewer to experience watching TV on the viewer’s terms – For Free.

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Eric Zuley YouTube Partnered Channel is Back!

I’m happy to announce to all my real fans and followers my official YouTube Partnered Eric Zuley Channel is back! We have had some difficulties with a stupid company that tried to steal my hits and rev-share but now everything should be fixed and rectified. So you can subscribe to the EricZuley YouTube Channel and follow the Advertures of eZ. There will be many v blog videos everywhere eZ goes! Hot ladies, Interviews, Events, Productions, Advice and more!!!

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eZWay Broadcasting Studios Grand Opening


Eric Zuley is celebrating his 34th year of moving and shaking his way to the top. We are celebrating the grand opening of his new studio eZWay Studios. There will be food and drinks served, many announcements acknowledging the eZWay accomplishments and new projects. We will be doing a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Cerritos Chamber Of Commerce & City and County. We will be honoring certain individual by the city and county of LA and Cerritos. There will be 8 different performances by very talented named performers and up and coming artists. There is two special main spotlight performances. Evan Disney Magician To The Stars & Eric “EZ” Zuley Dance Battle for charity Referreed by celebrity dance choreographer Shane Sparks. This event is fully supported by Hollywood Weekly Magazine, they will be doing a special edition for Eric Zuley & Many other surprises! You have to attend to find out what.



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