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1000 Women In White Peace March Jan 9th Supported by

Hey all I will be speaking at this on Jan. 9th $50.00 get your tickets and march in the parade and support a great cause!


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.12.41 PM

The 1,000 Women In White, to be followed by 100 Men In Black, invite you to join participate in a historic Nationwide March for Peace, Faith and Family Values that will commence in Los Angeles, California, January 2016.

Hundreds of women in wheelchairs, on canes and the upright will take to the streets to bring a new awareness to American communities that women love and care for one another, our families and their communities, with a message that they will  longer remain content to sit by and watch crime, violence and world conditions dictate a future of  violence and misery for their children and grandchildren.

WOMEN WILL STAND within a unified front to tell the world by example that we, too, can contribute to safe environments and cities for generations to come, within a  world of Peace!



eZWay Pre-Releaes Actors Reporter

Get a sneak peek of whats to come from #eZWAy, eZWay Magazine, eZWay Radio, all on the eZWay App


attends eZWay Magazine pre release event on December 19, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

CLICK FOR MORE INFO ACTORS REPORTER COVERAGE Performances by American Idol Personality Mary Desmond, Award winning rock artist Reesi Rocca, singer Mary Desmond, Award winning singer Carmelita Pittman, Pop Sensation and actress Laci Kay, Actor Rudy Young Blood on Flute, and Moe Rock and finalizing the evening Grammy recognized artist Tehrah.




Happy Holidays to all my subscribers and future followers! This has been a amazing year and I wanted you all to know I appreciate you and your support.
2016 is going to be a amazing year and you all will be coming along on this journey with me!


Do you like the wraping?



Love you all!


eZWay Magazine 2016 Pre-Release

Hey everyone. So I am very excited to announce our pre-release private event in Hollywood Hills to celebrate many new advancements going into the new year. eZWayReleaseFlyer2016 is going to be pretty amazing. We are releasing the eZWay App which will be a simple door way for all of our amazing followers to get eZWay Access to success opportunities for their own advancement. We will be announcing some of our new partners that will be helping tremendously with.. Sales, TV Production, Graphic Design, Event Planning etc… We can wait to role out the official first issue of eZWay Magazine. Some of you might remember our beta version we released a couple moths ago which had over 24 k people. We will also be announcing some new shows hitting eZWay Radio. Should you want to come and enjoy the fun.. Visit this link To purchase your ticket and help donate to our charity we are supporting Women Of Global Change.

What’s that? You can’t make it? That’s ok you can tune in live and enjoy all the fun at subscribe now!

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Jarvee Hutcherson MMPA Annual 2015 Toy Drive

Hey all if you are in Los Angeles you should plan on attending and supporting this cause.







TCP YOUTH CITY What is it?


What is The CITY?

The CITY, recognized also as Community Inspiring Today’s Youth or “TCP” is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization based in Los Angeles, CA. We offer a comprehensive, hands-on business development program, teaching micro-entrepreneurship.

What does The CITY offer?

The CITY offers a unique and empowering 46 week micro-entrepreneurship program. While enrolled, students work on developing their product or service under the leadership of an industry professional. Instead of teaching them to take these skills and enter the trade or work for another company, we then provide them with the experience of starting their very own small business.

What are The CITY’s values?

The CITY operates by and holds firmly to these organizational values: honesty, compassion, equality, communication, acceptance, accountability, recognition, and a desire for life-long learning and growth.

Who is eligible to participate in The CITY?

Currently The CITY accepts applications from highly motivated young adults from the ages of 14-24 years of age. Exceptions may be made. Half of our enrollment is reserved for youth offenders, re-entering incarcerated and probationed youth. There are no educational requirements.


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Eric Zuley guest on The N.O.N.E. Show MANAGERS AND MANAGING 12 08 15

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! If I may I would love to share with you this new show I was on… Called the

The N.O.N.E. Show

None Show

This show is actually pretty awesome. It gives you the education you need to survive and advance your career in the entertainment industry.


Hope you enjoy my advice! Follow me on twitter @ericzuley I do follow back and interact! =)


Available on Apple or Android devises FREE!

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