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EZWAY yet again discovered another amazing talent!

Viva Doll was formally with Max Music/ Universal

#1 Song on Dance Music Charts for 6 consecutive weeks!

3 Top Ten Songs! U.S./Spain/Germany/Portugal?Austria/Central/America – Viva Awards 2013 “Excellence Artist Award”


VIVA The Doll Singer with #1 song on BILLBOARD – Cantante #1 canción en Billboard SOLD OVER 500,000 – GOLD – Vendio mas de 500,000 discos – ORO (Numero 1 cantante en Billboard) Singer/Songwriter/Producer. (New 2013 CD – “Regional Mexican”) Música Norteña “Viva The Doll” Top 10 song in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Spain, and Central America. Top Radio Play Los Angeles, Ca. USA. Performed at House of Blues, Dodger Stadium, toured Europe & Central America.


Watch the video

Video by EZ WAY TV

imageHey guys I just had to post and share this new Radz Records recording artist with you who I feel will be like a new EDM Nikki Minaj only she can sing like Nikki Minaj can rap. Remember this name!


“Viva Doll”
Viva Angelina Sky

– Winner “VIVE” AWARD for Artist Excellent Achievement – Nominated & Winner of “VIVE Awards 2013″
– Had #1 Song on Billboard Chart (Hits of the World)
– 3 Top Ten Radio Hits (Central America, Germany, Austria, Portugal)
– Over 16,400 “likes” on Facebook – Sold over 500,000 Cd’s worldwide

Viva Angelina Sky has written songs for many popular singers, to name a few, Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles, as well as a few others, like Gemini (Japan).

VIVA was quickly signed to American/European Dance Label Max Music with Universal distribution, where she recorded her hit song, “Nirvana”, that charted #1 on the Billboard charts (Dance) the “Hits of the World”. Song “Nirvana” remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Sold over 500,000 worldwide, (CD compilation, “Maquina Total”)
Viva also recorded 3 more songs that charted top 10 radio play in Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Central America.

Viva re-released “Everybody’s Beautiful” (SuperStar) a Radio Hit on Power 106, Super Estrella, in Spanish & English, which VIVA performed “Live” at many LA clubs throughout, establishing a huge following and fan base who loved the song and recognized the radio hit instantly!
Dance hit song “Keep on Dreaming” became a top ten radio hit in Central America, which also was released in the States.
Dance song European hit “Boobies Boobies”, ranked top ten radio play in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.
Viva Angelina Sky is now independent, recording and producing.
There is no question on the professionalism of this talented singer, producer, song-writer, Viva Angelina Sky worked with many top producers, Christian De Walden (Marta Sanchez), Casey Porter (Ricky Martin), Tomas Cookman, Francisca Moroder & Georgio Moroder (Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer..)
Viva has performed “live” at various events and venues, Fiesta Broadway concert in Los Angeles, Fiestas Patrias, House of Blues in Hollywood, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and has toured Europe & Central America. Viva is an amazing performer, she has such control over her voice, as she also plays guitar on a few of her Latin songs.
It’s a must-see show when you combine ” Viva & a stage”. Viva always sings “live”, she loves to give true meaning to her
performances. This talented singer not only has amazing vocal range, 5 octave, and incredible song writing abilities, but also has beautiful doll-like looks that capture everyone’s attention, she looks like a living doll, therefore naming her “Viva The Doll” (Viva La Muñeca”)
Viva Angelina Sky is a complete package of talent, with unstoppable energy and her contagious smile and laugh, she has such a beautiful soul that everyone who meets Viva sees the talent she has from within her heart.
Viva Angelina Sky Recorded her full 11 song Spanish album. 2014, Co-Produced and Arranged by Viva, as well as original songs by Viva.
In 2015 currently recording new English Dance CD

Eric “EZ” Zuley & Viva Angelina Sky











Yeah it was a crazy red carpet! Stay tuned for the next one!


Stars support The Jonathan Foundation’s Fundraiser To Aid Children With Autism And Learning Disabilities

The Jonathan Foundation has established an Assessment Scholarship Program. Proceeds from the April
Fundraiser will go towards funding assessments. The Jonathan Foundation advocates for children diagnosed
with Autism, Asperger’s Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, and XXX Syndrome.


Founders of The Jonathan Foundation Omar Marhaba, Raja Marhaba, and Jonathan Marhaba

When I walked into the Automotive Museum parking structure there was a row of sleek looking sports cars leading up to a red carpet. Photographers lights flashing as they were shooting the stars that came to support the cause.
There were silent auction items and the museum was amazing. After doing some exclusive interviews and taking pictures, we proceeded to sit down to enjoy a wonderful dinner. Known director David Shelton
hosted the evening and Kathleen Bradley from Friday and The Price Is Right shared her story about her daughters learning disabilities. The night finished off with a live auction and the hands were popping up left and right, no pun intended :) It was truly amazing to see a turn out of at least 200 people tv and sports stars


Ricky Ellis (NFL)

as well as philanthropists supporting such a wonderful event for such a needed cause.
The Jonathan Foundation.


Eric Zuley, Disney & Nickelodeon Stars came out to support


Raja Marhaba and Actor Michael Major Gregory


Actors Ben Stillwell and Noland Ammon


Omar Marhaba, Ben Stilwell, Noland Ammon, and Jonathan Marhaba


Dara Sisterhen (Disney’s Dog with a Blog)



Ben Stillwell, Dara Sisterihen, and Noland Ammon


Alison Dahlstrom (MISS USA Contestant)


Joe Alber


Kathleen Bradley


Kathleen Bradley & Daughter


Carrie Stevens


Disney & Nickelodeon actors Kiana Lyz Rivera, Dara Sisterihen, Ben Stillwell, Noland Ammon, Zach Callison



Felix, Nighthawk Giles, Ron Brown, Omar Marhaba, Reggie Berry, Jonathan Marhaba and Ricky Ellis.


Amazing cause! Please check it out and support it. THE JONATHAN FOUNDATION

See Wireimage & Getty Coverage by Leon Bennett & Allen Berezovsky


Model Manuela Arbelaez On Price Is Right Gives Free Car Away By Mistake Ooops!

This is funny… and entraining so of course I wanted to share with my followers!

Story by: PEOPLE MAG

Somebody got very lucky on The Price Is Right on Thursday.

A contestant named Andrea was given three chances to guess the correct price of a Hyundai Sonata in order to win the brand new car.

Her first guess was wrong, but before she had a chance to guess again, Manuela Arbelaez, a model on the show accidentally revealed the car’s correct price.

CBmzuyrUAAAu7p2 (1)

“Ooooooh! Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!” host Drew Careytold the contestant. “The game is over, folks.”

Arbelaez immediately covered her mouth in shock when she’d realized what she’d done and went to hide. Carey clearly thought it was hilarious but he did reassure Arbelaez, telling her, “It’s okay.”

And as for Andrea? Well, you can guess her reaction.

Arbelaez Tweeted about the incident on Thursday morning, writing, “I don’t usually give expensive gifts, but when I do is a $21,960 CAR.”

Beverly Hills Networking 424 Beverly

Went to 424 Beverly, when I got there I was immediately escorted to a special area, I then met the new Miss Hollywood Bikini and Runner up.



Didn’t get home till about 2 a.m. pst. I’m trying to get more sleep because I’ve realized sleep is more important to your health then I thought.


Got to hang with my goof friends Sammy Maloof, Dr. Estella Sneider and Antonio Gellini





Also ran into my goof friend Joss Gomez who is the president of Magic Image Hollywood Magazine


Let’s not forget the gorgeous belly dancer


And the beautiful Kaitlyn Lee


It was a good crowd!


Good people



And some really beautiful women!


Antonio Gellini creates surprise birthday for Eric Zuley




Just wanted to thank my proud to call him a true friend Antonio Gellini. For the wonderful surprise little birthday party at the Hilton Hotel….

Networker On Wheels Launches at the 2015 Abilities Expo

After their pre-launch at the 2015 Ascent Expo on EZ WAY STREET

image Premiers its official launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo in Los Angeles.

The 2015 Abilities Expo (free admission) features cutting-edge products and services for everyone. Exhibitors of this extraordinary “other enabled” Abilities Expo community also bring revolutionary changes to the enabled world. Hundreds of exhibitors, compelling workshops, and family-fun activities will be featured. Los Angeles Convention Center, Friday through Sunday, March 6 – 8, 2015., founder and CEO Jerry O’Brien, a breakthrough networking website service, will  launch at the 2015 Abilities Expo. O’Brien’s site unifies the Abled & disAbled community marketplace by providing people access to an array of businesses and nonprofits that have a positive impact on the world.

“Contributing to a community means investing of yourself,” said founder Jerry O’Brien. “This also means sharing your knowledge and your money to build and lift up your community.” wants to create a strong supportive society hoping to make the world a more positive place to raise families, gain community resources, and grow nonprofit organizations. Through this site, people will be able to network with businesses and nonprofits of the more prosperous public. These businesses and nonprofits will inspire and uplift one another through free thumbnail advertising utilizing a forward-thinking platform.

“I am an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) advocate, small business owner, and believer in humanity,” said O’Brien. “One doesn’t have to be religious to understand this is how we must be to create change and support future leaders.”

For more information, visit or stop by our booth #119 at the 2015 Abilities Expo.

Antonio Gellini Productions Awards shows that make a difference supported by EZ WAY BROADCASTING


Antonio Gellini Productions 



Family Film Awards

On CBS Channel 2

“We at the World Film Institute believe by recognizing the achievement of family oriented production and talent, we can affect the volume and quality of this area of entertainment.” ~Antonio Gellini

The Family Film Award seeks to honor excellence in family oriented film making. These awards are presented to “G” and “PG” rated feature films and family oriented television series and movies. A panel of industry leaders, celebrities, film critics and television critics vote for their top three choices in fifteen different categories. Those top choices as well as the winner of each category are broadcast on television during the Family Film Awards presentation.

Olympia Awards

Supported by United Nations

The Olympia Award is a man and woman standing back-to-back on a globe. Beneath the globe are seven steps, each step representing a different art form: writing, music, sculpture, painting, dancing, theater and film.

The Olympia Film Award is the first competition to determine the best film from all major film festivals across the world. Just as athletes representing each country compete in the Olympics to determine the best athlete in the world, films representing each film festival will compete to determine the best  film in the world. The be eligible for the award, a film must first win at one of the international film festivals including the Cario International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and many more (250 festivals in all but to see an abbreviated list CLICK HERE). Then, a panel of industry leaders, celebrities, and film critics vote for their top three choices in fifteen different categories.

supported by:,,

The World Film Institute (WFI), a nonprofit organization which promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality, was established to advance the motion picture industry worldwide and recognize excellence.

The World Film Institute will offer members a variety of resources and services including:


Courses in film studies

Motion picture industry seminars

Advanced technological support

Networking opportunities

Access to exclusive entertainment events

Click Here to see the membership categories.

EZ WAY BROADCASTING is proud to announce that Eric Zuley and Antonio Gellini will be working together for the greater good! 

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