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Eric Zuley aka EZ casted in Emmy Nominated Show The Bay The Series

Hey guys… Check out my little role in the Emmy nominated web show The Dark Side of The Bay The Series. I played with Sarah Winchester from Real Housewives of OC. Your man EZ plays a character named Hat which you will see more and more!!

Shout out to Gregori J. Martin the creator and good friend. Follow @gregorijmartin and The Bay The Series 

To view episode click on link.

More info on The Bay The Series <–Click here to visit their website  Presented by LanyFilms 

Filled with sex, lies, and scandals, THE BAY The Series is an Emmy-nominated serial drama created by independent film director/producer Gregori J. Martin. THE BAY follows the life of wealthy socialite Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), her family, and the people around them who share in the tangled web spun by ill-fated choices and unending deception. With an impressive cast of iconic Daytime and Primetime television stars and stunning cinematography, THE BAY raises the bar for dramatic serialized storytelling. Consistent in conveying conflict and resolution, storylines deliver substance and balance while brought to life by actors who love the craft. The stories, combined with their talents, succeed in captivating the viewer’s emotions and devotion. Produced on a budget considered less than ‘shoe-string’, and in less than two years, THE BAY has surpassed expectations and succeeded in garnering a large and dedicated fan base.

THE BAY is being shot on the Canon 7D and Canon 5D Mark II, giving it a broadcast-ready quality. Post production is being carried out using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects CS4, and occasionally Maya. THE BAY is being shot on location throughout Los Angeles County. The prequel for Season Two, FAR FROM THE BAY, was shot in New York City.

Post your comments below on what type of character you think Hat should be!

Jessica Biel Shy on Engagement Ring David Geffen “Single”

Jessica Biel’s Press Shy Engagement Ring; David Geffen Is


Man I love this girl much respect to her as a actress and a person. I have met her many times and she is so down to earth and humble. Props! I wish her the best success!


Compliments of Atlantic Wire

By Ray Gustini | The Atlantic Wire – 5 hrs ago
Jessica Biel's Press Shy Engagement Ring; David Geffen Is Single

Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Also: Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi might have started the New York City bar fight in which his jaw was broken, Chelsea Handler’s famous friends supposedly don’t care for her, and former Village Voice film critic Jim Hoberman has a new job.

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This is sad: David Geffen has split up with Jeremy Lingvall, his boyfriend of six years. A source says the romance had “simply run its course” and that “[t]here is nobody else involved,” which makes us feel a little better Geffen confirmed the split last night, but wouldn’t provide additional details. Page Six notes the two “had long been inseparable despite a 40-year age difference between them.” (The item also refers to Lingvall as “indisputably handsome,” a characterization we very much enjoyed for reasons we can’t quite articulate.) [Page Six]

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Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi ended up with a broken jaw and facial lacerations following a bar fight in New York’s meatpacking district on Saturday, but it’s unclear whether Grace Kelly’s grandson or Andy Hock, the former nightclub owner he traded blows with, was in the wrong. Hock was the only person to be arrested following the melee, but Hock indicated in an interview Monday he was just “defending a bevy of supermodels” from the prince. Hock’s lawyer is already describing the prince and his friends as “wealthy barons from Europe” who show up in American bars and act like jerks. The prince’s friends say Hock “slammed [Caspian] for no reason” when he approached his table and then did the same thing to Greek shipping heir (and noted Paris Hilton ex) Starvos Niarchos. One incident witnesses on both sides can confirm is that “a friend of Casiraghi grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose vodka from a nearby table and tried to crack it over Hock’s head.” [New York Daily News andNew York Post]

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A source who attended this week’s SNL after-party insists — insists — that Jessica Biel was showing off the fancy, as-yet-unphotographed new engagement ring Justin Timberlake gave her. Kristen Wiig was particularly taken by it, according to a source, who says Wiig “loved the ring and chatted her up about it.” When it was time to emerge to see the press, the ring was hidden away, somewhere. And so the legend of its shininess and whether Timberlake has a matching ring with the same message inscribed –possibly in Sanskrit on the inside of the band — will only grow. [Gatecrasher]

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A source says that Bobby Brown wants to send daughter Bobbi Kristina to rehab to help her get over the death of her mother Whitney Houston. The source says “Brown is searching for “professional help to get her through the grieving process without falling back on alcohol or drugs to mask her pain.” Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized the day after her mother’s death, and was also hospitalized following Houston’s funeral. A source told The Daily Beast that after the funeral, Bobbi Kristina was found at a hotel “getting high.”  [Radar]

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Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are supposed to be true blue friends with Chelsea Handler — she of the many memoirs and jokes that would have killed in 1994 — but apparently they’re not.  A source says Aniston and Witherspoon “are “terrified of [Handler] and kiss her ass because they want to stay on her good side.” It’s a sad state of affairs when Chelsea Handler — who’s hoping manufactured awfulness will somehow make her America’s drunk-driving sweetheart — is capable of putting a real movie star and a real TV star (both of whom have shown the ability to be funny and appealing without playing characters who constantly “tell it like it is”) on their heels.  [Us Weekly]

J. Hoberman, the recently ousted senior film critic for The Village Voice, has found gainful employment, as chief flm critic for ARTINFO. As titles go, chief beats senior every time, so these new people clearly know what they’re doing, though Hoberman cautions the new position “isn’t a full-time gig in the sense that The Voice was,” and that he’ll continue to freelance and blog. [Vulture]

For years, Minnie Driver wouldn’t say who the father of her 3-year-old son was, which not unreasonably had people wondering if he was famous or married or both. Nope, she tells The Observer. Complete opposite, in fact. Non-famous person whose anonymity she says she wanted to protect. “We weren’t together and he wasn’t directly in the business,”Driver explains, “so I chose to protect him and not have a rain of publicity…It’s ridiculous. He’s not famous. There’s no big story.” Minnie Driver, you confound and befuddle us. [The New York Observer]